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    Universal Canon of Ethical Blogging Five: THE TIME/SPACE CONTINUUM

    As we travel through the universe called the netwebblogoshphere, we come upon many strange and wondrous new worlds filled with both familiar and alien peoples. In just a short period of time I have learned that there is life on...
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    Jon Stewart is my hero -- and he should be yours, too

    After watching Jon Stewart last night expose and eviscerate Jim Cramer for his stock-bubble pimping, the question we all should be asking is: Why is a comedian, an admitted "fake news show" anchor, the only journalist in America to have...
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    Have You Heard This Health Care Song & Dance Before?

     . . . wanna buy a new improved vacuum cleaner ?Warning in advance -- the following commercial announcement is brought to you by:Business Roundtable is an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. companies with more than $5 trillion...
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    Arthur of the Roundish Table: Lancelot Meets Marlowe

    Camelot had a lot going on inside those walls....Almost everyone was in the Room of the Roundish Table. There was a special presentation to be made. And a special announcement.We are finally at peace in our southeastern quarters. We sent...
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    REMEMBER WHEN? Accountability in Financial Markets

    In honor of Bernie Madoff and Jim Cramer, I thought I would reprise the following which was previously published in this blog on TPM: In a photo taken during the pre-Reagan era when banking activities were closely monitored and regulated,...

    Understanding your opponent

    "My words are easy to understand
    And my actions are easy to perform
    Yet no other can understand or perform them.
    My words have meaning; my actions have reason;
    Yet these cannot be known and I cannot be known."

    "Understanding" is a pretty complicated process. Hofstadter had a pretty good definition: Understanding is a homomorphy between two symbolic systems.

    You can write a few 100s pages just on this topic.

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    Craig Crawford: How to Properly Prepare a Comment-Tres

      As we move through this saga on morality and modality and modesty and mediocrity and mood and monstrousness...  I think I ran out of m's, we will move on to n's later. At any rate, our third canon in...
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    The Common Man: Where's his Fanfare? II. Musicals, Cont. Fish is my Favorite Perfume.

    Welcome back.  One of the commentators to the last in this series reminded us of the realist school of literature, which had its own special sympathy for the working class.  I may get there eventually: If I do, I'll probably...
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    Newt defies Rush - Rush Responds - (I foresee a man crush)

    Ron Reagan at Air America has some brilliant (and hilarious) commentary on the newest developments in the dysfunctional relationship that is GOP vs Rush. Check out the clip below....
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    Craig Crawford and How to Properly Post a Comment-Deiux

    I promised to continue this blog hours ago. But a funny thing happened on the way to chapter two of this saga.  We have a nice small group here. I have mentioned it many times. We talk about war criminals...
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    "I believe in competition . . . "

    And the rest of the quote?"I don't believe in paying $1.30 to get a dollar"Who said that and what was the person speaking about?~OGD~...
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    The Common Man: Where's his Fanfare? I. Music and Musical Theatre

    This essay, which may turn out to be a series (the optimistic I. in the title), was stimulated by a several recent posts here at the Café.   One of them questioned why the news media never seem to picture "real...

    Obama is an evil man

    For evil to succeed, good men should do nothing.

    Thanks, but no thanks. We won't give him a chance to ruin capitalism and democracy.

    Obama is an evil man. Or at least his agenda is evil. Remember, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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    The Superaccountant: The Monstrous Math

    This is the age of the comic book super hero. Superman, Batman, Aquaman, The Xmen, ...Billions of dollars made off of these figments of someone else's imagination. I propose something more apropos for our time, our economic mess, our depression....
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    . The meat and taters . . . Part 1 of 2 -- Financing a more efficient health care system:BAUCUS PLAN: FINANCING A MORE EFFICIENT HEALTH CARE SYSTEMThe U.S. spends $2.3 trillion a year -- more than 16 percent of...

    I bear orders from the captain, make you ready, quick and soon...

    Let the Blue Dogs bay. Let the ethnic lobbies lob choriza blintzes. Their flicker of efficacy is dying. To quote one 28 year old lass, as heard on NPR just after the election: "I'm ready to do whatever my president...
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    Defender of the Faith, Redux

    On the occasion of our new president determining that his religious beliefs permit stem cell research---I hesitate to thank God for that---it seems appropriate to republish, with slight editing to take out references which may not have much meaning today,...
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    Quiz: Guess who wrote this?

    I'm too old for quickies...but this is just too good to resist.  Some folks have enjoyed my ventures into literature and history.  I've got something more substantial I'm working on-a multi-part look at popular media and the "common man," but...
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    Craig Crawford: How to Properly Prepare Your Comments for Publication

    MESSAGE OR A MASSAGE?Craig Crawford is a fine reporter. I have almost always enjoyed his appearances on cable news. He is mostly liberal although it became clear that he is one of those Texas Dems who has been slighted too...
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    I Can't Afford Health Care

    This fella said it best . . .If you don't recall during the Presidential debates...Meet retired steel worker Steve Skvara. . . The reaction at the time from the reactionary righties from the Party of No was ...  You guessed...
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    SEC. 103. QUALIFICATION OF PARTICIPATING PROVIDERS. (a) Requirement to Be Public or Non-profit- (1) IN GENERAL- No institution may be a participating provider unless it is a public or not-for-profit institution. (2) CONVERSION OF INVESTOR-OWNED PROVIDERS- Investor-owned providers of care...
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    Baucus White Paper Points

    BAUCUS PRINCIPLES: THE VISION FOR OUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEMWhile there may be differences of opinion on the solutions, most Americans agree on the principles that health reform should embrace. These principles form the foundation of this Call to Action.There is...
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    Arthur of the Roundish Table--The Two Quests Continue

    Two hedgehogs are wandering through the grass, following a knight.Hey Fred.What Hilda?There is a wild boar following us. He is scary looking.They both had picked up the pace a little in their pursuit of Lancelot, but this new straggler began...
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    C-O-M-P-E-T-I-T-I-O-N ... Private vs. Public Health Care

    . . . This is it in a nutshell . . .C-O-M-P-E-T-I-T-I-O-NThe Party of No are shilling for the industry. So what's new?In the words of ol' Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa speaking to the President:"So the only thing...

    Hannity, O'Reilly, Cavuto, Barnes to Prez: <a href="">"Happy Talk, keep talkin' happy talk"</a>

    To make this post, I am obliged to reveal something not entirely admirable about myself, but so be it. Since the election, I have been drawn to spend more and more time in an orgy of schadenfreude, listening to the...


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