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    The Republican Party's Treasonous and Un-American History

    Republican politicians and their cronies have a long history of pettiness, greed,  poor judgment, and a tendency to continually drag America down a rat hole to satisfy their selfish lust for wealth and power.  Thus, America needs to wake up and see these people for who they are, because 2016 is going to be a pivotal election. If the Republicans win they know that the demographics are against them, so they'll never relinquish power again - regardless to WHAT they have to do.  Think about the ramifications of that. And if you're a White social conservative who takes comfort in those ramifications, don't, because the rich, fiscal conservatives, don't care any more about poor and middle class White people than they do Muslims, minorities, or gays. You're only being used to keep the working class divided, because the GOP's agenda is so toxic to the American people that their very viability is completely dependent upon maintaining hatred, animosity, and strife among the poor and middle class.  So if they win, looking into your dumb faces is going to be the only thing gratifying about it

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    I wish to play this rant provided by my friends at Mediamatters.

    Rush recalls Black Rage and its causes.

    I used to do this all the time, go after Rush, but it has been years? I just kind of gave up.

    I figured that if you give Rush airtime, no matter how silly his arguments seem, you are just giving aid to the enemy.

    It has been some time but listen to this racial rant as I attempt to disprove his suppositions or suspicions or superstitions.

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    Emily's List 30th Anniversary-Part 2 Gabby Gifford's Rising Star Award

    Last year, Emily's List started the Rising Star Award to honor Gabby Gifford.  This year it was presented to Ayanna Pressley as the second winner of this award.  Retired Astronaut Mark Kelly, Gabby's husband with her presents the award. This was a chance to see how well she is doing since she left the House for me.  I love her smile.  What courage she has. 

    Senator Cotton soils the nest.

    It would be going too far to call Cotton a traitor, or even a saboteur because both those terms imply a subversive action which has disastrous real world impact---it doesn't take much imagination to conjure up real acts of monstrosity. But Cotton's open letter to Iran, signed by most of the Republican senators, does classify him as an impetuous, ambitious, running-off-at-both-ends backbencher who has just soiled the national nest.

    Venezuela a US Security Threat? Who knew?

    Extending the Axis of Evil to a 4th Dimension, President Obama declared Venezuela a security threat because it has nuclear weapons  threatens our borders  hacks our computers  beheads American captives  spies on European leaders  occupied a peninsula assassinated opposition leaders is mean to protesters. Observers are unsure whether this meant to slow government moves towards socialism, or to get Maduro to supply troops to fight ISIS, something the other members of the evil club are doing.

    Snark, Opinions, One-Liners, Links, and maybe Something Creative

    There is not any single subject contemplated at this blog. It is intended to be on-going as a place where I will mostly put links and short observations or questions. Any subject may come up including movies and music, as well as my own poetry and short fiction. It is mainly intended as a place for short comments which I see as having relevance to ongoing events but am too lazy to expand upon unless they gain some traction. I may refer here to ongoing conversations  at Dag when what they bring to mind is too far off topic or might be otherwise disruptive.

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    Emily's List 30th Anniversary-Part 1 The Women Behind It

    In the recent years, C-Pac Convention has been covered by the media as if it was a the only important political support group in this country.  We get to watch in the news every goofy nutty idea that comes out of the guest speakers mouths.  There is even a run down published and covered about the proper dress code for the attendees. OK enough said about that.

    It leaves many of us wondering why liberals don't put on these kinds of news worthy events with great political speakers.  Well they do.  

    This year just a week after C-Pac's annual blow out,  Emily's List celebrated their 30th Anniversary with a gala event showcasing successful Democratic women in politics.

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    That the cover-up is worse than the crime is a Washington truism I've never fully believed. In 2013, Republicans chastised former IRS director Lois Lerner for subjecting groups with the words "tea party" in their name to additional scrutiny when they sought tax-exempt status. Subsequently, conservatives alleged Lerner was covering up her "crime" because emails that could have shed light on the IRS practice had been deleted.

    Supreme Court Elephants and bitches.

    The elephants in the room were quite visible in this week's Supreme Court hearings on the latest Republican attempt to destroy the signature legislation of America's first black President.

    Justice Thomas---often incorrectly called a "sphinx" due to the absence of any oral questions from him since 2006---is, not by any stretch of the imagination, not an elephant. But for Thomas, apparently, asking questions is a bitch.

    DOJ: Ferguson Cops a Bitch

    Judging from comments around the web, the usual non-reality based right wing segment of the country is up in arms about AG Holder and the DOJ reports on the investigation of the Ferguson Police Department and the DOJ exoneration of former Officer Darren Wilson, who killed Michael Brown last summer.  Wilson was found not to have violated the civil rights of Brown in shooting him down in the street and Wilson will face no federal charges whatsoever.

    Being Bibi's Bitch

    Wow, simply wow. I was going to title this "The Founding Fathers on Israel" (and briefly "Bibi's Poodle"), since obviously those great men had to foresee the unbreakable bonds we would have with Israel, and recognize the already evident shared values and common ideals.

    And even though Herzl & Co. had courted the Ottomans, Brits and Russia/Soviet Union for this Big Brother role,  it's important that she finally settled on us, the U-S of effin' A. Let's not bicker over who she slept with on the way to the altar - the important thing is she settled on us - and for that reason, she's always been true.

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    A Brush With Immortality: Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Dexter Gordon, and Jackie Mclean

    Monk saw me as a young wide-eyed joke, and I was. I was 16 and on a roll (I had just seen John Coltrane a couple of weeks earlier). Monk asked me, "What you know about jazz, boy?" And I started telling him about all the urban legends that I'd heard about him. As he was listening intently to one of my stories he asked me, "Damn! What did I do then!!!?"  You have to know how Monk was to know why I look back on that as being so funny, because he was dead serious. He got into the story like I was telling him a story about someone else. I never did find out whether the story was true or not.  But When I was done, he told his wife, Nelly, "Shit, he knows more about me than I do," and they started laughin' their asses off.

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    Noonan Gravely Accuses Tea Partiers of "Thinking."

    Ah, Peggy Noonan. She is like the bench partner in middle school science class who tears the wings from a living butterfly and then weeps mournfully over its demise. Her latest effort at scientific analysis finds her not only accusing Tea Partiers of "thinking," but also offers her scientific impression that their thoughts are ascendant within the population at large.
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    Hand-wringing over Hillary ... ?

    Hand-wringing over Hillary ... or has she put herself into the political toaster? 

    The NY Times reports she used a private email account while Secretary of State ... The right wing is already blowing this up into a major scandal.  Is it?

    Is this the "revelation" that allows the GOP to run against McGovern ,,, err, Warren?

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    Hell, my dad died on Mars. Hahahah

    I was a conciliation court judge in my mid twenties.

    A mentor of mine sent me down to sign up.

    The gig was once a month and I received 70 bucks for my time.

    Now you have to remember that in those days an 800 square foot home cost $250/month and being an incompetent that was a lot of money.

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    We Might Need (smart) Black Conservatives

    I firmly believe the two party system, as it currently exists, lacks the ability and will to structurally better the lives of everyday people. Much of my critique revolves around the grotesque amount of money in politics and the corporate media's failure to accurately report on economic, political, and social events. The democratic component of our republic has been circumvented, and we (as a nation) need an intellectual awakening (or reawakening) to recover it. Since it would be virtually impossible to remove money from politics or make the corporate media do it's job, I'm led to believe a few moderate changes could lead us down the road to a higher political discourse. One of these ideas is to embrace "authentic" black conservatives. The "authentic" is an appropriation of a thesis offered by Chidike Okeem (a writer and conservative commentator). Chidike calls for authentic black conservatives to push back against the "artificial" black conservatives who parrot talking points given to them by the conservative media noise machine.

    Regime Change and Precedent

    After all the screaming about Bush's botched trumped-up war in Iraq, looks like the left is getting its own takedown in Libya - with the rise of ISIS, inability to form a stable government, oil wealth not covering all the expenses - our over-optimistic fantasies of the future by overthrowing Qaddafi seem horridly misguided 3 years later. Somalia on the Mediterranean is our new dystopian future. After pride comes the fall.

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    Crowdfunding. Has anyone done it?

    I was curious if anyone here has had any experience crowdfunding a project?  I was hoping I could get some first hand accounts from people I am acquainted with.

    Have a project going into launch Monday and if it fails it will only be because we didin't learn enough to make it work.  

    I kind of remember that there was some but it's been a while.  

    If you have experience, I would love to hear from you.  

    Thanks.  Synch

    A Message to You, Rudy

    Rudy Giuliano is the son of an organized crime enforcer for loan sharks and gamblers who spent time in Sing Sing for felony assault and gambling - as the great Casey Stengel said, "you can look it up".

    How Giuliano then gets to lecture Obama on his Hawaiian upbringing is anyone's guess, but yes, Rudy - Obama wasn't raised like you - his idea of "Family" doesn't equal "Mafia".

    Pass it on.

    Can America reach a new equilibrium?

    If our current political deadlock, amplified by the market forces of technology and capitalism are projected without modification into the future, a world of extreme inequality, overwhelming local taxes and religiously contrived restrictions on personal behavior awaits us. The invention of cheap and home made weapons including drones, 3-D printed guns, and cyber blackouts will make an ever angry electorate turn more violent.

    3-D Printer walks into a bar


    "Are you the plumber printer?", Maggie, the bar tender, asked.

    "Yeah, where are the restrooms?"

    "Down the hall, on the left side", Maggie said, "We need four new plungers."

    "They told me two plungers. I've gotta go back to the shop and get more resin."

    As the printer plumber waddled back to his truck Maggie and I looked at each other and laughed at the vestigial human ethos in a manufactured worker.

    "I have to remember that these machines are not real", she said, and touched my arm with the intent of reassurance. Reduced to a life of basic existence in this dystopian society on the banks of the Mississippi we humans latched onto any morsel of feeling or behavior that might remind us of the distant society we had enjoyed prior to the Missouri Printed Gun and Sex Bot Compromise.

    I am morally humiliated. How 'bout you?

    Chris Matthews says that the American People are morally humiliated when, in Syria, ISIS burns an allied pilot alive, or in Libya a gang not actually part of the Islamic State (but soi-disant nonetheless), beheads 45 Egyptians for being Christian.

    And that's before today's episode in Iraq, where some captured members of the Iraqi government forces were burned alive.

    There is not a moment's introspection into the monstrous hubris this entails.  

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    Evil-Doers Are Not Determined By Race - They're Determined By The Power and Opportunity To Do Evil

    Evil-Doers Are Not Determined By Race - They're Determined By The Power and Opportunity To Do Evil


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