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Barack Hussein Obama Will Be Remembered As One of Our Greatest Presidents - Here's the Facts

Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree [Read more]

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Corrupt cops are like cockroaches--when you see one in the light, there are 100 hidden in the dark.

Louis Scarcella, Brooklyn homicide detective (retired), was not a guy you would want to meet, especially if you were a person of color who was innocent of a crime that needed to be cleared. (Cops dislike inventory just like Walmart dislikes unsold crap).


If you have not been following the saga, Scarcella had amassed a remarkable,( indeed incredible...) series of successes bringing quick arrests and smooth convictions in hundreds of homicides.


His stock in trade was the coerced (or even fraudulent) confession, the perjured testimony of jailhouse snitches, and the convenient disposal of excupatory evidence. [Read more]

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Hobby Lobby--a conscientious objector to contraception. But just like a war resister, you still gotta serve.

There is an interesting congruence between the waiver claimed by Hobby Lobby vis-a-vis contributing fungible resources to a purpose they loath, and the waiver granted a conscientious objector who ref.uses to take an active role in combat.


Both are asking to be excused from  participating in that which they  find odious.


The difference, however, is that the war resister must serve in a non-combat position or face punishment.  He may not be heard to say "No, I will not even be a medic, for that would free up some other soldier from medic duty to become a killer.  My service is fungible."

  [Read more]

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File:Freedom from want 1943-Norman Rockwell.jpg

(This is a blog I have altered thru the years, but I decided to repost it at this last minute for 2013! Not a lot of action here at this time of year, but what the hell!)


I have written afore concerning my doubts about an expanding universe.

If the universe is expanding, what in the hell is it expanding into? [Read more]

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National sovereignty is dead--get over it. (Also, amend the UN Charter...)

Charlie Pierce, (not for the first time) is consumed with iration.  The cause of his irritation: the threat by Inifinito Gold (love that name...) to sue the Country of Costa Rica for $1 Billion (U.S.).

  [Read more]

Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered

If the Republicans had contented themselves with blocking only one of Obama's nominees for that Washington appeals court they'd have gotten away with it. By blocking all three they went too far. And, given the number of vacancies,put Obama in a position to appoint enough new judges to make a significant improvement in how our laws are interpreted.


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Defunding mental health--stranding the rich and famous

We are grown painfully accustomed to the stories of the homeless mentally ill street person whose violent outburst visits catastrophe upon some random passerby.


When confronted by one of these cautionary tales, it is easy to cluck ones tongue and clutch ones garments, experiencing simultaneously the frisson of menace and the relief that such disasters are likely to touch only the already compromised, at least on the side of the perpetrator.

  [Read more]

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Oh I wanted to tell a story. I saw my granddaughter a couple of weeks ago.

I witnessed miracles two weeks ago when I again had the opportunity to visit with my grandchild.

My daughter-in-law has a degree in education. That's fine, my son as a degree in Accountancy. 

So she finally takes a job at this pre-school (we used to call it nursery school) and gets a discount for her daughter to be enrolled there.

Mama really spends her time changing diapers in this upper middle class version of baby sitting; well beneath her educational level. Or is it?  [Read more]

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Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree
  [Read more]

HIPPA, PHI, and ACA Navigators

Today, I started a new position with a non-profit human service organization in NYC. A very large, very old, very respected one.

Not that the size and age are relevant to anything; it's JIC you can read between the lines. [Read more]

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A diary of repub women keepin my sweetie down! [Read more]

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Stanley 'Tookie' Williams - An All American Boy

Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree [Read more]

Not a show stopper

The insurance industry is shedding a lot of customers/policies that aren't quite profitable enough .Not hopeless "dogs"or they would have shed them long ago.

I ask myself "what could make all those policies profitable." And the answer  is.......... 'put them in one pile'. We know that the way insurance  works is that insuring against just one risk is....... risky even tho insuring against 5 thousand of such risks would make sense.

That's called taking advantage of the "law of averages". Or better "being an underwriter" [Read more]

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Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree [Read more]

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Elisabeth Warren and the 21 st Century Glass Steagall Act

Senator Elisabeth Warren has been in the news again as the media speculates whether she has a chance to become President or whether she can be talked into running in 2016. I think her bill to bring back the Glass Steagall Act is more note worthy for discussion. 

This is the pdf file of the bill that is being introduced to the Senate by Senator Warren.  It is the 21st Century Glass Steagall Act.  Senators McCain, King and Cantwell are cosigners. The bill is straight forward and reinstates the Glass Steagall Act.  It is very readable and only 26 pages long with all the changes. [Read more]

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Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree [Read more]

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America ala Carte

ocean-kat’s recent blog about secessionists, struck a chord with me and reminded me that I needed to finish writing this piece.  It is a topic which has been tumbling around in my mind for a long time.

I was on Facebook a while back, having a discussion with a friend. She is a single mother living in the UK, and doesn't like being told she must get her child vaccinated.  [Read more]

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Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree [Read more]

More Than Fifty States?

As I'm sure everyone knows five Colorado counties have voted to secede from the state of Colorado. We're about to see a 51st state! Its a logical reaction to the partisan split that's overtaking the country. But its not as simple as it sounds. [Read more]

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A special place in Hell for Republican governors who eschew expanded Medicaid

A poignant letter to the New England Journal of Medicine should serve to focus our attention on the less sensational but more important component of Obamacare.


While the media clucks over the feckless code writing that has sprayed egg over the collective faces of the administration hacks who are endeavoring to snatch efficacy from the jaws of a Rube Goldberg contraption whose very inception was tainted by obeisance to the "free market", the expansion of Medicaid will mean the difference between life and death for thousands of lower income Americans.

  [Read more]

Your Vote Counted

Typically, arguing about the value of a vote ends up turning into a discussion on the Ship of Theseus, George Washington's Axe, or the Sorites paradox, except that instead of which grain of sand did we have to remove to turn a heap of sand into a non-heap, the question is which vote(s) caused a particular candidate to win? The question at least appears to become a lot less philosophical when you're a part of it. [Read more]

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A Response to "Jackleg Preachers" From Rev. V. R. Williams

Rev. V. R. Williams says:

November 4, 2013 at 7:32 pm

Dear, dear Mr. Wattree,

Please do Christianity a favor and just stop. You are so wrong on sooo many levels. If you have a complaint don’t hijack the Word of God to try to validate your emotion based argument. You’re endangering yourself and causing harm to the spiritually immature. Express your opinions without perverting the Text. Really, you’re not doing God any favors. [Read more]

Go Vote!

Due to apathy, off-off year elections (i.e., elections on odd-numbered years) tend to have lower voter turn-out than even off year elections. The bad news is that, for whatever reason, Republican-leaning voters tend to be less affected by apathy than Democratic-leaning voters. The good news is that this low turn-out means your vote counts more than it would for even-numbered years. So, go vote! [Read more]

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