Mississippi Lord Mississippi

    Mike Espy is now in a runoff in the Mississippi Senate race. The fact that Espy is in a tight race in Mississippi is just as amazing as the Governor’s races in Florida and Georgia. The white Republican candidate exposed the GOP, once again, as the political party that remains entrenched in what it considers the good old days. The Republican Senatorial candidate referred to lynching


    The French Who Never Learned German

    President Donald Trump today:

    Emmanuel Macron suggests building its own army to protect Europe against the U.S., China and Russia. But it was Germany in World Wars One & Two - How did that work out for France? They were starting to learn German in Paris before the U.S. came along. Pay for NATO or not! @realDonaldTrump

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    I do not wish to hold myself out as an intellectual.

    The best I can say is that over the last six decades I have read stuff.

    'Sickness Unto Death' is a phrase that has stuck with me over those decades.

    This phrase became a title of a book from Soren Kierkegaard, 

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    Bearing the burden of incompetence

    Cast your mind back to the furor that surrounded the aborted promotion of Doctor Ronny to VA administrator, a brouhaha which echoed recently as Jon Tester felt the (impotent) sting of Trump's continuing sulk.


    Along with the vacancies that have made swiss cheese of the diplomatic corps, it emerges that the VA is replete with unfilled, yet essential, jobs.


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    Let us hope that the musical theme for tonight will be:

    Worth a reminder: Almost all violent extremists share one thing: their gender

    Article @ The Guardian from April of by Michael Kimmel  who is the author of Guyland and Angry White Men. He directs the center for the study of men and masculinities at New York's Stony Brook University:

    Almost all violent extremists share one thing: their gender

    Most people who commit acts of terrorist violence are young men. We overlook their gender to our peril

    Failed attempt


    The top line is what 538 reported sunday. Where there  is a second line that is what 538 reported today.

    All  data is for the Senate unless marked   HO


                 Pollster      Number                                                                                                                        ................................polled 


    Mining the 538 data


    Nov 3      St.Peter's polls          N 48; 49                                                                                               .............. Harris                         46;  48 

    Nov 2        Harris                    N  45;  50                                                                                                     ...............Vox populi                    50  50

    538's Sunday and Morning am data

    Following is 538's Sunday data followed by this Morning's numbers if any. If there wasn't a report yesterday

    I've posted the Monday data at the bottom.

                      Pollster             Number                                                                                                                                 ______              polled 



    538's Saturday's new polls

            Pollster                         Number                                                                                                                                   ______                          polled


    FL      St.Pete's polls               2733    Nelson      48   Scott     49

    TX     Change Research         1211    O'Rourke   49   Cruz      49

    MO   Remington Research    1429    McCaskill   47    Hawley   47

    FL    Targoz                              558   Nelson        45    Scott      49

    This tweet made me remember (doh!) that in high school, I helped fight for this to be possible

    This not just another tweeter, this the senior Senator from Hawaii

    If young people vote in numbers anywhere near the percentages of other generations they can get any policy they want. College affordability, climate, civil rights, healthcare, immigration whatever your generation decides. It’s your government if you just take it over.

    538 is no more

    I've been posting 538's daily forecast for the House and Senate election.

    It's aged out of From the Readers so I'll stop.

    What I've learned is that nothing has changed much during that week of ten days: 538 calculates the dems

    will carry the House and not the Senate. By about  they would have done when I started.

    I'll post it again on Election eve.


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    Does Locating migrant holding pens on military bases + revocation of birthright citizenship =concentration camps beyond the reach of Habeas Corpus?

    We have leaned in recent months that the proposed solution to the flood of refugees seeking adjudication of their asylum claims will not be to increase the number of tribunals, but to prepare to house for years on miitary bases the resulting multitudes frozen "in transit" (usage taken advisedly)

    Hard upon adoption of that policy, the visible tide feeding this population is routinely forced by similar (and explicitly intentional) under resourced processing personnel at "ports of entry" to congregate on the Mexican side of thee border for indeterminate (and increasingly interminable) periods of time.

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    server stutter



    This is already ugly--it can get a  lot uglier.



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    Why Hate Violence and Hate Crimes Are 'Special'

    I am hoping that this discussion of what hate violence legislation is, and the underpinnings of it, will address the questions (and scoffing) I know are happening across the country as it is once more at the top of the news. I am a survivor of hate violence, and I have friends who have experienced hate violence, two of whom were murdered. My experiences inform me that many people, especially white people, not only do not understand the need for hate legislation, but who actually see it as "special" treatment. It is not, and I hope the following article helps explain why it is important.

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    March, 2019. Clyburn's first subpoena ignored by Mulvaney (eg.) Contempt citation issues, is sent to Justice Department for prosecution. Wait, what?

    Walk me through this, ye apostles of law and order.


    Assuming, arguendo, that Clyburn's paperwork sits, and sits, and sits some more, how is the  oversight that we all anticipate with hopeful longing vindicated again?


    Asking for a friend...

    But not that obvious to wannabe partisan spinmeisters and Nielsen et. al., Nate

    This is obvious I guess, but if you want to cut down on bothsidesism, put people on TV who have subject-matter expertise acquired through reporting or research... not generalists who are asked to opine on a whole bunch of topics they don't really know anything about.

    — Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) October 29, 2018

    Pittsburgh, Pipe bombs , Caravan & Nov 5

    Take things in order.

    o Call your best Jewish friend this morning  to say you're sorry.

    o Re this week's victim of Trump's endless  incitement for violence from which he is immune. No need to raise it If  asked , what he tried hasn't worked , let's try something that might.

    o And the Caravan . The Caravan! 

    It's not going to get here till Dec. You know that If Trump had wanted, knew how to , he would have dealt with it already. He didn't

    Something going on here, what it is ain't exactly clear yet

    Trump's not behind the pipe bombs

    Say after me . And repeat it if asked. Or not.

    "Trump had nothing to do with the pipe bombs

    Two reasons: It's true and it's good politics. 

    Let's skip to the second. The attack will  be of some benefit of our  net margin. At least to the extent that

    some republicans won't vote against us. Maybe go fishing.Good.

    If we get some benefit without asking that's good  old American fair minded action by our good old Republican friends.

    I'm too tired to continue so I'll post this.And really strongly remind you to say tomorrow

    Pieces of Clay

    It is not actually a democracy such as the Athenians practiced but I wish to make the following proposition to the city of dagblog:

    That all participants be required to register before making comments on the site.
    I wish that this wasn't needed. It is a pity that one agent should bring about the Tragedy of the Commons. But that agent has set up a tent in the middle of the square and is rifling through the trash cans at night

    Well, the bowl is set before you, citizens. Throw in a piece of clay if you agree.


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