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    Friends? Ivanka and Christopher Steele since 2007

    Some salacious political intrigue?

    Oh how I would really relish the possibility ...

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    Here's the ABC headline:

    'Dossier' author Chris Steele met Ivanka Trump years before Russia scandal, source says

    Nearly a decade before the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka met a British intelligence officer who ran the Russia desk -- and when the agent left his covert service and moved into private practice in 2010, she stayed in touch, ABC News has learned.


    The prior relationship came to light as investigators with the Department of Justice Inspector General’s office was looking into allegations of political bias at the origins of the Russia investigation since May 2018.

    Here's the Times of Israel headline:

    Ivanka Trump knew ex-spy Chris Steele for nearly 10 years before Russia scandal

    US president’s daughter met author of controversial dossier on her father in 2007, and exchanged emails for years after, ABC reports

    Ivanka Trump first met Steele at a dinner in 2007, after which the pair wrote to each other about the possibility of work collaborations, a source told ABC. The two reportedly also met at Trump Tower in 2008.

    Ivanka Trump reportedly thought that Steele’s firm, Orbis Business Intelligence, could help the Trump Organization expand into foreign markets.

    ABC saw some of the pair’s communications, and sought comment from Ivanka Trump but received no response.

    Steele had previously told investigators that he had met with “a Trump family member at Trump Tower and ‘been friendly’ with [the family member] for some years,” without naming the individual he met with.

    And if that's not enough there's always Google Search

    Ivanka and Christopher Steele @ Google Search







    Relocated from news...

    lotsa fun comments here


    but after all said and done, methinks they will just say oh he turned out to be a jerk that's why we stopped seeing him and then he was like a lover scorned and then had it out for the whole family. And Trump of course see's no light between personal interests and presidential role, that's very clear and he has plans to continue doing so, impeachment or not, i.e., fuck the emoluments clause, etc.And the fans don't care about any of that. So once again, it's a story for the libruls to have fun with, but the fans don't care.

    Thanks... Some good ones there.

    With all the hullabaloo about the deep state narrative?

    It came to mind... This sure gives the original deep throat a run for the money...




    A man of Steele, oh my - was his saber "stainless"? and she told Jared he was the first in.
    Never-you-mind, boy wonder - you've still got Daddy's 666 to sulk in.

    Marcy's view on Steele - disinfo to distract from the main attack. Worth considering. Watch the doughnut, not the hole.

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