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    Making Pledge of Allegiance Sort of a Requirement in School

    Howdy Dag Bloggers...

    Here we go again with these pesky laws and regulations.

    I'd venture to say, most of us grew up reciting this pledge at school at the beginning of the day


    First off, here's the original. And note;  from Teaching Tolerance, "...the phrase 'the Flag of the United States of America,' explicitly reminding people what they were saluting, was added in 1923, just one year before the Immigration Act of 1924 severely curtailed immigration to the U.S."


    So now, Arizona State Rep. John Fillmore (R) has introduced a bill that would make it mandatory for students in the state to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in schools.

    From an article in The Hill:

    Under the legislation being proposed by Fillmore, students in kindergarten programs and in first through 12th grade would be required to say the pledge in schools across the state. 

    “Pupils shall recite the pledge of allegiance to the united states flag during this time,” the bill states. It adds, however, that students can be excused from the requirement at the request of a parent.

    The bill would also require Arizona school districts to set aside time in their classes each day for students to "engage in quiet reflection and moral reasoning for at least one minute."

    Why bother making it a law when the Supreme Court has already ruled that students aren’t required to recite or stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Here's another article that sheds a little more light on the reasoning.. It's from the local area.

    Lawmaker wants less 'dating abuse' instruction in
    schools, mandatory Pledge of Allegiance
    - Tucson.com

    PHOENIX — The vice chairman of the House Education Committee wants schools to teach students less about dating abuse — but tighten up laws that require them to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

    And he also wants to end “social promotion.” Rep. John Fillmore, R-Apache Junction, is proposing to repeal a state law that now allows — but does not require — schools to provide “age-appropriate” instruction into dating abuse, with HB 2005 replacing it with an outright ban. much more-->


    I'd appreciate hearing you Daggers to chime in with your thoughts.






    He's all for kids not being prepared to counteract dating abuse? (Maybe he is an afficionado of S & M and always hopefut for fresh blood? Or is he just into abuse in general?)

    P.S. Myself, I'd actually have nothing against the pledge if only they deleted the whole part about the flag. Without it, I find it a rather sweet form of nationalism, especially in a country based on a creed like our Constitution rather than one based on ethnicity.

    I think it requires one of those scenes of Bedouins or Latin American rebels dancing around the pole with rifles to shoot up in the air and holler a lot. 2nd Amendment Old Glory - nothing says freedumb like a volley of bullets and onlookers taken to emergency (have to worry about them freeloading on hospital healthcare benefits though)

    It's a Racket...

    The trouble with America is that when the dollar
    only earns 6 percent over here, then it gets restless
    and goes overseas to get 100 percent.  Then the
    flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag.

    Smedley - 1933


    Thanks for chiming in.


    Great little diatribe - a

    Mazed I didn't know it.

    Yes it is. But I don't get its relation to the pledge, it has nothing about war in it, nor even to foreign entanglements,  its pledging allegiance to our republic is all. As opposed to, like: selling it out to Russia. (Pledging allegiance to a flag, on the other hand, I think a different thing: just plain stoopid.)

    Now here's a millennial alternative for ya:

    DECEMBER 4, 2019, Miami Fairs:  A Monument that Challenges the Meaning of the Flag

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