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    Congratulations Bernie Sanders! Congratulations Colorado!

    I have to congratulate Bernie Sanders on his WINS last night.  We are behind in delegates at the moment but still have a path to victory!  

    If you fully comprehend the institutional bias working against Bernie/Us i.e. DNC corruption actions/promotion of Hillary, CORPORATE MEDIA barely covering him and generally greatly biased against him/us for the minute coverage we do get, you will  understand how outstanding the results we are getting truly are.

    I want to say thank you & Congratulations to the volunteers in Colorado!

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    Don't like her don't trust her . . . but

    she just gave her best most progressive speech ever.  She talked about jobs, the middle-class, and working class.  She was adamant that she will hold corporate bad actors accountable.  She called out job off-shorers.  If she wants to go back to the center, it'll be a lot tougher.  Bravo Hillary!

    We created catastrophe in Iraq and Syria. Canada takes 30,000 of our victims. Greece sinks, the EU crumbles, we posture. God sees.

    No rational and honest observer can deny that our invasion of Iraq brought chaos there, which spilled over to Syria destroying the life support system and forcing millions of innocent people into misery, life threatening migration and finally, grinding poverty ,privation, and despair.


    Indeed, even an irrational and dishonest observer, Donald Trump makes one-half the connection although he eschews any responsibility for remediation.


    Thems the Breaks?

    Checking the list of college spring breaks which take place largely in March, it's a huge problem for Bernie. I total 5.8 million, and guessing a 20% overlap, that's 1.2million potential youth votes knocked out of most contests (since absentee vote isn't often allowed in primaries, caucuses and for first time voters.)

    Will Republicans Unify Behind Trump?

    While no one knows how a person will vote there have been many polls where significant minorities of republicans state they will never vote for Trump in the general. There is a growing number of main stream republican leaders disavowing Trump.

    Trump-mind boggling incoherence

    When Donald Trump loses Joe Scarborough...

    The same friends who voted for Nader

    in  2000 now plan to vote for Bernie. I guess you could say "figures".  But...

    At least in 2000 they could  argue Gore was going to  carry their heavily democratic states so not only was  there no down side to a Nader vote but it served to signal  there were votes available to the left. 

    Clearly at this point it's too soon for that. The primary  margins influence voters down stream so we can't avoid considering that, sadly,   any one of the remaining republicans candidates could be inflicted on the nation if we get it wrong..

    Right now 10 15 pm est Bernie is on MSNBC

    being interviewed by Chris Matthews.

    You could watch.

    2018 or bust

    Parsing HRC v.Sanders programs is pointless

    Leaving Las Vegas...

    Donald meets Hillary in a quiet rendezvous. "Ok, you got 5 minutes to close the deal", says Hill. "What gives?" 

    "Let's stop pretending otherwise and wasting time when there's so much at stake," replies Le Donald, "you know we belong together". "Fat chance, broomhead - and don't go quoting me on that, basta with your Trump tweets or I'll put my Texts4Hillary boys on you.' "Those pantywaists? Why do you spend all this time with gays and metrosexuals?" "Cause they're my base, Don - unlike you I can't just count on the lunatic fringe to sustain me."

    A Mini Travel Blog

    Mini Travel Blog


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    Bernie Sanders hasn't won anything

    Bernie SandersSome Bernie Sanders supporters are taking a philosophical view of Hillary Clinton's first real victory in this election cycle in Nevada. Regardless of the outcome of the Democratic primaries, one told me, Bernie's already won, he's moved Hillary much farther to the left than she ever had any intention of going. Another claims the American people have made clear that we want the country to move in a more progressive direction and Hillary can't buck us.

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    Ares Canope Villa Adriana b.jpg

    I have already written of wrath against THE DONALD. The particular incident that incited the hatred in me involved Trump's attack on the families of 'terrorists'.


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    Only By Uniting Together & Working/Fighting For Democracy, Will The People End Rule By Corporations & Billionaires

    Our Democracy has been transformed into some form of Oligarchy. Corporations & Billionaires are ruling OUR Country.  And if you look around it is very easy to determine that THEY SUCK AT IT!



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    The Honeymooners title screen.png

    I do not receive the Science Channel in my basic cable package.

    I do however receive the Discovery Channel which, over the years, ends up treating me with nekked folks in the woods and stupid attempts at gaining rating points, I guess?

    But I just discovered that the Discovery Channel 'becomes' the Science Channel on the weekends and other days (I assume since I get to watch Mythbusters again.)


    Now that voting one's gender has been taken off the table, it's time to bring it back - or at least if women want.

    It's a typical crap piece of pseudo-emancipation; women are told they don't need to be their anatomy - when all around us we see women lauded most for being their anatomy.

    Bernie, older & wiser

    I'm pleased that Bernie's finally clueing in on how the game's played. He's discovered that Hillary's wrapping herself around Obama because that endears her to black voters, who make up a large core of the Democratic vote. He's also discovering that it's not so easy for him to do the same because she started courting the Big O 8 years ago, something an Independent might be loathe to do. And taking onboard one of Obama's fiercest black critics, Cornel West? Not likely to help, since he's about as popular with the black community these days as George Zimmerman. Bernie did hire a BLM member as spokesperson. But it's simply not the same thing.

    Millennial Revolt

    17 miles from Georgetown at George Mason U, perhaps we begin to see the real issue on which this election rests.



    Perhaps old folks are out of touch...

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    Excuse me please; but I cannot take political comment

    I will get back to it I promise! Someday soon.




    Martyrs reportedly irate. Virgins cut from 72 to 36.

    OK, I don't really have a source reporting back from Paradise, but here on earth, where the unspectacular if sound policy (finally) of strangling ISIS's cash flow has begun to bear fruit, salaries for the Mujahadeen have been halved, prisoners are being offered bargain rates for release ($500 gets your ass outta jail) and folks are getting utility bills.


    An army travels on its stomach, as Napoleon used to say.


    Bernie Sanders, Cornel West, and Martin Luther King Jr.

    The upcoming Primaries will tell the tale of inroads that Bernie Sanders made into black voters. Hillary is a name familiar to the black community. Civil Rights hero Bernie Sanders has been working in the background. When faced with the voting divide in South Carolina where the majority of white Democrats support Bernie and the majority of black Democrats support Hillary, white Progressives wonder "What's wrong with blacks?". This is not stated in that blunt term, but it does come in the form of the of why are you voting for a racist like Hillary. Hillary's support for the crime bill and her use of the term "superpredator" are the initial part of the attack.


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