"May you live in interesting times"

    Any other boomers having the realization: we did and we do? This tweet hit me hard like that:

    Is "cancel culture" as bad or worse than the right-wing Christian movement?

    Modern social justice and cancel culture are secular reboots of the evangelical Christian crusading of decades past, with one big difference: Christianity is replete with forgiveness and redemption narratives, while the secular version has none. https://t.co/HU07xln9el

    — Antonio García Martínez (@antoniogm) September 25, 2019

    Dairy, it's baaaaack!

    I cannot believe what I am now seeing in nutritional science news. It's yet another ultimate flip flop. My whole life I've watched people take their doctor's advice, and within a decade, that was flipped. Conclusion: this "science", just like many others related to the practice of medicine, is still in its infancy and humans are the guinea pigs, "they" basically understand zilch about what food does to people. The ironic thing: in this case, the results do not synch with the environmental proposals that we need to cut way down on animal husbandry. Nor do they support the idea of plant- based substitutes for animal milk.

    Two examples, one recent and one from a year ago:

    You would like to have a beer with her and would also let her babysit your kids!

    Liz Warren gets the hang of doing exactly the kind of campaigning that people like Peracles hate, while Bernie drones crabby-old-man socialist agitprop in the background:

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    ABC Debate Ad Links Cambodian Genocide w Democrats


    On the debate stage in Houston, Bernie Sanders frustratedly batted away any comparisons between his brand of “democratic socialism” and that of Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro. But that was mild stuff compared with the red-baiting going on during the commercial breaks, when viewers were treated to a commercial in which Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s face goes up in flames, replaced by images of skulls from the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia.

    On the "Great Awokening"

    Zach Goldberg in an article for Tablet Magazine, published June 5: ...In a recent Vox article based partly on the dissertation research I’ve been doing as a Ph.D. candidate in political science at Georgia State University, Matthew Yglesias described this ongoing transformation as “The Great Awokening.”....

    And in a Twitter thread today:

    28 years of Donald Trump insulting women

    The timeline record is here @ Vox. Here's the latest:

    Chappelle Sticks and Stones

    There's been a lot of talk on Dave Chappelle's newest stand up show. No one seems to see it quite the way I do. There's this modern trend among comedians to engage in political or social commentary. It started with Lenny Bruce followed by Carlin and Richard Pryor. The audience seems to want it, almost demands it, as seen by the ratings plunge of Fallon, the least political comedian. Most of those who left went to Colbert and Seth Meyers. There's this thing that comedians do. They get very serious in the midst of their jokes like they're sending a message, making a real social commentary.

    On "the frequency with which people bring up 'civil war'" being "bizarre".

    In 1971-1972 there were almost 5 bombings a day in the US...

    Time for an Emmett Till Photo In 2019

    Nothing is going to change despite the multiple mass murders due to high powered weapons. The country is numb. The NRA is still in control. What could turn the tide? In 1955, the mother of Emmett Till allowed photographs of her murdered son appear in the media. She wanted the world to see what happened to her child. It helped energize the modern Civil Rights movement. Perhaps a photograph of a person slain by a high capacity or other high powered weapon would force a change. Maybe the country would still remain unchanged in forcing changes in gun laws.


    [Part IV is HERE]

    Trump Has the Power, Case is Closed

    In the International Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977 the Congress gave the President the power to declare "national emergencies" based on what the "President believes" (section 1703 of the Act). Trump is claiming that Act gives him the power to force all American companies to leave their manufacturing and assembly operations, and their commerce with, China. He is right.

    The 1977 law, which was meant to limit presidential power, did no such thing. The law says emergencies can be declared, and almost unlimited presidential power on foreign commerce can be exercised, based on only presidential "beliefs".

    Only the weak and frankly vacuous instruction in the 1977 Act to "report to Congress when the President believes" (section 1703), to "consult with Congress", and to "At least once during each succeeding six-month period after transmitting a report" send another report, are the extent of Congressional involvement once a president uses this Act.

    Tweet that deserves a post of its own

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    Jeffrey Epstein/Thomas Jefferson, Compare & Contrast


    Amid the widespread revulsion appropriately manifested as the details of Epstein's predations emerge, ones mind is ineluctably drawn to his bother monster, Thomas Jefferson.


    Let us perform a (truncated) inventory:



    Epstein, "sex slavery curious".  Ordered books on the topic from  Amazon.

    Jefferson: Repeatedly raped is actual  enslaved girl

     Advantage, Epstein



    Learn something new every day

    The picture was a bonus, it nearly made me LOL.

    On our roster of overpaid university administrators driving up college costs, Ken Starr still takes the prize. https://t.co/yXQpbmelJx

    — Richard W. Painter (@RWPUSA) August 11, 2019

    Have a deplorable to dinner.

    Who remembers “National Brotherhood week?" When Lena Horne and Sheriff Clark were dancing Cheek to Cheek. Or amusing invitations posted to "have a cripple to dinner." And similar laugh riots at the expense of Blacks. Ah the good old days. We won’t see their like again. But I digress.

    If only perfect people got to vote the electorate would be reduced to…well…let’s say American Legion Hall wouldn’t be crowded. All those currant buns I bought for the poll workers, wasted! (Actually it was the Republican poll watcher who clued me in the first time that I--like him-- should make myself less unacceptable by showing up at 6am with currant buns.) Groan. Here comes the hoary Flavius serm…thought through position (thank you mother) on having a Republican to dinner. Metaphorically.

    If You Needed Further Proof

    President Trump and his wife Melania and their personal White House staff are empty self absorbed shells of human beings. Robots could provide more empathy. How to describe the first family? No self awareness, no compassion, no recognition of others emotions or loss,  unable to offer sincere condolences,  no feelings for the loss suffered by the infant they hold.  Who but a Trump would grin widely and give a thumbs up, while his also grinning wife holds an injured recently orphaned infant in a hospital? And then publish the photo on the First Ladies twitter? What kind of person does that? Did Trump see this as a personal "win", as all 8 other wounded victims still in the hospital declined to see him?

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    Random Thoughts On The World Part 2: The Alt Right, Terrorism and White Supremacy

    Back when I was in a movement conservatism, I met a few people who gave off a warning of the Alt Right. I wrote a few articles trying to warn of it and people told me I was crazy. At the time I tried writing about it, a man was arrested near Spokane with enough explosives to cause serious destruction during a Martin Luther King Day celebration. That along with other factors made me essentially throw in the towel. It seemed like no one cared to heed warnings.


    By artappraiser on Mon, 11/05/2018 - 2:56pm 

    Article @ The Guardian from April of by Michael Kimmel  who is the author of Guyland and Angry White Men. He directs the center for the study of men and masculinities at New York's Stony Brook University:

    Almost all violent extremists share one thing: their gender

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    Happy Birthday (77th) Jerry!

    Jerry Garcia is 77 today...



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