The Scots are voting no

    NO won. As of 12 15 EDT BBC formally projects a victory for NO and I'm going to bed


    As of midnight,EDT  No  is ahead by @140,000 

    As of 10 15 EDT the No votes are ahead. Only 3 rural areas have finished counting and all 3 were heavily NO.

    This just in

    Comhairie nan eilan siar

    The names amused me so I started doing this and now I've been sort of caught up

    Yes               No

    46.58 %           53.42%

    10 55 Here comes the yes vote

    Dundee votes

    53,620              39,850

    Obama was right(once again)

    ISIS is executing Americans.

    Assad is fighting ISIS.

    We want ISIS to be defeated so they stop executing Americans.

    Any effort Assad diverts to defeating the "good guys" weakens his defeat ISIS..

    And gives it more time to execute Americans.

    Our aiding the "good guys"  would have increased his need to divert effort from defeating ISIS 

    Therefore it would have been "stupid" for Obama to have accepted the advice from McCain and others to aid the good guys. And Obama doesn't do stupid things.

    Death to hostages, mercy for oil wells!

    After 160+ air sorties against ISIS positions, we are able to deduce at least one guiding principal of American policy.


    While we "sit shiva" for hostages, and refuse to negotiate for their release, ostensibly to prevent the ongoing funding of the terrorist enterprise, when it comes to bombing oil wells (let alone the trucks that carry the fruits thereof across the Turkish border) we stay our hand.




    Coalition of the whom?

    How should any  Sunni neighbors be willing to join Obama's Coalition? Particularly since they don't actually have to reject us, just condition their participation on a quid for which we can't come up with the quo. For example our requiring Bibi to make  some reasonable sounding but impossible concession e.g.calling off last weeks announcement of a significant settlement expansion in Gvaot,(Don't hold your breath).

    No jury would convict.

    If ever there were a profound argument in favor of the principal that jurors ought properly to exercise their independent discretion to nullify a criminal charge, this would be it.

    In a truly stomach turning codicil to the James Foley saga, we learn that his family members were the recipients of explicit threats that payment of the ransom to save his life would make them criminally liable.

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    JOLEE and remembrances of things past

    There was a memorial for my deceased sister today.

    I had sent my son a homily for her, and his sister ended up giving the homily.

    That was because he had to accompany his wife to the hospital where she delivered my second grand daughter.

    What is her name?

    Jolee Diane Day!

    I cannot stop crying. Diane was my sister!

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    Playing Defense and Still Losing

    You don’t win football games by only playing defense. And you don’t win mid-elections that way either. Perhaps somebody should remind the Democrats that winning elections, like winning games, requires you to take the game to the opposition, and to take it to them on your terms – not on theirs.

    Apology turns out to be useful alternative to shooting

    Follow-up to Murder in Michigan and Not-Murder Near Michigan.

    Again, this is not rocket science. People have confrontations every day and do not shoot each other. It's illegal, for one thing.

    Not-murder near Michigan

    I am posting this video for a couple of reasons:

    1. It is oddly entertaining.

    2. It is an example of (gasp!) a confrontation that was NOT escalated and resolved with gunfire.The people in the video get hot under the collar, shout even, but despite frustration and anger on both sides, neither party jumps to the unreasonable conclusion he is in danger of extreme bodily harm.

    See how easy this is?

    Good enough

    Our first child had autism. Which was then a sort of mystery. Or worse because the leading theory was that a child's autism had been caused by its unfeeling mother.

    Around 1960 this began changing and one of reasons was the work of a British psychologist who said of course mothers aren't perfect, who is? But mostly they're good enough.

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    President Obama's Address to the Nation

    Tomorrow evening This evening at 9 a.m. eastern time,  President Obama will address the nation and is expected to focus on ISIS, the threat he believes ISIS poses, and the the outlines of a strategy going forward to deal with any threat he identifies.  It is a difficult speech, both for political reasons, but more importantly because he will be speaking to a number of very different domestic and international constituencies in this one address.  Notably, many of the president's base supporters, people who have stayed with him from the beginning, have done so in large measure because they have trusted him to avoid the urge to solve the world's problems through the barrel of a gun. As to the president, whatever one thinks of him overall, I think it is fair to say that he does not look to involve the nation's military unless he determines that there really are no other viable options. 

    Losing our heads (Here, in Iraq, and in Saudi Arabia)

    It took only the deaths of two American reporters to send our government (particularly in the person of the President) scrambling to cobble together a manifestation of bellicosity.

    Oddly, the prior deaths by way of bullet, bomb, or building collapse of far more American reporters more or less at the hands of the same cast of characters produced only weasel words, a dance around the subject, and gauzy  platitudes.

    The difference, of course, lay in high production values.

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    An Ugly Truth: Why Some Black People Are Still Waiting For Santa Claus

    Whenever I hear the Name Belafonte the first word that comes to mind is "Class." That’s the only word appropriate for the way Harry Belafonte represented Black manhood in the fifties and early sixties. During a time when the few other Black celebrities with the crossover appeal of Belafonte were trying their best to make the White world forget that they were Black, Harry Belafonte flaunted his Blackness with dignity and pride. This soft-spoken, intelligent, and self-assured Black man with the undulating body drove White women crazy for just a taste of forbidden fruit, while at the very same time giving the White establishment a glimpse of things to come.

    Reading Steven Salaita

    I have followed Corey Robin online for about a year through email notices to his frequent blogs at his own site. He also contributes at Crooked Timber and has done so at many other places including The New York Times. For about a month he has been pushing hard on an issue of academic freedom which I have followed there but was un-aware was gaining the traction it has. It is even being covered internationally, at least in England and Israel. As my title indicates, it is the issue of the firing of Steven Salaita by the University of Illinois.

    Murder in Michigan

    A news item about an apparent road rage shooting in Howell, MI, caught my eye today.

    A couple (the Flemmings) was driving to pick up their kids from school when they were allegedly cut off by a guy in a pickup truck (Martin Edward Zale.) When they all stopped at a stoplight, Flemming, age 43, approached the truck, presumably to yell at Zale, whereupon Zale, age 69, rolled down the window and shot Flemming dead.

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    Open Mikes Q&A With Michael Maiello And Michael Orion Powell

    I said it in my last interview with him - Michael Maiello is one of my best publishing friends. He not only saw me through the hard and good times but also seemed to see something in me nearly from the beginning. Our regular "Open Mikes" Q&A idea was his own and he wanted to switch it up this time - asking me questions! Gosh gee, I didn't even know I had thoughts that anyone would find that interesting. Here goes.....

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    Tough Choices -- Facing Genocide in the Levant

    There has been more debate among dagbloggers discussing ISIS, Syria, Iraq -- the Middle East -- than there has been in the Congress over the past couple of weeks.  It is election season and folks are back home raising money and kissing babies.  

    The president is on the job still but today, with commendable candor, stated that the United States did not yet have a strategy for dealing with ISIS.  Commendable yes, but not entirely reassuring when you hear it from the commander in chief.  That is not the point of this piece.

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    Armitage Siren.JPG



    Daddy gets up and kiss kisses

    Precious: KISS KISS, okay go back where you were.


    (A true story)


    War Fever at NPR's Diane Rehm show

    I listened to the NPR August 25th Monday morning Diane Rehm Show and it was scarier than anything since, yes, since, 9/11/01:

    U.S. Strategy In The Battle Against ISIS

    ....the Obama administration is under growing pressure to strike ISIS on Syrian soil. A discussion of U.S. strategy to combat ISIS....

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    Kshama Sawant, Jess Spear, and the Uncompromising “Free” Market

    In Seattle, socialist Kshama Sawant has been unusually successful in her progress as city councilwoman. While it will take a good while to apply, she did succeed in pushing $15 minimum wage for the city of Seattle. 

    The Socialist Alternative movement continued with Jess Spear, who ran a pretty stellar campaign against Frank Chopp for the position of speaker. Nevertheless, Spear was “overwhelmed,” as the Seattle P.I. put it, with Chopp raking it 80 percent of ballots, and the explanations why are pretty storied.
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    An Open Letter to America’s Black Journalists

    Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree

    An Open Letter to America’s Black Journalists

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    State Of Emergency In Ferguson

    No shit.

    I have never been one to engage in conspiracy theories, and it is not my intent to start now. But I am starting to feel like we're in a dangerous time warp.

    This. Is. Wrong.


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    Why War? The Military Industrial Complex Doesn't Care About You

    In a recent speech, Pope Francis said bluntly that "our economic system leads to war." In an interview with Michael Maiello that I did for this website, Maiello said in response to one of my questions that "capitalism isn't designed to care and no amount of socially conscious corporate governance or philanthro-capitalism can change that.  We picked a system that makes it possible to manage materials but that doesn't meet human emotional needs at all."

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    Dionysos Louvre Ma87 n2.jpg


    I have written before about Mort Sahl and his comedy.


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