Stop reading this

    and instead go to the Library. Or a well stocked newsstand and get the November 6 New York Review of Books and read "No good men among the Living: America,the Taliban, and the War through Afghan Eyes”.

    Where you will perhaps not be surprised that

    Obama's DOJ: OK to Screw Hourly Workers

    The Obama DOJ has filed a Supreme Court Amicus Brief asking it to reverse a Ninth District Court of Appeals ruling. The Appeals Court said Amazon warehouse employees forced to wait 25 minutes or more before exiting their work site, in long lines to see if they stole anything, is time for which they should be compensated for by Amazon.  The Obama DOJ disagrees.

    Never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity...

    With apologies to the scumbag who delights in applying this formula to the Palestinian Authority in the context of peace negotiations, let us turn our attention to the sad sack who occupies the White House.


    Consider the field of play as Ebola fever (the panic kind, not the body temp) began gripping the public imagination.


    trkingmomoe's picture

    Holy Crap, The Scott Just Hit The Fan

    And it left little bits of Scott Crap all over the place.  

    Last night Rick Scott delayed the debate with Charley Crist over the fact that Crist had requested a fan under his podium.  He claimed that there was an agreement that there would not be any electronics in the debate.  He insisted that it include a fan.  Remember the wire that GW Bush wore in his debates. That is what is meant by electronics, something to communicate with.  The fan is an electrical machine.  

    Wattree's picture

    Is Cornel West A Judas Goat - When Was The Last Time You Heard Him Attack A Conservative Republican?

    During the 1960s J. Edgar Hoover disrupted the Civil Rights movement by using provocateurs to infiltrate the various civil rights groups and disrupt their activities. The operation was called "Cointelpro." One tactic that was used was to have loud and disruptive Judas goat "super-militants" join the groups and divide the membership by accusing the groups leadership of being weak, or "Uncle Toms." That seems to be the very tactic that Cornel West has been using very effectively every since the 2000 election where he was very effective in helping to get George W. Bush elected.

    Orion's picture

    Another One Gone: Bye Bye, Doris Kildall

    I wrote about it here before - my girlfriend, Jennifer Reimer, a beautiful and brilliant young woman who was nonetheless plagued by demons, died at 30 years old April 14, 2014.

    Last week, I lost another beautiful angel - my grandmother, Dodie, Doris Kildall. I have had to lose two loved ones, from slow motion health decline factors, in less than six months. I'm not apologetic to anyone who feels offended by anything I say or do at this point - they can do it themselves and tell me what I've done wrong.

    Richard Day's picture

    1954 TO 2014; GOOD NIGHT & GOOD LUCK!

    Joseph McCarthy.jpg


    I just viewed Good Night & Good_Luck

    Just a great flick.

    Wattree's picture

    The "Black Prophetic" Mouth of Cornel West is At It Again - And As Usual, Just In Time To Sabotage Democrats In The Upcoming Election

    The "Black Prophetic" Mouth of Cornel West is At It Again - And As Usual, Just In Time To Sabotage Democrats In The Upcoming Election

    Think about it. First, Cornel helped Bush get elected, which led to your misery, and then he scurried back into his ivory tower to command $30,000 a speech to discuss your misery. Then, later, he rode all across the country on a bus professing to love poor minorities, while sitting next to a man (Tavis Smiley) who was involved in a scam that caused 30,000 poor minorities to lose their homes and life savings and that the Justice Department says was the second largest housing discrimination case in the history of this country. Now, he’s telling you that your misery is Obama's fault!!?

    West also said that he didn’t vote in 2012. Is he serious!!!? Doesn’t he realize how many people died for our right to vote? Yet, he claims to love the poor but would rather not vote than to vote against the people who would rather shutdown the government than to provide jobs, affordable healthcare, extended unemployment insurance, and food stamps for the poor? And he claims to hate killing and war, yet, would rather not vote than to vote against the people who lied to go to war, and then killed over a million people in Iraq? Such a position strains the limits of credulity.

    Doesn’t he have the intelligence to realize that there is no such thing as not voting? Failing to vote for one side is a vote for the other? There are two ways for the bad guys to win an election, by either getting more bad guys to vote, or getting more good guys not to vote. So that was a very irresponsible message to drop into our dire political environment.

    Thus, one of two things have to be at work here - either West knows exactly what he’s doing and is scamming the people, or he’s the dumbest so-called intellectual that the Black community has ever produced. But either way, he’s not a person that anyone with sense would want to listen to.

    Here’s what one of his former students had to say about him in a letter to the Daily Princetonian:

    May 12, 2003

    "I know you've gotten lots of response on this, but, as a student who's taken Prof. West's class, I thought I might chime in. Here is a letter I sent to the Daily Princetonian.
    "I took Prof. West's large lecture course, Philosophic, Religious, and Literary Dimensions of DuBois, Baldwin and Morrison, this semester hoping to experience first-hand the teaching of the man behind the hype. While I found the class entertaining, I did not find Prof. West to be particularly informative or critical in his approach whatsoever. Most lectures boiled down to animated though repetitive paeans to the authors, rather than a critical appraisal or contextualization of the material.
    "Despite students' obvious appreciation of Prof. West's charismatic personality and gesticulating style, his acclaim stems from the histrionics he provides "on stage" in lecture, rather than the depth of scholarship displayed therein. If Princeton was looking to garner the publicity born of employing a fascinating personality, the "steal" of Prof. West was truly a coup. If it was hoping to improve the quality of the teaching faculty, I believe Harvard [that got rid of him] was the real winner in the exchange."

    Jessica Manley '03
    Princeton University
    I'd say, that just about says it all.


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    Magical Karmic Raises are only for Women!

    At a women's tech conference Thursday, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft said this:

    “It’s not really about asking for a raise, but knowing and having faith that the system will give you the right raise,” he said to an audience primarily composed of women. "That might be one of the initial 'super powers,' that quite frankly, women (who) don’t ask for a raise have. It’s good karma. It will come back."

    Magical Karmic Raises are the best kind of raises, because it tells the world we women in tech are good girls who don't question authority!

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    Christopher Columbus.PNG Columbus discovered America in 1492.

    (My second grade text book)

    Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492.

    We as a people are facing climate change, inflation/deflation, women's rights, war, poverty, wage gaps, voting rights, air and water pollution, food stamps, education, gun rights....

    There is always present the concept of definition.

    Obama Losing Game of Chicken in Kobani

    Obama appears to be losing another game of chicken. (The last was with the GOP in 2013 over budget control act of 2011 which mandated cuts to the Pentagon.) Obama and his top advisors still seem to be, in too many instances, sucker bait for scoundrels, be they in the GOP or foreign heads of state. The 'chicken' aspect of this situation is all too clear.

    It is much more serious then budget cuts. The question is who, if anyone, is going to act to save the Kurds of Kobani from the murderers of ISIS. ISIS is attacking the major Kurdish city of Kobani right on the Turkish/Syrian border, and with a population of over 150,000 potential victims.

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    Amazing Thing Happened on Meet the Press

    You could of knocked me over with a feather.  It was about time some one made the Reince Priebus look like the idiot he is on women's health issues.  I never expected Chuck to bring this up with him.  Thank you Meet the Press.  You keep this up and you will go back to number one on Sunday morning. 

    Rand Paul: Scare Monger for Dimwits

    Rand Paul on Right Wing Hate Radio for the Reality Challenged Wingnuts of America:

    Speaking to conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham, Paul questioned whether the Obama administration should carry out its plan to send 3,000 troops to Ebola hot zones in Africa.

    trkingmomoe's picture

    This Rick Scott Ad is going to back fire.

    Just when you think you have seen all the stupid that the GOP can come up, they find a new one. I just saw this one on my TV this morning.  I thought my grand daughter in law was going to throw her shoe at the TV.  This ad hit a nerve and she found it insulting and sexist.  Me I was laughing at the latest, clueless, stupid, out of touch shit from the GOP.  

    Behead sorcerers? Sure. But not pot smugglers!



    With all the spillover umbrage at beheading available, I thought I'd capitalize on it and mobilize some hostility towards Saudi Arabia.


    Granted, when they do their beheadings, they give the head and body a decent interval hanging side by side in which to say goodbye.

    A War of Choice.Not

    The initial response to Obama's announcement of our attack on Isis/Isil was "oh good" . Wars are always popular on their second day of course.

    But we're just beginning to get the criticism from the left  , being consistent with its opposition to all wars-fair enough-and we'll soon be hearing from John McCain, seemingly ,his   opposition to all peace.

    Since ,wisely, no one asked I'll volunteer a Flavian comment.

    danielfaris's picture

    It’s Time to Legalize Pot, if Only for the Tax Revenue

    Since the Marijuana Tax Act became law in 1937, it’s been illegal to sell or possess the drug in the United States.

    But somehow, the illegality of marijuana hasn’t seemed to deter many people from trying the drug. In 2012, someone was arrested for a marijuana-related offense every 42 seconds. That translates into nearly 750,000 different arrests.

    Congress: Urgently needing a vacation...legislating is such hard work

    In the ongoing concatenation of news causing one's face to make an almost permanent acquaintance with one's palm, surely the brutal work schedule of our 538 Washington DC employees (aka Congress) ranks high on the list.


    After wisely exiting DC throughout the dog days of August (the invention of air conditioning notwithstanding...) these schtarkers have exhausted themselves with two back to back 4 day work weeks.


    ENOUGH!  We're outta here.


    It's true, congress has gone back on vacation until mid November.


    Wrong again,me that is

    As soon as I finished praising Obama for not trying to  aid the "good guys" in Syria he promised to start.

    It's explained as being help to the gg to fight ISIL. Good luck!

    Whatever the announced justification  let's hope we do nothing to weaken Assad in combatting ISIL. He isn't decapitating Americans-ISIL is .

    Nothing in our experience with Maliki- or anyone else in the Middle East- suggests that we can micro manage the gg . The only thing we can  be sure will happen is that we will spend a lot of money and then the gg will fight someone. Of their own choosing.

    The Scots are voting no

    NO won. As of 12 15 EDT BBC formally projects a victory for NO and I'm going to bed


    As of midnight,EDT  No  is ahead by @140,000 

    As of 10 15 EDT the No votes are ahead. Only 3 rural areas have finished counting and all 3 were heavily NO.

    This just in

    Comhairie nan eilan siar

    The names amused me so I started doing this and now I've been sort of caught up

    Yes               No

    46.58 %           53.42%

    10 55 Here comes the yes vote

    Dundee votes

    53,620              39,850

    Obama was right(once again)

    ISIS is executing Americans.

    Assad is fighting ISIS.

    We want ISIS to be defeated so they stop executing Americans.

    Any effort Assad diverts to defeating the "good guys" weakens his defeat ISIS..

    And gives it more time to execute Americans.

    Our aiding the "good guys"  would have increased his need to divert effort from defeating ISIS 

    Therefore it would have been "stupid" for Obama to have accepted the advice from McCain and others to aid the good guys. And Obama doesn't do stupid things.

    Death to hostages, mercy for oil wells!

    After 160+ air sorties against ISIS positions, we are able to deduce at least one guiding principal of American policy.


    While we "sit shiva" for hostages, and refuse to negotiate for their release, ostensibly to prevent the ongoing funding of the terrorist enterprise, when it comes to bombing oil wells (let alone the trucks that carry the fruits thereof across the Turkish border) we stay our hand.




    Coalition of the whom?

    How should any  Sunni neighbors be willing to join Obama's Coalition? Particularly since they don't actually have to reject us, just condition their participation on a quid for which we can't come up with the quo. For example our requiring Bibi to make  some reasonable sounding but impossible concession e.g.calling off last weeks announcement of a significant settlement expansion in Gvaot,(Don't hold your breath).


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