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Jamie Foxx: How to Use Fame to Step on Your Brother

BENEATH THE SPIN • ERIC L. WATTREE Jamie Foxx: How to Use Fame to Step on Your Brother One of the readers of last week's column, "Why are Black People Killing Themselves?", wrote me a very heartfelt response suggesting that... [Read more]
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Incremental Universalism ?? It's Coming . . .

Hey... Hey... Hey...After the inauguration and the hoopla dies down you'll be hearing this quite often:Incremental UniversalismIt's the way the Health Care package will be sold and it's coming as sure as the sun rises . . .Single Payer?... [Read more]
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Direct Treasury to Consumer loans, the remedy for no-lending banks and their toadies at the Fed.

We are going through absurd hoops simply to avoid disintermediating the banks and the federal reserve (which is owned by them). We build in all this vigorish, supposedly to compensate the banks for rationalizing the credit markets, and then when... [Read more]
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"Just Joshing, I Hope?"

From Josh Marshall on TPM: The Fed has set up something called the TALF, the Term Asset-backed Securities Loan Facility, which will offer "low-cost three-year funding to any US company investing in securitized consumer loans" including hedge funds. Says the... [Read more]
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The Season of Hope

It's an old saw, this celebration of the "holiday season." According to Olbermann who I watch (or, more accurately, podcast), O'Reilly, who I don't, is bothered by all this and, in a way, so am I. Christmas is not my... [Read more]
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CLASS WAR: Bailout Questions From The Worker's Perspective

"Why should we not compel the other automakers to pay a UAW wage rather than compel UAW members to take a major reduction?" [Read more]
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Warren-style "Ecumenism" Undermines 1st Amendment

"To now offer (Warren) the honor of representing all God's People in prayer at this Inauguration... is to legitimize his confounding of Religion and Government." [Read more]
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Christians Aren't Going Away and Neither Are Gays

Preface: This post was started as a comment made on another blog. At Orlando's suggestion (with a cosign from Miguel and TheraP) I am making it into it's own post. For those of you are unaware of my journey... [Read more]
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Josh Marshall: Progressive Queenmaker. (Who knew??)

Any TPM afficianadi also listeners to NPR will have noticed how Elizabeth Warren (dare I say, our own Elizabeth Warren is all over (including a spot on *Fresh Air!!I) Anyway, according to Prof. Warren, it all started with a phone... [Read more]
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How's This For An "Outside The Box" Idea?

Since we're in the mode of thinking BIG, and spending more magic money than will be repaid in a couple of generations, how's this for an idea?What if, instead of concentrating so much on creating new jobs, we decrease the... [Read more]
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I Swear, We'll Fight About Anything!

I just ran across an article in the Huff Post that has me shaking my head...I swear, we'll fight about ANYTHING!"We do not have our first black president," the author Christopher Hitchens said on the BBC program "Newsnight." "He is... [Read more]
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Bush Solely Dodges Yet One More Issue In Legacy Promotion

On the eve of President Bush's recent surprise visit to Iraq, Charles Gibson of ABC News introduced a segment including an interview with Bush by saying the following: "Much has been made of his historically low approval ratings, but Mr. Bush... [Read more]
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Why Are Black People Killing Themselves?

BENEATH THE SPIN • ERIC L. WATTREE Why Are Black People Killing Themselves? For all who might have missed it, I'd like to call attention to Larry Aubry's excellent article, "Black on Black Violence: Part Pained Indifference," that appeared in... [Read more]
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OBAMA 2016! Because the world needs a good president...

Ok, ok, I admit to residual giddyness attendant upon watching Prez announce the appointment of, inter alia a Nobel Laureate teammate. And even though there may be small-minded and carping cynics who smell a whiff of "today America, tomorrow... [Read more]
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Where are you TheraP?

Thera, you're needed over at dickday's. He's laughing at burning cats.... [Read more]
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Does knowing you die affect how you live?

In another post, TheraP asked the following question:   "So, how do you value your life?   How do you value what is most precious but cannot last?  Does it affect how you live, knowing you will die?"   This is... [Read more]
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CLASS WAR: "Say, Don't You Remember? You Called Me Al!"

 CLASS WAR: Third Installment GOP Senators have all but declared outright that they will withhold any help in curing the overall economic slowdown unless they can first break the Autoworkers Union (UAW). In so doing, they have painted a picture of who are to... [Read more]
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CLASS WAR: "Reaganomics? First, Bust the Unions!"

"Ronald Reagan had shown the way (to gain dominion over the working class) in 1980 when he refused to negotiate with the Air Traffic Controllers and instead simply replaced them with cheaper labor." [Read more]
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Bush, a friend to Labor around the world ...

First, he commits to save the auto industry here, then today, he allows a representative of Iraq's shoemaker's union to demonstrate, (smack dab in middle of the MSM), the fine quality of Iraqi leather shoes with an impromptu visual display of their aerodynamics. Bush has... [Read more]
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CLASS WAR: "Whose Economy Is It, Anyway?"

"At what point did economic Darwinism within the proletariat become a fundamental principle in our economy?" [Read more]
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A bolt of cynicism ...

A bolt of cynicism struck me a few moments ago, as I read another headline about the Bush administration vowing not to let the automakers go under. How cynical is it to wonder if the whole scenario is a set-up?  Could this possibly... [Read more]
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Finding Reasons to Impeach the President-elect

Once again, poor Barth is confused. One day the Washington Post is editorializing thatThe Wilson-Plame case, and Mr. Libby's conviction, tell us nothing about the war in Iraqintentionally ignoring how much it tells us about the creation of phony justifications... [Read more]

Labor Secretary Musings

What I'm hearing is Bonior declines when people push him, saying it's time for a younger generation to lead the labor movement charge for the feds.  He has reportedly been pushing Mary Beth Maxwell, about whom I know very little. ... [Read more]
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Time to party like it's 1929... cause it is

Take a good look at the calendar folks. It's 1929. The ride has just started. Better hold on tight cause it's gonna get pretty rough. I just pray people don't wait terribly long before they realize that drastic changes... [Read more]

Obama Omnipresent

Overheard in downtown DC this morning: "They should just put Obama's likeness on the dollar bill and get it over with."  (spoken during a conversation in which the ubiquitous presence of his likeness these days was alluded to.) ... [Read more]

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