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    COLLEGE PARK, MD—Saying the money would help further researchers’ understanding of the awesome scientific phenomenon, representatives for the American Institute of Physics announced Tuesday that they had received a $10 million grant to melt stuff. “This funding will provide our researchers with the resources they need to put some junk over a really hot flame until it starts liquefying and gets all stretched out and stuff,” said AIP director James Griffith, adding that a portion of the grant would be allocated to making sure the flames were “real big” so that the research team could melt large items, such as desk chairs and lamps. “We already have a number of experiments lined up that will answer such questions as whether laboratory goggles or a digital thermometer melts first, and we’ve scheduled several trials to determine how fast we can melt a whole cafeteria tray. Pending our findings, my colleagues and I will then wait to see if all the melted stuff hardens up, at which point we intend to hold it over the flame and melt it again.” This research follows a $6 million study last year in which scientists were reportedly able to determine that dropping an electron microscope into a huge vat of acid is really fun.,37476/

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    America's Drug Trade: Harm in Unexpected Places

    If you’ve been paying even a small amount of attention to current events lately, you know that drugs have entered the national conversation in a big way. Marijuana legalization has become a rallying cry for many of us, though even the states where it’s already legal may have a complicated battle ahead of them to keep that privilege.

    The Take Back queen of echo park

    I can't let the doom and gloom get to me, after all it's the holidays. People out shopping, the Salvation army collecting and---some people just don't get it, they're ripping off corporations returning clothes they've purchased and worn for three months, or junk they bought somewhere else. If these scams continue, the economy will tank faster than North Korea hacking the entire Fortune 500! But retailers today should stop complaining because they don't know how lucky they are never to have encountered the Take Back Queen of Echo Park.

    NYC Cop Shootings: What We Won't Hear

    Two NYC cops, and their killer, joined an average of 82 Americans killed today, and every day, by guns. Brinsley apparently also shot his girlfriend before departing Baltimore for NYC. She survived. If you have seen some web comments you have probably seen the wingnuts of the right are out in force. In interviews on TV they are implying and/or blaming this tragic crime on, Obama, Al Sharpton, Democrat Mayor deBlasio, blacks in general, and of course 'liberals'.

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    I do not even know why I must write this drivel at the end of this strange year.

    I live in this governmental Eden

    I was so lucky after eventually failing at everything I ever attempted.

    I have a kitchen and a bathroom and a living room and a bedroom.

    Fracking bans widen, N.Y. joins Denton, Texas.

    New York joins a small but growing conglomeration of states and cities which have instituted bans on fracking, including an astounding decision by the city of Denton, in North Texas, about fifty miles from where I live. The bans are highly significant and give me a shot of optimism here at year end especially because citizen activism has played such a huge roll in these bans. I can remember watching Mark Ruffalo on T.V. a few years back elucidating the health dangers of fracking in his native upstate New York, and truthfully, I thought he was a voice in the wilderness---but his involvement changed things.

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    Women in STEM + Men in Nursing & Teaching?

    There's been a ton of ink spilled recently about the dearth of women in STEM fields and there's no shortage of people advocating strategies for significantly increasing the number of women who enter these fields. I was thinking about this yesterday while reading Jeff Guo's Washington Post article about the expanding gender gap in the attainment of college degrees and the theory that it's due to career choice. He mentions the speculation (from Goldin, Katz, and Kuziemko) that this is just a result of natural differences making themselves evident. However, like those who discount the idea that the STEM gap is attributable just to 'boys are better at math,' I've always considered it highly doubtful that this is what is really driving the disparity.

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    This guy who once WAS Good Morning America, decided to film his own wondrous search for Al Capone's safe.

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    Enhanced Interrogation? A Repost from April 24, 2009...

    You can find my original post here.

    After the teaser break you will find the complete article by Andrew Sullivan that I originally *mirrored* in the event that Andrew's site ever went offline..

    The Case Of Richard Wilhelm Hermann Bruns, Et Al.

    ---begin cite---

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    It's Past Time to Breakup the LA Unified School District



    Commentary: FBI at the door is just the latest bad news for LAUSD

    With three weeks left in December, I’m hesitant to jump the gun and suggest that we’ve seen the last of this year’s troubles for LAUSD. Los Angeles Times

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    BREAKING NEWS!! Peter Pan DEAD! Christopher Walken chokehold to blame!

    Breaking News!!  Peter Pan DEAD!

    Grand Jury decides NOT to indict Christopher Walken.

    Evidently, there is even a video ...

    Head of Pirate Union blames orphan thugs.

    Tinkerbell arrested at protest for throwing fairy dust at Police Officer.

    Rep. Peter King at the pearly gates.

    Rep. King has appeared at the pearly gates and stands gaping up at Saint Peter who is about seven feet tall, weighs in at about 450 lbs and is reading notes from a legal pad.

    "I'm a peter too", says King.

    "No doubt", said Saint Peter, " says here that you choked to death on a piece of red meat. How did that make you feel?"

    OK,guys let's put the turkey on the table

    Everything that we've written here about Ferguson missed the point. Including my "contributions"  of course. In fact them especially...A million years ago,or to be more precise,  yesterday, Erica and I had an exchange about whether  Wilson shot at Brown  while he was going away, or only after Brown turned and started back.

    Somehow I'm reminded of a comment by the ceo of my company about a suggestion of mine " Who the hell cares about (what I'd just recommended).?"

    2014 Report: Banned Chokehold Routine with NYC Cops

    From the report by the NY Civilian Complaint Review Board, pdf link. You make conduct rules for the cops, and the cops just keep doing what they do, with no accountability if they break policy (and none if doing so kills). The choke hold on the late Mr. Garner was the rule for use by NYC cops, not the exception. From the Report:

    There's at least one thing Ferguson,Cleveland and Staten Island

    have in common.

    We're looking at them in the rear view mirror.

    Getting convicted for murder through the court system is a very long, carefully choreographed affair.12 citizens are chosen carefully to participate, two teams of smart people who have passed difficult bar exams make the case for and against conviction and then those jurors are sequestered and argue with one another until they reach a conclusion.

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    Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree


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    Just a Simple Remembrance...



    And olf musical friend, Bobby Keys has passed on into the ether of the universe...

    How I will personally always remember him from our younger days.


    Where I disagree about Ferguson

    and where I don't

    I disagreed with  trashing  Florissant street. That wasn't protesting, it was rioting.

    "        "          with a woman on the web today shouting that the police were killing  "our babies" Michael Brown was not a baby.But

    I agree that the  police who shot the 12 year old  Tamir Rice in Cleveland were killing a baby. 

    I disagree with the criticism of  Darren Wilson for telling Michael Brown to move on to the side walk

    I  agree  Wilson should not have shot -and wounded- Brown when he was running away

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    Taking the Imperial out of the Role of America Abroad

    “You can do many things with a bayonet, except sit on it.” (Talleyrand)

                    There is never a good or easy time to argue that the United States should begin to completely reset the character of its foreign policy, especially when the argument being made – as here – is that a key element in that resetting must be a reduction in the scale and role of American arms abroad. Anyone making that kind of case invariably touches a deep American nerve, so that any resulting rebuttal often moves quickly from an argument about facts to one about patriotism.

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    In order For America to Thrive, It Must Invest In Its Future, Not Kill It

    Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree

    In order For America to Thrive, It Must Invest In Its Future, Not Kill It

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