Joy Reid Takes Nightly Anchor Slot at MSNBC

    She becomes one of the few Black women to anchor a major American evening news program. The move was made by new leadership at NBC News, which runs the liberal-leaning cable network.


    Watching it now. I've noted Joy Reid has the evil white centrist sellout Claire McAskill on her show as a guest an awful lot and then basically dittos what she says.

    What are you disagreements you have with the person you call the evil white centrist regarding topics discussed on the show?

    I like McCaskill very much and follow her on Twitter. I was being facetious as I recall some here who disliked her very much for often voting as the socially conservative majority of her state would like. And then there was some dissatisfaction with her reaction to all the Ferguson stuff.

    AND WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CARE WHAT MY PERSONAL POLITICAL OPINION IS? That has always struck me as absurd. I am a single pseudonym on the internet to you. I don't represent a group. There's no benefit in knowing except arguing about the politics of a single pseudonym.

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