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    Climate Change? But... But There's No Such Thing

    Whoa... Hold on now...



    What's this all about?

    February 8, 2017 |The Atlantic

    “The Conservative Case for Carbon Dividends”

    The United States has a problem: runaway climate change, which will degrade or damage agriculture, biodiversity, coastal cities, and the social politics of some of the most volatile regions of the world. Climate change is a function of how much heat-trapping carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere. The more CO₂ people emit, the more the planet warms. But in an unregulated market, there’s no mechanism  to keep people from emitting carbon dioxide, because it is cheap.

    So, et voilà, you invent just such a mechanism. You create a Pigovian tax—a simple tax on an economic externality—that you impose at the places where potential carbon emissions enter the economy: the ports, the refineries, the coal mines. For every ton of carbon dioxide emitted, you charge the emitter $40 to account for the warming caused by the gas. Then, to keep from depressing the economy, you rebate the money from that tax back to Americans in the form of a quarterly check.


    The Plan




    Co-authored by a who’s who of conservative elder statesmen, this public statement marks the first time leading Republicans put forth a concrete, market-based climate solution.


    Climate Leadership Council




    They who control the message... controls the money...



    DUCKY I caught this sentiment somewhere this week.

    I guess the corps and the capitalist bastards think they can cash in on this subject.

    WHICH IS OKA Y with me!

    Hell, pricks will find a way to make mooolah one way or the other.

    But hell, it was 50 degrees F above normal in the Arctic this winter. On the other hand winter began on November 18th up here.

    Jim Baker for chrissakes!

    Sometimes the enemy of your enemy is a kinda friend?

    This is interesting to me.

    The repubs now in power will not give a shit.

    Unless and until their campaign monies are involved.



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