Personas eat policy wonks for breakfast.

    I go a little nuts when I hear Democrats talk about the recent election in terms of programs and policies---that we simply didn't blow our own horns loudly enough. We exist in a society so dominated by a media focus on celebrity that no subject with even a smidgen of factual information has a chance of taking more than one breath in a public forum. Last week a space ship landed on a comet---breathtaking. Unfortunately the comet landing was easily upstaged with a camera lens which landed on Kim Kardashian's bare backside. Personally, I did not go looking for Kim's buttocks. But every time I turned on my computer, there was the picture again and again. Kim has reached the lunar landing level of celebrity status---her latest quip being, "One large cheek for man, the other cheek for mankind".  Democrats will win when they master the art of manufactured personas and studied quips, not when they can explain policies better.

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    The Mid-Term Elections: Taking the Longer View

    In the wake of an electoral setback on the scale experienced by the Democrats two weeks ago, the temptation to immediately rush to judgment is enormous. So also, if my e-mails and robo-calls are any guide, is the temptation to engage in yet more fundraising, as though money was the big thing of which Democrats were short. But both temptations need to be resisted. We need to throw less money and more brainpower at our politics, and we need to take our time doing both.

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    The Black Community Controls $1.1 Trillion in Buying Power, Yet . . .

    Beneath The Spin*Eric L. Wattree

    The Black Community Controls $1.1 Trillion in Buying Power, Yet . . .

    Tea Party Indictment of Obama

    In the spirit of Richard Day and his post Exiled Cubans, Rubio and Cruz. Case against Barack Obama, URPS officers Prosecutor Ted Cruz and his Assistant Prosecutor Marco Rubio (Union of Republican Prosperity Spreaders).

    Resolved that propagation and dissemination of GOP ideology (tax cuts raise revenue, Obama faked birth certificate, earth 6000 years old, evolution liberal plot, climate change a hoax, war is peace etc) are both ubiquitous, and as uncompromising and obsessive as that of Stalin, a Tea Party indictment follows, drawing from  Article 58 of the Stalinist legal codes (as listed in the book Escape from the Future, by Vladimir Petrov).

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    Three and two the count with nobody on, he hit a high fly into the stands, rounding third and  aheaded for home, he was a brown eyed handsome man, let me tell you, he  was a brown eyed man





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    Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree


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    While Our Nation's Progressives Shudder... A Note from the Left Coast

    Infrastructure = Job Creation = Happy Voters . . .


    Jerry Brown has nation-sized plans for California -- if he can keep spending in check.


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    President Obama Has Come Out Supporting Net Neutrality.

    I received this in my email from the Whitehouse today.  Why couldn't he have done this before the election?

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    Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree
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    So What Do Progressives Do Now, In Response To The 2014 Midterm Disaster?

    There’s an old axiom that says, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." I would like to modify that to say, "When the going gets tough, the tough get tougher," and that’s exactly what must happen now that the Corporate/GOP Alliance has taken over congress if we’re going to save America.
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    The 2014 Midterm Election - A Towering Testament To Monumental Stupidity

    Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree

    The 2014 Midterm Election - A Towering Testament To Monumental Stupidity

    Strategy for GOP Congress: Keep Doing Nothing

    KEEP THE GRIDLOCK GOING! It's worked fantastic so far with Murican voters, why stop?

    BBC reports on the conservative National Review's cynical, don't try to govern advice, if you do, voters may figure out you aren't what the election year tsunami of 5 billion dollars of dark money TV ads said you nothing advice for the Republican controlled Congress:

    That's all folks

    Since the end of 2010 Obama’s only been able to do those things the Constitution permits the President to by himself.

    Starting Jan 1 of next year       Obama’s only going to be able to do those things etc . etc.

    You can’t lose what you haven’t got. And what Obama hasn’t got today is the same thing(s) he hadn’t got last week :a majority.

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    The Drubbing ... Where do we go from here?

    Dems lost big last night.  What do we do now?  It's hard to feel optimistic about anything.  If our ideas are so great, why do so few people support and vote for them? 

    Another Halloween story?

    Hmn. How do I put this.?Maybe Limbaugh ,Hannity et al are right. That at least until we have sufficiently  larger data base providing evidence to the contrary, the prudent course is to quarantine  every arrival from Ebolaland. .

    Why have so many health-care professionals been infected? The easy answer is ‘because they haven’t followed the protocols’. Really? Even though they knew that they were risking their lives and possibly the lives of many others by such carelessness?

    Reclaiming a Feast of Family, Individualism and Creative Expression (And Finding Calm)

    October is a stressful month for both my husband Mike and me, as each of us is haunted by profound tragedies that occurred in our lives before we met. It doesn’t get easier with each passing year, and as October creeps into our lives so do our separate legacies of loss. As parents of a 4 ½ -year-old highly creative, imaginative superhero-obsessed son, we have come to indulge more and more each year in the festivities surrounding Halloween.

    Her behavior is riling a lot of people up!

    After your jaw has returned to function following your review of this beyond merely entertaining segment on what I will without irony call "quarantinegate". you will want to turn your attention to some of the other ripples caused by that the latest wedge issue: "Should Kaci be quarantined?"

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    Things are looking bad.

    'We' have already given up the 'House.'

    Now we lose the Senate?

    MY SS WILL GO DOWN FROM $1200.00 TO $600.00?

    I will lose $15.00 in food stamps?


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    Guy Cecil, Chairmen of The DSCC Explain's Ground Game, The Path to Keeping The Senate

    There has been so much spin about how the Democrats will lose the Senate this year by beltway pundits that most will be surprised at how well the Democrats will do in the end.  This election the Democratic Party has funded by the tune of $66 million dollars GOTV effort called The Bannock Street Project.  This effort is in all the states with competitive Senate seats. They started out by registering voters in low turn out parts of the states that are the natural base to the party.  These are voters that are normally not polled in the final weeks before election because of LV models.  Most are voters that have never voted before.  The get out to vote offices follow through with further contacts to make sure they do vote.  It is a system that helps the voter get what is needed to register and transportation also if needed to vote. What it comes down to is who gets their supporters to the polls.

    DiBlasio&Cuomo press conference soon

    on Youtube. To discuss the Ebola case now at Bellvue.

    It's now over. Seemed to have been well rehearsed. That's a purely descriptive comment not any sort of  assessment But that was as it should be. No benefit to anybody if they had presented poorly. We're dependent on these guys


    . Probably was useful for Cuomo in the coming election. ​


    Stop reading this

    and instead go to the Library. Or a well stocked newsstand and get the November 6 New York Review of Books and read No Good Men Among the Living: America, the Taliban, and the War through Afghan Eyes.

    Obama's DOJ: OK to Screw Hourly Workers

    The Obama DOJ has filed a Supreme Court Amicus Brief asking it to reverse a Ninth District Court of Appeals ruling. The Appeals Court said Amazon warehouse employees forced to wait 25 minutes or more before exiting their work site, in long lines to see if they stole anything, is time for which they should be compensated for by Amazon.  The Obama DOJ disagrees.

    Never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity...

    With apologies to the scumbag who delights in applying this formula to the Palestinian Authority in the context of peace negotiations, let us turn our attention to the sad sack who occupies the White House.


    Consider the field of play as Ebola fever (the panic kind, not the body temp) began gripping the public imagination.


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    Holy Crap, The Scott Just Hit The Fan

    And it left little bits of Scott Crap all over the place.  

    Last night Rick Scott delayed the debate with Charley Crist over the fact that Crist had requested a fan under his podium.  He claimed that there was an agreement that there would not be any electronics in the debate.  He insisted that it include a fan.  Remember the wire that GW Bush wore in his debates. That is what is meant by electronics, something to communicate with.  The fan is an electrical machine.  

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    Is Cornel West A Judas Goat - When Was The Last Time You Heard Him Attack A Conservative Republican?

    During the 1960s J. Edgar Hoover disrupted the Civil Rights movement by using provocateurs to infiltrate the various civil rights groups and disrupt their activities. The operation was called "Cointelpro." One tactic that was used was to have loud and disruptive Judas goat "super-militants" join the groups and divide the membership by accusing the groups leadership of being weak, or "Uncle Toms." That seems to be the very tactic that Cornel West has been using very effectively every since the 2000 election where he was very effective in helping to get George W. Bush elected.


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