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    Mother guilty of felony poverty-loses kids, goes to jail

    Faced with the policy conundrum that is posed by the choice of directing public funds towards free childcare or prison for mom and institutionalization for kids, Arizona makes the predictable and catastrophic choice.

    Most of you will have heard the devastatingly sad story of Shanesha Taylor, an unemployed and homeless single mother of two, who miraculously was granted an interview for that job that Bill Clinton decided was the answer to ending "welfare as we knew it."

    She had no place to leave her toddler and infant for the 45 minute interview, so she took a desperate chance.

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    I recall in the late 1960's that Anthropology professors discussed the problem involved in 'aging' the primates in this NEW WORLD.

    Well the 'consensus' was that 13,000 years ago, Homo Sapiens crept into our New World via the Siberian whatever....

    The latest ice age gave a land cross from Siberia to the Americas (read Canada) and from that land cross, people from the East found a new home.

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    I absolutely LOVE being Black - and I'm not just saying that because it's expected of me. While I have the ultimate respect for the unique character of every race and ethnicity, if I'm reincarnated a thousand times, I want to come back Black each and every one of them.
    Being Black in America gives one an education and perspective on life that you can't get anywhere else. That's not widely recognized, because public attention is often focused on the most dysfunctional in the Black community. But contrary to popular belief, that might not be an altogether bad thing, because it allows the excellence within the Black community time to incubate, untainted by the public eye. That's what allowed Barack Obama to explode upon the world stage as a fully developed powerhouse, and there are hordes of others just like him who are currently incubating in Black cocoons in suburbs and inner cities all over America.

    Obamacare is a complex, unjust,expensive,error-prone system

    according to both his two remaining supporters.

    On March 22 Brad Delong carried a discussion between  Ezekiel Emmanuel (you know whose brother he is) and Harold Pollack. 

    Due to general and specific incompetence I've been unable to provide a link but if someone could do me a favor and provide one below as a comment I'd promise to demonstrate my profound gratitude either by blogging every day or just going quietly away. Your choice

    GOP Backs Casino Mogul's Nanny State

    Republicans team up with casino mogul Sheldon Adelson to meet a major threat to America and Americans in the 21st century. A problem that can no longer be ignored, delayed or kicked down the road. Not outdated infrastructure, or collapsing bridges. Not climate change. Not immigration reform or health care reform. Not skyrocketing student debt loads. Not a myriad of other issues you might think deserve attention.
    Internet gambling. And internet poker too, which the GOP believes is wreaking havoc from coast to coast!! Believe it!!

    Open Thread Thursday?

    I love MrSmith's Friday Afternoon Haikulodeons, so I'm suggesting open thread Thursdays for one-off comments that aren't quite big enough for blog posts. So, here's the open thread!

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    The Black Woman


    The Black Woman

    I have to scratch my head when I hear young

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    LUKE 15; 11-32


    Why Hobby Lobby will probably win, and why it should.

    Let's call this the Peyoteros revenge, or "unintended consequences bite", shall we.


    Now, I am, of course, appalled (as would any right thinking person be) that the societal benefits of co-payment free birth control and insurance coverage for medical advice about the same) should be undercut by a law specifically intended to vindicate the influence of religion in the sphere of secular behaviour.


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    An Online Jazz Seminar


    An Online Jazz Seminar

    MH370 Goodfellow's Hypothesis

    Not seen anyone with this on DAG. Veteran US pilot believes the plane experienced a catastrophic in flight fire/smoke and/or decompression, the pilots steered immediately for the closest runway in Malaysia, and no one survived to land the plane. It continued on as a 'ghost plane' to points unknown. Goodfellow frankly makes more sense than most other theories from what little facts we know 'for sure' about the flight.

    Goodfellow's original post here.

    McCain: No reversal of Nikita Khrushchev shall stand!

    With his unerring instinct for military engagement, John McCain has not let us down in the current situation.  John McCain, destroying military assets in two different centuries...

    A Question about the Book of Ezra for Biblical Scholars

    So, on a discussion board elsewhere, someone posted the following Tom the Dancing Bug comic:

    Now, I'm familiar with the the 1 Kings 7:23-26 reference, and it's never fazed me: 10 cubits times pi (3.14159…) is 30 cubits, to one significant figure. No problem. The Ezra 1:7-11 reference is more confusing. Specifically, Ezra 1:9-11:

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    re: the Malaysian "Mystery Flight" A Very Curious New York Times Article that Everyone is Ignoring

    I found this article in a New York Times newsdump in my email.  I was struck by the reference to a Malaysian pilot who expressed an interest in terrorism and a second reference to another Malaysian who wanted to use a shoe bomb to gain access to a cockpit (and was given a shoe bomb).

    I sent this to Josh at TPM and also to MSNBC but did not get a reply from either.  Any thoughts from my fellow Dagbloggers?  It seems so odd to ignore this!

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    In the law we find the principle of 'standing'.


    I cannot find my Black's Law Dictionary right now but Wiki will do.

    In the law, if my memory serves me, the term standing relates to the issue of whether or not someone has a right to bring suit against an alleged tortfeasor.

    Rahm was right (??!!!) Economic recovery should have come first

    Hindsight, as they say, is 20-20.


    We on the left who despise Rahm Emmanuel for his corporatist roots, his dismissive attitude towards the grass roots and his cramped and limited vision of political struggle, used to inveigh, inter alia, against his reported advice that health care reform should have been left until the shambles of the Great Recession had been remediated.


    From our perch 5 years out, does he not seem prescient?


    Hey, Prez (you worthless pig)...Stop the rapes!

    Perhaps I misconstrue the words "Commander-in-Chief", but I swear before Jesus that English is my native tongue, and the whole title is only three words long.


    Real care

    Today's TPM describes a couple whose infant died but take time to remark that due to the ACA  at least they don't have to deal with staggering medical bills. 



    Which prompts me to add my comments on the roll out of the ACA . Unlike the media and the Obama haters (thanks Wattree) rather than considering the roll out as a disaster I consider it almost remarkably successful.

    This time is different

    o In 1936 Hitler hosted the Olympics 

    o Later he invaded the Sudetenland  claiming  with some plausibility there was discrimination against ethnic Germans

    o The League of Nations had no ability to deter him


    o Last month Putin hosted the Olympics




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