American Descendents of Slavery

    The Russians and other counties are going to attack the 2020 elections. One obvious way to do this is by spreading discord. They will be aided in this effort by Moscow Mitch who is slow walking efforts to combat foreign interventions into our voting process. The African American community will be a prime target. A recent debate about reparations is a possible way to sow division within the black community. The discussion revolves around who should receive these hypothetical reparations. Should reparations go to all blacks, or just blacks who are descendants of slavery? The question is whether black immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean should be excluded from the process.

    Black immigrants represent 10% of the black population, but have a larger representation in colleges and universities than black descendants of slaves. As if by magic, along comes the group African Descendants of Slaves to put the discussion on steroids. The group wants to limit immigration. ADOS advises blacks voters to reject any Democratic candidate that does not support a platform that separates programs for slavery descendants from black immigrants. It has been picked up on by Conservatives. One of the founders of ADOS appeared in a MAGA hat in one of her YouTube videos. This may be an early attempt to disrupt the election. You can bet that the Russians and others will aid the effort.






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