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    The olden days

    Fun thread:

    On American social cohesion

    Most of us feel like it is breaking down, but this point I just ran across made me think again:

    If your goal is to change culture--

    This is a good little example of how you go about effecting changing culture:

    Increasing visibility of non-conforming gender communities in stock photos @, March 26.

    When "family values" conservatives complain about the influence of "Hollywood liberals" and "the liberal media", this is what they mean. And they are not wrong that it can help usher along culture change. Far more than many protests or the like, which can produce counter-productive blowback.

    Blitzkrieg! Trump Unleashes Attack on Obamacaregrad

    After being distracted and insufficiently appreciated for his unprecedented electoral victory, and his relentless assault on the rule of law, on regulations, on judges, institutions, our allies, facts, the press, a balanced budget, the Fed, Montenegro, his former cabinet secretaries, the environment, Puerto Rico.... Trump has the scent of the blood of the enemy in his nostrils.

    Pay rates for free-lance journalism

    It occurred to me again recently that people don’t know how little we make. My last NYTBR review paid 300 dollars. I had a cover piece in 2014 that paid 600. I read the books i review carefully & often read other works by that same author to understand their whole trajectory.

    — porochista khakpour (@PKhakpour) March 24, 2019

    Trump Appts GOP Partisan Hack to Fed

    Stephen Moore, a total Republican political hack. His economic publishing history below.

    2004, pre-election pro Bush campaign swill:

    Bullish On Bush: How George Bush's Ownership Society Will Make America Stronger (Madison Books, 2004) ISBN 1-56833-261-0

    The next one, from 2014, came out only  in audio, the printing of it apparently cancelled.... as it was, by 2014,  so clear Moore was selling bs.  Obama had saved the economy after "Bush's Ownership Society" which Moore loved so much, had led to the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

    Brexit reaching some kinda breaking point


    historians have an instinct for those times of cumulative “ event acceleration” where matters sprint past the ability of politicians to contain their consequences - 1642, 1789-93; and, um 1914...Guess what...

    — Simon Schama (@simon_schama) March 21, 2019


    Glenn Greenwald Bashing Thread. Just because.

    Senators Gillibrand and Gardner on a nanny state bender

    Trump Gov't FAA Shutdown Delayed 737 Max 8 Fix

    The Ethiopian plane crash on 3/10/2019, Sunday killed all 157 people on board a recently introduced Boeing 737 Max aircraft . WaPo

    Below, On how the Trump government shutdown delayed safety and software improvements that Boeing planned to introduce for the 737 Max 8 aircraft.

    Gaming the log

    One of the myriad ways to become a "Hit of The Day" on Dagblog, among other things:

    On 'splainin'

    Just do the right thing

    And we could actually win. For a change.

    No. We should not try to influence our representatives to impeach Trump. 

    1. We must win in 2020 Unless we really can´t avoid it, (see below)  we shouldn´t  do anything that prevents (1)

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    35 people can destroy a nation (when 34 are Senators...)


    "That would surely be an impeachable offense" is perhaps the most frequently repeated phrase from the mouths of guests on Chris Hayes' show.


    Most recently, it came from Jamie Raskin, congressman and, more specifically, member of the Judiciary Committee, from which an Impeachment Resolution  would have to issue.


    "That", in this particular iteration, was a hypothetical advertisement on E-Bay offering pardons for cash.


    ¨Was it something I said?¨


    a plaintive Richard Pryor asked  from   the cover of my 1980ś vinyl  with

    RP  tied to the stake. And in  the standard repertoire: prayers for redemption,

    piles of kindling ,approaching fire lighters

    And  Pryor´s explanation:  true  ,visit at  any court house sentencing day  and , yup,  it´s Justice Just Us. .......................................................................................

    Except  on the occasions when the judge reduces the penalty by 75%.

      Then it 's not Just US. Not us at all.


    People are Strange, Angry, Indifferent, Jaded, Delusional

    From NYT article today, Border Patrol Facilities Put Detainees With Medical Conditions at Risk:

    .....Representative Raul Ruiz, a Democrat from California who is also a physician, helped secure funding for additional measures to improve migrant health after visiting border facilities where he said he saw children coughing and sneezing and infants without diapers, all packed tightly into cells with little in the way of food, soap and other basics....

    This is a test. Name

    at least five liberal  democratic US presidents. 

    Right. FDR.

    Good. Keep going.


    I´ll give you that one.And...?

    Could have been LBJ but for Vietnam

    Coulda, shoulda, woulda

    JFK !

    Began with the Bay of Pigs ? First  cut in the maximum incremental income tax rate. Liberal?  

    A leader? Certainly. But for liberal causes?

    Woodrow Wilson!

    With his views of Blacks?

    The shortest way with illegals


    or whomever we disagree with .


     And maybe for good reason.

    A good place to start is with DVD ´s compelling quote. ¨ 

    Mark Meadows’ Black Friend

    One of the low points of Michael Cohen’s open testimony to the House was when Mark Meadows trotted out Black Republican Lynn Patton as proof that Trump could not be racist because a lack woman would not work for a racist. Patton stood mute. Rep. Rashida Tlaib was outspoken about calling Meadow’s use of a black woman as a prop was a racist act. The WaPo notes that because Meadow’s went into his wounded white boy “How dare you call me a racist” act, people of color on the committee had to placate his feelings.

    here’s what happened:

    I am listening to Trump press conference live from Vietnam summit on CNN

    The chyron says summit cut short, no deal. But I would like to share a little of what Trump is saying.

    He seems in a very friendly and polite mood. Not hyper, calm. Taking a lot of questions.

    Trump says it's all been very productive. But not a good thing to be signing anything right now. He'll let Pompeo explain that later.

    But everyone's been great: Chairman Kim, China, Russia, they've all been great, real helpful. Great leaders! Pres. Moon. yes, another great leader. Real helpful. President Xi, a great leader. Everyone thinks so, especially in Asia. They are all great leaders!

    By the way, in case you foreign reporters didn't know this, you should know it's true: he gets along really well with all world leaders!

    McConnell Plays Victim in NC GOP Vote Fraud

    McConnell on the floor of the Senate today.  He thinks playing the victim will, as usual, go over well with the Fox News indoctrinated morons of the Republican base:

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    Osama's Revenge

    Remember the scene in Carrie where the hand suddenly springs up from her grave, intimating horrors to come?


    Well, (allowing for the dismemberment and burial at sea if true) the bony arm of Bin Laden once again grabs a nation by the throat and forces us to look into our (unattractive?) souls.


    When I was thrilling

     When I was thrilling. I said No.

    But I was willing."

    Cole Porter, I think.

    There ought to be a law- in fact there probably  is -against  all those Virginian cases- charges from  rape or wearing a  black face cruelly to make fun of the victims of slavery.. Probably.

     To declare a bias I was a  half hearted guest at a college   Cake Walk . ,A long  way  from Virginia. The performers wore black face or chalky white .Over otherwise outlandish garb .And did various low level  athletics. With loud music. 


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