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    Great Wall of China vs Great Wall of Trump

    Just ran across this article written back in September 2015.

    An Engineer Explains Why Trump’s Wall Is So Implausible[

    The author goes into some serious details which illustrates Trump's wall is on the same scale as the Great Wall of China in both time and cost.

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    Blacks for Trump?

    Hey Joe, get me some black extras to sit on the dais. I need to show some "diversity" in all those TV shots. Trump may not know much about government and being president, but he does know about entertainment. He regularly uses "extras" - like folks to applaud at press conferences. It is all one big show and Trump is the (prima donna) star.

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    War Report from ther front lines

    Never a dull moment here !


    FWIW [for what it's worth] : because it's been out in the public domain for a few days, there's no issues of  communicating unclassified info to worry about.

    Trump's right.

    We shouldn't import anything .

    Not if we can make it here.

    The things that we can make but don't,  we should  resume making here.

    This obscenely rich country shouldn't  have 50,000 homeless in NYC tonight. In 2018 that should be

    5,000.  And 45,000 people should be making replacements for the Toyotas we won't be buying.

    That is the only way we can make America a country that is great for the working class. We can't Globalize our way to full employment. We have to import- replace our way there.

    TRUMP: Planning US Invasiion of Syria


    Washington (CNN)The Defense Department might propose that the US send conventional ground combat forces into northern Syria for the first time to speed up the fight against ISIS, CNN has learned."It's possible that you may see conventional forces hit the ground in Syria for some period of time," one defense official told CNN.

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    How Deep Is the Racism of the Republicans?

    As I watch Trump's efforts to block the entrance of Muslims into the United States, and the brutal tearing of families apart in the I.C.E. sweeps of immigrants, and the repeated crowing over destroying what Obama had built, and the white, white, white, Administration, I feel that I am being lashed by hatred and racism. Anxiety, Sadness, Anger, Depression? Oh yes, I feel these and I cry with the children who fear that they will never see their parents again, for I have been pulled from a parent and know that pain in my bones. All I know to do is to speak out and stand up and push back. It is either that or get mowed down, and that I cannot let happen.

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    Jeff Sessions? How Hot is Pot...

    Believe it if you need it . . .


    Or... you can leave if you don't.



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    Indivisible Rising

    Good discussion here…

    On the Democratic Party's Messaging Woes

    But where time and effort is truly needed is to demand that ALL politicians (left, right, or middle of the road) answer face-to-face to the real needs of each individual indivisible constituent

    I know I know… We’ve heard it all before…

    Links below the videos.


    Demand Democracy


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    I just viewed the most embarrassing Presidential speech of my life today.

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    Are We Still Here?

    I wrote a comment earlier in response to someone with whom I didn’t disagree; a comment that mostly wrote itself:

    People are generally kind and helpful by nature, and it's not just about tribe.  It's about being human at our core - the place that makes us love puppies, kittens, babies and cheese.  The place that makes the country stand still over a child trapped in a well or a bunch of miners slowly dying on the job.  The place in our gut that cries when someone dies and celebrates amazing achievements by those who seem like less yet feel like more somehow.  The place that makes us all worth fighting for.

    Toxic Dump Site

    There are two books called The Wikileaks Files. One is by Jullian Assange. This is about the other one. It has contributions by Dan Beeton, Phyllis Bennis, Michael Busch, Peter Certo, Conn Hallinan, Sarah Harrison, Richard Heydarian, Dahr Jamail, Jake Johnston, Alexander Main, Robert Naiman, Francis Njubi Nesbitt, Linda Pearson, Gareth Porter, Tim Shorrock, Russ Wellen, and Stephen Zunes. Here are reviews at Amazon.

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    Netanyahu: Demographics are destiny (NOT!)

    I suppose it is not a coincidence that demographics and democracy share their first syllable.


    Not one day into the carving up of Mandatory Palestine, Deadbeat Donald and Bibi did away with what remained of the 1948 Partition Resolution which gave rise to so many coolmovies of my youth.

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    Netanyahu "Give me some slack to handle Abu Shiksa"

    Speaking in Hebrew (to deceive, no doubt, the prying eyes and ears of the Gentiles...) Netanyahu took leave of his cabinet and massaged their expectations about tomorrow's first meeting with Trump as President.


    I might have to give a little, but over all, he said, I got this guy in the palm of my hand.



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    Martial Law may be on the table.

    Good Afternoon everyone! The issues(s) requiring I be absent have resided ... for the moment.

    I ran across this article on New Eastern Outlook ...

    America’s Civil War Has Begun with Balkanization to Follow

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    Born in East LA

    The ramp up of a program of extreme deportation ( to accompany the extreme vetting regime....) inevitably brings to mind that Cheech Marin tour de force, Born in East LA.


    The plot depended, of course, upon the "unlikely" device of a native born American being rounded up mistakenly and dropped in Mexico.



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    Extreme Vetting? A Terrifying Thought

    We have repeatedly heard Donald Trump, first as a candidate and now as President, say that he is going to apply extreme vetting for immigrants and refugees. This is either for effect, or he has seriously not informed himself about the processes that folks go through (or even spoken to one of his wives), or he is playing on the ignorance of the bulk of the American public on what refugee, in particular, go through to get here. So to clarify, I off er this post that does detail those processes.

    Senator Warren forced not to quote Coretta King

    Around 9 30 pm Senator Warren, speaking  as part of the Democrat's opposition to  Sessions ,  attempted to provide relevant information about the 1986 Senate's  decision to reject him as a federal judge. After reading Senator Kennedy's  86 statement   she attempted to do the same with Coretta Scott King's 86 letter of opposition.

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    I was quite taken by an interview you undertook the other day.

    Now I understand that you consider yourself an honorable man.

    I am sure that you consider yourself a powerful man.

    And farbeit from me to question the ethics of a giant media celebrity who hosts a cable news program that is viewed by millions of avid fans. Fans who ultimately are counted as members from my age group.

    Millions are interested in what you have to say concerning so many subjects facing Americans today.

    And I recognize that those millions find you to be the most honorable of men.

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    Ares Canope Villa Adriana b.jpg

    The high was 22.

    And tomorrow the high is six.

    Soon we will have 10 hours of sunlight in the great white north.

    But it is just toooooooooooo damn cold.


    And forget the goddamn groundhog for chrissakes.

    That's what did it?

    During the campaign I thought Trump's chances would be affected by his "Grab a little pussy"  chat.

    Or by has cheerfully agreeing  to allow Ivanka to be called on national TV " a nice piece of ass".

    Or by the video of him in Australia humiliating Miss Australia  for not meeting his plane.

    I was right,  It probably got him elected.

    This is not a rehearsal

    It’s the way things are going to be from now on. Theoretically two minority members are supposed to be present when a senate committee forwards a Presidential cabinet nominee to the full senate.Except when they aren’t. This past week.

    Supposedly it takes  60 votes to stop a filibuster.   Think a Democrats filibuster will prevent  the approval of about- -to- be Justice Gorsuch?  Along with believing in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy.

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    How "Don the Dick-tator" Has Bamboozled His Way To The Top


    It is a simple plan...

    ... to an autocratic position of power...


    See: How to Build an Autocracy - David Frum - January 30, 2017 - The Atlantic

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    Location of Mexico

    And my best friend the doctor won't even tell me what it is I got.



    I have problems with the South.

    I mean I do not appreciate the politics of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, or Texas for chrissakes.

    (Oh and fuck Sessions!)


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