It’s Juneteenth and a White Nationalist is President



    By rmrd0000 on Wed, 06/19/2019 - 6:44am | 

    DC and countless cities across America have many events that are open to the public for Juneteenth and it’s great to see new people join those events, but we cannot embrace the celebration and overlook the continued struggle. Cookouts, celebration, and community are great, but Juneteenth should prompt profound questions about American identity and what is required to build an equitable society. 

    Today, I’m going to watch the House hearing on reparations for slavery, and over the weekend I will speak on a panel discussing Juneteenth, and the racial equity work America still must do. Emancipation in America started with financially compensating slave-owners and more than 150 years later we are still debating the merits of compensating the enslaved.

    The best way to counter Trump’s racial division is by forging cross-cultural community, creating the space to have the tough conversations about America’s troubled, racist, and unequal history, and working to build a more equitable future. Juneteenth can help show the way.

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