DNC Apologizes to Black Voters

    TOM Perez, head of the DNC, apologized to an audience of mostly black voters in a fund raiser held in Atlanta

    ATLANTA—Swanky fund-raisers don’t often begin with an apology to the well-heeled donors who shelled out thousands of dollars to sip wine, eat steak, and listen to pep-rally speeches. But as he looked out over a predominantly black crowd gathered at the Georgia Aquarium on Thursday night, Tom Perez, the Democratic National Committee chairman, felt compelled to issue a mea culpa.

    “I am sorry,” Perez said.

    At first, it seemed like Perez was voicing one more generalized regret for the 2016 election that put Donald Trump in the White House—the squandered opportunity that abruptly ended the Democrats’ hold on the presidency and immediately put at risk its policy gains of the previous eight years.

    Perez, however, soon made clear that his apology was much more specific. “We lost elections not only in November 2016, but we lost elections in the run-up because we stopped organizing,” he said. “We stopped talking to people.​

    “We took too many people for granted,” Perez continued, “and African Americans—our most loyal constituency—we all too frequently took for granted. That is a shame on us, folks, and for that I apologize. And for that I say, it will never happen again!”

    Applause broke out before Perez could even finish his apology, heads nodding in acknowledgment and appreciation.

    Democrats are beginning to move on from Obama and focusing on new blood.

    A year and a half after Obama left office, the Democratic Party seems finally to be moving on from his presidency. Gone were the tributes to his legacy so common in 2016 and the first months of the Trump presidency, along with ritual campaign-trail exhortations to “build on” the progress he had made. For the DNC, and for the party more broadly, Thursday’s event was aimed at promoting a new generation of black leaders—Abrams and Atlanta’s new mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, in Georgia and, perhaps, Booker on a national level. From the underappreciated black electorate—first with an apology and then with a rallying cry—Democrats hope they can earn a fresh start


    Black turnout increased 43% in the Primaries 




    just ran across this tweet from Hillary, thought it might interest you that in it, she is promoting the work of the Collective P.A.C.

    Thx for the link Democrats are going to have to do massive outreach. The midterms will really decide the future of the country. Republicans have become a cult. The short term solution is to elect as many Democrats as possible. 

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