We Are Now Being Too Politically Correct

    Apparently, climate change and racism are now "boutique issues".

    The right-wing press has been issued orders to paint the Liberals/Left (commies, marxists) as being PC pansies who are biting their own tongues in an effort to stifle Amer'ca.

    Just sayin'.


    Ben Carson Solves Syria's Problem

    And in the news today..Ben Carson visited Syria this weekend, and determined that the refugees don't want to come here because they are all happy in their refugee camps over there...or WILL be, once they have water, food, clothing, plumbing and electricity. Dr. Carson says that the US should simply donate funds independently, like, say, through PayPal or their local church.

    Case solved, Dr. Carson! Yay for you!

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    The Case for Hillary Clinton: Health Care Policy Experience

    Everyone knows I think Hillary Clinton is Bernie Sanders; equal. But if we were to be very truthful, she is more than his equal, because she has had to fight harder to get here. I'm serious about that, she even had to fight harder to get me.

    In 2008, I was not a Hillary fan at all. I was 100% for the President.  I didn't think she proved herself (I was wrong about that). But I chose Obama, and while I am glad that I did, I want to say this, Hillary Clinton is a loyal big d and little d, democrat. She is the equal of every man and woman running, including Bernie Sanders. She has deep experience crafting policy and understands how to get legislation passed.  

    trump, trump, rhymes with chump, wedge his whities in a lump...

    The recent closing of the New York Military Academy has provided armchair psychologists with an illuminating anecdote from the formative years of the Republican front runner

    . According to a person familiar with the facts, when the school closed, files from the guidance counselor previously held in strict confidentiality were inadvertently consigned to a dumpster instead of being shredded as intended. They were retrieved.

    OUR Town

    Here in NEPA we have a free newsletter that is distributed in supermarkets, local shops, delis, laundromats, etc. And this guy that owns this newsletter always writes an editorial piece on the front page. Well, this week's front page has a nice Thanksgiving image on the cover, but the title of this guy's piece basically says, "WTF do we have to be thankful for??" and he proceeds to do his usual tirade about politics that takes up two pages.

    Norman Pollack and re Reed Plow Similar Ground

    I have nothing to add to these two pieces and little to say about them other than that I find them both "interesting" and, in the case of the second one, amusing. Maybe some here at Dag will too and maybe take them as food for thought as I also do. Fred does not mind stepping on toes or kicking shins and while I think he sometimes goes beyond the place where I would lay the line, I make it a point to read him regularly. 

     If, as may happen, I am otherwise engaged for a while, I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. 

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    Everybody makes mistakes for chrissakes!Thanksgiving grace 1942.jpg

    But what counts as a straight-out lie?

    Palin, of course talks to god.


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    Review: The Man in the High Castle

    Man in the High Castle is a new series based off of the 1962 book by author Philip K. Dick. The original book portrays a world in which Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany were victorious in the second world war, with the result being a world split up between the Axis forces. The former United States, where the book is set, is cut in to three pieces - the Japanese Pacific States on one end, the neutral zone, which doesn't align with either and remains as close to the old U.S. and one could still be.

    Marco Rubio's Islamic Dreams

    Marco Rubio, from interview with Marco Rubio in the UK Guardian:

    “The only way to defeat Isis is for Sunni Arabs themselves to reject them ideologically and defeat them militarily,” Rubio said. “They must be defeated on the ground with a ground force that is made up primarily of Arab Sunni fighters from Iraq, from Syria, but also from Jordan, from Egypt, from the Emirates, from Saudi Arabia.”

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    Twin Burdens: Child Care Costs and Living in Seattle

    “Family values” is spoken of often in politics. It usually alludes to incredibly superficial issues – same sex marriage or abortion being among them. The actual politics of raising a family in this society are not mentioned often.

    It’s incredibly expensive to raise a child in this country. Daniel Marans, a reporter for the Huffington Post, said that, in many states, it is actually “more expensive than college.” More specifically, the cost of child care for one infant exceeded that of the cost of in state tuition at a public four year university.

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    Ted Cruz, official portrait, 113th Congress.jpg

    Do you ever have it with somebody?

    We have two or three or ten countries within E PLURIBUS UNUM.

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    Nina Turner Has Joined The Sanders' Campaign

    A few years ago Ohio State Senator Nina Turner burst on to the National Stage with her criticism of voter suppression in Ohio.  She has a unique style of getting her point across when she speaks.  The day she stood in front of MSNBC camera with a tee shirt that told the GOP to stay out of her panties, was the day I became of fan of hers.  Sometimes a women has to do what a women got to do to draw attention to a wrong, that includes being bombastic.  

    Driving While Black: Car Purchasing Edition

    There is a bill in Congress that challenges government efforts to end a form of discrimination in car loans. Car dealerships can finance car loans. The dealerships work with banks who determine the credit worthiness and suggested cost of the loan. The car dealership can legally add a "markup" to make profit on the loan. In practice the loans are discriminatory. Black and Latinos face a higher markup at the dealership despite their credit rating. In addition, the bank raises the cost of the loan it suggests to the car dealer based on race. Minorities are openly discriminated again in the current system.

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    The US Supreme Court has ofttimes used a 'balancing formula' to decide its cases over the last 80 years or so.

    Individual interests vs. societal interests: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_J._Brennan,_Jr.


    political interests vs. money: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citizens_United_v._FEC


    the interests of the many vs. the interests of every goddamn moneyed prick who owns this country


    Anyway, my understanding of this nation is that we citizens must balance interests.

    Enough already


    Juan Cole may take a long time getting there but ends by saying Isis has to be wiped out.If the link doesn't work go to his blog "Informed Comment" , which it is.



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    This week many organizations will join together to fight the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership also known as the TPP. 


    Hillary Clinton worked on the TPP as Secretary of State. She even said in 2012 that the TPP is ‘the gold standard of trade agreements.’


    Dem Debate Tonight (Open Thread for Reactions)

    O'Malley did a good job of pushing at the front runners, now and then.  And he had some smart little soundbites, here and there.

    But Clinton and Sanders ran 41 to 40 percent interest all night, in CBS polling.

    About what I expected.

    What I walked away with, tonight, is that Clinton is great, but Sanders is doing almost as good in the polls and opinions.  What I walked away with, tonight, is that people ARE taking Bernie Sanders seriously....including Hillary.


    Closing the Borders

    President Hollande has closed the borders of France. The attack has been acknowledged as an act of war. What France does in the near future may not be a continuation of the politics of the Euro Zone that it has bound itself to in the past.

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    Thirty Woodstocks ...

    I just don't think people can get their heads around how ridiculous it is that Donald Trump is saying he is going to deport 12 million people.   So ... let's put things in perspective, shall we?  I mean, the logistics of this 'grand event' should make everyone laugh this moron back to his gold lame penthouse in Trump Tower.

    Deporting 12 million people is the equivalent of deporting every person at 30 Woodstocks.  That's right, THIRTY times the number of people that attended fucking WOODSTOCK! There were only 400,000 people at Woodstock.  This is 30 times that number!! 

    As I was saying

    And saying , and saying.

    Brain Lehrer casually connected the dots the other day. The topic was the desperately sad increase in suicide rates among  non rich white americans  and Brian said, "of course ,caused by Nafta".

    Which was exactly right. In his wise middle age Keynes abandoned his brilliant earlier defense of free trade and reached a position which can be pretty much summarized by two of his remarks: " The thing about tariffs is-they do the trick". And "Let all goods be homespun".

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    Debating Abortion

    In 538's summary of the GOP debate, I was struck by this item:

    In his closing statement, Ben Carson said that since the debate had started, 200 abortions had been performed. That stat caught our ear. Turns out, he’s right. In 2011, according to the Guttmacher Institute, the abortion rate in the U.S. was 121 per hour, or 242 over the course of the debate.

    According to the CDC, there were 730,322 legal abortions in the U.S in 2011. That breaks down to about 83 per hour, or close to 170 for the two-hour debate.

    Unalienable Rights

    Reactionaries abhor change. When minority groups demand the rights guaranteed by the Creator or simply as being human, reactionaries push back. Reactionaries stand athwart history yelling "Stop". For reactionaries things are the way they are because that is the way things were supposed to be. When change occurs, reactionaries demonize the people seeking change. Minorities are criminals or terrorists. Women are emasculating or FemiNazis. Gays are depraved individuals who will rape children and destroy the institution of marriage.

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    "Operation Wetback"?

    During the Republican debate last night, Donald Trump brought up President Dwight Eisenhower's "Operation Wetback" in the mid 1950's as a successful example of mass deportation of illegal Mexican immigrants. For obvious reasons, he didn't name the operation or mention the horrific ways it played out for, arguably, a million people.


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