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    Spreading the propaganda on every front lawn and driveway


    This 28 page broadsheet was distrbuted in the dark of night
    at every home in our neighborhood here in the LA area.

    Here's Paul Taylor candidate for the Republican nomination
    for the Senate seat currently held by Dianne Feinstein

    All first graders

    should read at first grade level at the end of the year.

    And bridges shouldn't fall down.

    That wouldn't eliminate inequality or improve Israeli-Arab relations but it would ensure that all second graders would be ready for the second grade -and make it safe to cross the Missouri. That would be a start,

    Reading  D-blog  clearly there is a palpable sense of despair at the injustices that desperately need to be remedied and the inadequacies of the "leaders" who  should do that . Guess what , that was always the case.

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    Tucker Carlson is an honorable man. Or so some say.

    Here is TYT discussing Taco Carlson's issue with 'Mexican Food?'



    This discussion is a little old, but two or three days does not seem old to this old guy.


    Study Suggests Black Men Prefer Black Doctors

    A Stanford study of black men receiving free preventative health care advice at a clinic in Oakland noted that the men were more likely to do testing to guide future therapy if they received advice from black male physicians. The reason included the fact that the black physician’s actually seemed to care more about the care the men received than white or Asian doctors. Compliance rates with suggestions offered by black physicians was in the 60% range compared to 40% compliance with white or Asian physicians.

    Moderate pundits troll Jerry Falwell Jr.

    Just a couple fun ones that I ran across retweeted by Preet Bharara on Twitter:

    Trump Toady Paris Dennard is All In for a Coup

    There was a chilling exchange between Trump toady Paris Dennard and ex-CIA official Philip Mudd. Dennard agrees with the policy of revoking security clearances from people who criticize the President. He demeans the service of many brave men and women. He does not care what this does to the security of the United States. You have to watch the clip of the segments as mere words cannot transmit the horror.

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    Ambassadors of Conscience

    It seems that notwithstanding a pathological level of data ingestion, I overlooked (maybe you did too....) the significance of the award to Colin Kaepernick by Amnesty International (whose doings normally register on me, i swear it...).


    So, it seems, Amnesty gave him this year's "Ambassador of Conscience award.


    "Get tht sonofabitch off the field and up here to get his statuette!"


    The fat fuck in the White House has usefully informed us this week that the protests sparked by Kaepernick address issues not germane to their proponents.

    How to Break Up with Donald Trump

    How to Break Up with Donald Trump: The psychology of why you can’t look away — and how to do it anyway

    Even if her how-to advice doesn't work out for everyone, it is absolutely the best analysis of the TrumpTroll topic I have read, bar none. Such clarity is a rare skill.

    By Catherine Price @ Medium.com, Aug. 2

    A Compilation of Trump’s Tweets About Black People

     Michael Harriot at the Root analyzed all of Tweets Donald Trump directed at black people and groups. Surprisingly, there are some positive tweets about black people, mostly contestants on his Apprentice television show. Almost 2700 tweets were about President Obama. In total over 93% of Trump’s tweets about black people were negative. Harriot did an excellent job of compiling the tweets.


    Museums Working to Increase the Number of Black Curators.

    Museums are making efforts to create diversity in curators at their institutions. The diversity was hindered by the insular nature of many museums of unpaid internships that prevented many ethnic minority students.from acquiring skills that would help them advance through the ranks. Not surprisingly, most museum boards are majority white

    Open Letter to Black Pastors Who Met with Trump

    A group of black pastors wrote a letter to the pastors who attended a meeting with Donald Trump. The pastors pointed out the hypocrisy of attending the meeting

    Putin Using Facebook to Sow Discord Among Black and Latino Voters Ahead of Midterms

    Facebook has taken down dozens of Facebook and Instagram accounts it says were part of an effort to sow disinformation and manipulate social media users ahead of the 2018 midterms.

    As the Washington Post reports, the pages were specifically centered on drumming up opposition to Trump. Just as in 2016, the accounts tried to rally Facebook users behind racial, gender and social issues to spread disinformation and manipulate their followers.

    Rename Austin, Texas

    A report on Confederate monuments and streets in Austin , Texas included the recognition that Austin itself is named after Stephen F Austin, a man who supported slavery. Changing demographics 

    Bernie in Kansas: Trump an Immoral Lying Coward

    Unite for America Rally, Wichita, Kansas, July 20, 2018.  Bernie: “We must have gotten off at the wrong stop because people told me Kansas was a Republican state,” Sanders thundered. “It doesn't look like it.”

    Sanders and Democratic rising star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came to Wichita to rally on behalf of James Thompson, running for Kansas’ 4th Congressional District seat. The crowd nearly filled the 5,000-capacity hall at the Century II Convention and Performing Arts Center.

    Peaceful Arrest of Suspect in Stabbing of Two Women at a BART Station

    A white man stabbed two black women at a BART station in SF. He was later found on another BART train and taken into custody alive. Colin Kaepernick twitter response was.

    Colin Kaepernick Retweeted
    The safe capturing of John Lee Cowell, after he brutally murdered #NiaWilson, is a prime example for the reason that some of see the police as protectors and Others see the police as oppressors.
    11:36 PM · Jul 23, 2018


    Simple flowchart: pic.twitter.com/Q2NCyOLBTH

    — vinton g cerf (@vgcerf) July 19, 2018

    P.S. He also says must watch the illusion of truth.

    DNC Apologizes to Black Voters

    TOM Perez, head of the DNC, apologized to an audience of mostly black voters in a fund raiser held in Atlanta

    ATLANTA—Swanky fund-raisers don’t often begin with an apology to the well-heeled donors who shelled out thousands of dollars to sip wine, eat steak, and listen to pep-rally speeches. But as he looked out over a predominantly black crowd gathered at the Georgia Aquarium on Thursday night, Tom Perez, the Democratic National Committee chairman, felt compelled to issue a mea culpa.

    “I am sorry,” Perez said.

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    Bad Religion: The 1990 "21st Century Digital Boy" to “The Kids Are Alt-Right” in the 21st Century

    How things have evolved in a short 28 years...

    The band Bad Religion: Musical acquaintances I've known since the late 80s...

    The song was originally recorded in 1990 on their fifth full-length studio album 'Against the Grain' and re-recorded on the 1994 album 'Stranger Than Fiction'. The following year it was included on the 'All Ages' compilation release.

    It's become even more relevant and fitting as the years have passed.


    GOP: Brings Spanish Inquisition to Arizona Pharmacies

    NPR: When 35-year-old Nicole Arteaga walked into a Walgreens in Peoria, Ariz., last Wednesday, she was nine weeks pregnant. But, she says, her doctor had told her that her baby's development had stopped.....Arteaga says the doctor gave her two options: a surgical procedure or a prescription medication, misoprostol. Misoprostol is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for what is called a medical abortion....

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    In memory of a fellow Track and Field competitor


    From back in the days ...

    Here I am in the Triple Jump in the late '60s when we were young and could fly.
    My personal best was 15.92m (52-11 3/4) set in Poitiers, France in 1969.

    But this is about...

    Adiós a Pedro Pérez Dueñas (1952-2018)

    Wednesday 18 July 2018 | 10:08:08 PM

    That explains it.

    A woman, psychologist perhaps, on MSNBC argues Trump's gravest fear is being exposed as being a financial failure.

    Someone (maybe her?) argues that at some point, on the brink of a massive bankruptcy, he was saved only by an infusion of Russian cash arranged by you know who.

    Which explains reneging on his promise to reveal his tax records. And the collu...meetings at the Trump Tower "to discuss adoptions."

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    Ike shows up in Bonn.

    And the Germans (whom Ike had hit pretty badly just a few years before) all cheer Ike and America.


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