Trump V 1619 Project

    Trump fights to defend a whitewashed version of history 

    WASHINGTON — President Trump escalated his attacks on “left-wing demonstrators” and “far-left mobs” on Thursday, portraying himself as a defender of American heritage against revolutionary fanatics and arguing for a new “pro-American” curriculum in the nation’s schools.

    Speaking at the National Archives Museum, Mr. Trump vowed to counter what he called an emerging classroom narrative that “America is a wicked and racist nation,” and he said he would create a new “1776 Commission” to help “restore patriotic education to our schools.” The president reiterated his condemnations of demonstrators who tear down monuments to historical American figures, and he even sought to link the Democratic presidential nominee, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., to the removal of a founding father’s statue in Mr. Biden’s home state, Delaware.

    “Our heroes will never be forgotten,” Mr. Trump said. “Our youth will be taught to love America.”

    As noted by historian Douglas Brinkley

    Douglas Brinkley, a historian at Rice University, said that conservatives have long been angry at what they see as a growing emphasis in American public schools on themes of civil rights at the expense of more traditional historical narratives, mainly those revolving around white men.

    “I think Donald Trump sees the cultural wars as a pathway to victory,” Mr. Brinkley added. But, he said, “what he sees as a cultural war is just trying to open up the narrative to other peoples’ experiences — not just white males.”


    Not a single Black historian on the panel announced today

    Ben Carson was there to add color.

    You expected some??? This is an intentionally divisive polemical culture war exercise in response to the polemical 1619 Project. Polemic will always inspire worse polemic in return.

    Edit to add: like Peracles suggested here, the goalpost is Norman Rockwell.

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