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    VIDEO: Black Teens Wrongly Accused, Detained At Westlake Village Target


    Black Teens Wrongly Accused, Detained
    At Westlake Village Target
    - CBS Local News



    Video c/o @ Call To Action - Aaron's Case





    WESTLAKE VILLAGE (CBSLA) — Cell phone video of three Black teenagers — ages 16 and 17 — being detained by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies inside of a Westlake Village Target has gone viral and prompted an apology from the retail giant.

    The video shows deputies holding the teens’ arms behind their backs and pushing them up against a checkout counter.

    “I was thinking I was going to die that night,” 17-year-old Malik Aaron said. “I already had that mindset that they were either going to kill me or one of my friends.”

    Aaron said he and four friends left church on Sunday and went to the retail giant to buy snacks. The teens said once they were inside, they saw a separate group of Black men steal iPhones from a display case and run out of the store. That’s when they said a Target staff member started following them around the store.

    “He said, ‘Oh, do you guys need help with anything,’ and we said, ‘No. We are in the right aisle,'” Aaron said. “And he said, ‘Well, I can’t have you guys walking around in the store,’ and, you know, that kind of just made me, like, really uncomfortable, and that’s when I told everyone, ‘Let’s just forget about the snacks and just leave.'”

    But when the teens approached the exit, they said Target employees had blocked it with shopping carts.

    “They wouldn’t let us leave at all, but they were letting other people leave,” Aaron said.

    That’s when the teens said deputies arrived and one of their friends starting recording the incident on their cellphone. Aaron said one of the deputies slapped the phone out of his hand when he tried to start recording the situation.

    “I can show you right now,” he said, holding up a phone with a broken screen. “This is what my phone looks like.”

    The teens were taken out of the store in handcuffs.

    “And he threw me in the cop car and told me to shut the eff up and slammed the door on my feet,” Aaron said.

    The teens were eventually released. No arrests were made and Aaron’s mother, La Shaun, posted the cellphone video to her Facebook page.

    “I’m sad,” she said. “I felt like he had to go through that by himself, and then to not even hear from the police about this, not even, ‘I’m sorry,’ no recognition of anything.”

    In a statement, Target apologized for the incident and said it had terminated the team member involved:

    “We want all Target guests to feel welcome and respected whenever they shop in our stores, we’re deeply sorry for what happened and we’ve terminated the security team member who was involved. What happened to these guests is in direct opposition to the inclusive experience we want all our guests to have. Our security team member took action and stopped these guests in violation of Target’s security procedures. We expect our team members to follow Target’s security processes and treat all guests with respect. Additionally, all leaders at the store will retake mandatory security and racial bias training. Finally, and most importantly, we’re reaching out to all of the guests who were involved to offer a personal apology.

    But civil rights attorney Toni Jaramilla said the company’s actions were not enough.

    “It needs to be deeper than that,” she said. “You’ve got to take a look at their hiring practices, you’ve got to take a look at their promotional practices.”

    Two of the teens involved, Aaron and 16-year-old Greg Kim, are youth sports coaches and worry that their reputations will be damaged.

    “We just want change. Nothing else,” Kim said. “We just want change in our community.”

    The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said it was aware of the incident and were reviewing it but would not comment further.

    The attorney for the families said she would be filing a lawsuit alleging civil rights violations.



    local Simi Valley Acorn reporting on the story. which notes The boys were believed to have been connected to a group of other unidentified men who were in the store at the same time and committed the theft.

    ABC 7 local on 3 teens complaint and Target apologies and plans for sensitivity training; it notes In this case, the teens were not arrested.

    I think gee wouldn't it be great if authorities stopped profiling by the stupid indicator of skin color, and if people in general stopped using skin color as an identifier of anything at all? As in: people of the same skin color are not a tribe who all stick together and think alike, but are individuals, some good, some bad, some inbetween, like everyone else? I wonder who keeps reinforcing the idea they are all the same tribe?

    Waiting for the story about the poor guys who had to steal the iPhones vs the corporate vampires who set this up as a honeypot for poor people. Stick it to The Man. And by the way, are the employees making $15 an hour with health benefits? Thought not. SATAN!

    Oh Yeah the Simi Acorn...

    “The deputies confirmed a grand theft had taken place, but their subsequent investigation revealed the young men were not involved."

    "The boys were believed to have been . . ." BWBC

    BLACK while buying candy...


    iPhones are $1000 a piece - quite the snack.

    When they encourage minorities to take up STEM, i don't think this is what they meant.

    You assume that the young man did not work to save up for an iPhone

    Do you suggest that the young man's family could not afford the iPhone

    One Christmas, I paid for 4 iPhones as Christmas presents 

    The real issue is the claim that the officer cracked the screen

    Replacing screens is expensive 

    There appears to be concern about who puts all Blacks into the same tribe.

    As you note, it appears to be law enforcement and a subset of Target employees.


    Gang Green and Brown Shirts ...


    Even before the above incident... This was in the pipeline.

    Local News
    State Attorney General Opens Civil Rights Probe of LA County Sheriff's Dept
    By City News Service - Jan 22, 2021

    LOS ANGELES (CNS) - California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced today he is launching a civil rights investigation that will seek to determine whether the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has engaged in a pattern or practice of unconstitutional policing.

    The California Department of Justice investigation of the largest sheriff's department in the country comes on the heels of allegations of excessive force, retaliation and other misconduct, as well as a number of recent reported incidents involving LASD management and personnel.

    The action also comes in response to the absence of “sustained and comprehensive oversight'' of LASD's operations, according to Becerra, who said there was no tipping point in prompting the probe. He did not say how far back the investigation would go.




     Variation on the theme, a Black man in Michigan arrested while getting petitions signed in his own neighborhood 

    In this case the cop was fired


    Shaking my head . . .

    I read about that or saw a video last week about it.


    Cop fired, no chokehold - progress no? Nation of 330 million, perhaps 42million black - yet every incident no matter how bad is going to get us to clutch our pearls? Let's just spend our lives looking for Karens.

    You dismiss the episode

    Out in the real world, people work on police reform 

    The DOJ may reinstate oversight of police departments 

    I dismissed you and OGD setting your hair of fire. The guy collecting sigs was within his rights, the cop got it wrong and more was *quickly* fired for overstepping/unprofessionally escalating the incident. Will cops continue to make mistakes? Sure. Will they self-correct better? Hopefully. But you're just trying to look for the gloomiest take on everything. It's a real drag.

    There is no setting hair on fire, just observation 

    Police reform may be a drag to you, but others consider it important.

    Obviously, I prefer a world with DOJ oversight of police, rather than your "nothing to see here" positiIon 

    I don't care if you are tired of hearing the stories.

    What the fuck are you talking about, you shit? Police reform is important to me - the cop got quickly fired ,the guy wasn't abused past wrongful arrest - thats *reform* - he didn't turn into a George Floyd or Sandra  Bland. Meanwhile hundred of blacks are killed by blacks in multiple cities each year, and you don't give a fuck because you cant blame whitey. Or as below - just ignore the part where black cops do abusing, doesn't fit your paradigm. You're racist as shit.

    Ah, your fall back attitude

    You joke about a teen who had his iPhone screen smashed

    You say OGD and I have our hair on fire when we discuss police abuse.

    You don't give a fuck about police abuse

    I don't have to give responses on dagblog to show that I care about crime

    I opposed Stop and Frisk because it targeted innocent Black youth

    Those stopped learned that police were worthless pieces of shit

    I also noted that the police chief of Baltimore said that we could not arrest our way out of the homicide surge 

    I work with an organization that helps high risk youth

    Several of the children and teens have gone on to good jobs and to college 

    You have no moral authority to lecture me

    Your "jokes" prove that you don't give a fuck

    You just post crap that makes you feel morally superior while you don't lift a finger


    I misspoke

    The children are not high risk

    The children live in high risk situations 

    Your brilliant advice to them was "Duck"

    Here in Europe i had a cop tell me to go back in my apt bldg rather than stand on the sidewalk in front 60+ yards away from a guy they had on the ground - don't think I had my phone out (inside i did), but they would've arrested me and/or beaten me if I hadn't obeyed, even on the sidewalk far from interfering.

    I had a colleague in Asia who forgot he had some film or batteries leaving a store, and while security was questioning him for shoplifting, another dumbass American colleague decided to film. I ended up breaking his disposable camera so we all didn't end up going to jail. (The first one got a fine).

    On and on.

    I don't know where you got the idea that cops or security had a nice state, but it's largely wrong: 0-dick in 3.5 secs. Doesn't much matter who you are, though certainly blacks often get overdrive treatment.

    But when you tell me a bunch of iPhones got ripped off, do you think store staff are gonna be happy, respectful, business-as-usual? It's the middle of a pandemic, people are already going out of business, and then they have to deal with this shit? Their bosses are gonna chew their shit out, maybe make them pay. Do I assume 3 or 4 teen boys are automatically innocent? Fuck no, cuz i was 15-16 once, and even if we weren't that bad, or bad all the time, we certainly weren't past doing shit, and we weren't unique, but a number of guys on the clock much worse.

    60+ million encounters with police a year.

    Pandemic is a good point to bring up here, I can't think of the last time I've been treated nicely by any store employee since it started. They are all really mean to old ladies, want us to move faster. GET out of the way, pack your shit faster. Long Island, the burbs, not much better. I've been humiliated more than once for sure.The closest Target in the Bronx is a zoo and dangerous to venture into. Fancy joints like Sotheby's, fuggeaboutit, you're all trash unless you have an appointment.

    The young men handcuffed here have zero connection to those other events.

    Preventing situations like this is part of police reform

    Investigating shoplifting?

    Cut the crap

    Use of force 

    Treatment of suspects

    Not cracking an iPhone screen is a start

    They should be made to pay for repairing the cracked screen.. I got mine replaced for $70., on a hand me down 6S (i can't afford a new one.) It's all cracked again, not a month later.. I don't do that until the cracks interfere with operation.

    It's not shit. Your outrage against the cops involved is absurd. The problem is the Target employee, and the lawyers know it and Target knows it. The cops showed no racism.They're people of color themselves. They probably do have some prejudice against male teens of all colors, don't trust em.for their own safety, learned through experience.

    It is your opinion that it's not "shit"

    If this is the behavior for a nonviolent suspected crime, what happens when shots are fired?

    Sheriffs are going to be teaching surburban Target employees how all black people don't look alike?

    Or police will no longer be allowed to handcuff suspects pointed out by complainants before investigating the situation fully? Anyone who says the magic words "but I'm innocent, I didn't do anything wrong" cannot be handcuffed?

    Who is asking sheriffs to teach store employees?

    Obviously not - therapists will be deployed. 


    If I as a hippie teenybopper had been accused of shoplifiting back in the day, and treated this way, which was not uncommon for youth in dirty hippie attire, I can easily imagine my father suing the store, so I have no issues about all that is going on here. He'd talk just like the one mother I saw speak in a tv interview, no diff.

    THAT SAID, enquiring minds might want to know why no one is mentioning that the evil nasty sheriffs appear to have been people of color? Just sayin' What exactly does it mean to call them racist cops?

    My parents prolly would've said I got what I deserved for not cutting my hair, so all depends. (of course easier to shoplift if you look straight and wholesome, especially wearing a suit like a young respectable lad)

    My dad took the meritocrat route, he would say she gets good grades, she can fucking wear what she wants. Consistent, he totally flipped learning about going to an SDS teens meeting, though, said you can get on an FBI list, and ruin your life, and wasn't too thrilled either about trouble with the principle about being involved with starting an alternative high school newspaper. Be a good little hippie girl. Actually I wasn't, I actually did shoplift some albums (from Walgreen's I think?) because I couldn't afford them and desperately wanted them. I was lucky, store was empty, there was no such thing as security cameras--but could have ruined my life and that of the parents. Still think about it often,have guilt.

    also, why are people arguing about racist cops here, no matter what race the cops actually are, when the problem being sued about is the Target employee accusing these kids just because they had the same color skin as the perps?

    The sheriffs actually did not look that tough to me, I've seen worse treatment of accused shoplifters, especially in suburban stores. Those guys don't see any excitement, so they tend to get the Barney Fife syndrome when they actually have to do something.

    Seems to me that Target is really ascared, apologizing like crazy, planning sensitivity training, etc. It's all working out like it should. Parents fighting back because they're trying to raise good kids and want to support. BAD THINGS DO HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE and when they do, it's a good thing when there are remedies.

    They handcuffed the teens and allegedly cracked an iPhone screen

    The police may not look that tough to you

    You were not handcuffed 

    I've seen white kids accused of shoplifting thrown on the floor before being handcuffed. 

    What about some of these whypipple accused of possibly being at the DC rally? carried out of the airport screaming spread eagled, handcuffed on the floor next to the luggage carousel, etc. you expressed no outrage on the blog I made, they were put on a "no fly list" with little proof:

    Just as the pandemic exhausted my entire Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime streaming lists, trumps insurrectionists are like “hold my beer.” I can watch these #NoFlyList videos all day. pic.twitter.com/46gGTVB6rl

    — Joseph Frusci (@JFrusci) January 11, 2021

    again, bad things happen to good people, they were wrongfully accused but they were exonerated in short order by the cops themselves and they were not arrested. They can sue for being wrongfully accused. Meanwhile they were handcuffed in case they were the perps so they couldn't flee, it's not like they were shot or even arrested! You are being totally irrational on this one. The Target employee I.D.'ing them is the one who has the racism problem, if any.

    Guilty perps also scream they are innocent all the time. Cops are just supposed to believe everything everyone says?

    In the prior 12 months, as of 2018, among persons age 16 or older—

    • About 61.5 million residents had at least one contact with police.
    • Twenty-four percent of residents experienced contact with police, up from 21% in 2015.
    • Whites (26%) were more likely than blacks (21%), Hispanics (19%), or persons of other races (20%) to experience police contact.
    • There was no statistically significant difference in the percentage of whites (12%) and blacks (11%) who experienced police-initiated contact.


    I am reminded now of my mentally disabled brother when he was like a 20-something, being brought home in a police car from the local wading pool for little kids in the park a block away. One of his autistic like quirks is that he likes splashing and running water, even just loves straining pasta. Turns out he was going regularly to the benches by the wading pool and sitting for a long time and chuckling to himself when kids splashed a big one. Some parents complained he might be a pedophile. My father was boiling, my mother was crying on the phone to me. But those cops did what they had to, citizens saw something, said something. 

    Thankfully, you are not in charge of anything important.

    Something bad happening elsewhere does not excuse what went on here.

    Gee, "at least they weren't shot", said the police chief.

    He is in charge though: Biden Said, ‘Most Cops Are Good.’ But Progressives Want Systemic Change.

    Joe Biden’s comment at the convention that “most cops are good” and that the bad ones need to be prosecuted struck an array of activists as discordant at a moment when many are calling for transformational change.​

    and then there's Kamala Harris, former tough prosecutor...

    And again, parents are going to sue Target. And cops are allowed to handcuff suspects.

    Joe Biden Vows To Create A DOJ Police Oversight Board Within The First 100 Days Of His Presidency


    There will be police oversight 

    East Eggs Coming Home to Roost

    Target apologizes

    Police say handcuffing innocent teens is OK after investigating themselves 


    Target apologized in the earlier articles too even before the threat of lawsuit now. They know it's bad for business!

    You are being totally irrational about this. Cops arrive on call, at least one is black, are told by the complainant taht those are the perps, they handcuff them but don't arrest them, check out what's up, figure they are not the perps and let them go.

    They were wrongfully accused and are getting the best any justice system offers for redress, national attention, doting moms smart enough to sue, national reputation of fine upstanding teens, will probably end up with offers from Yale and Harvard.

    There is nothing in our Constitution that says you can't accuse others of a crime. However, be ready to be sued if you do, especially if even the police find you innocent and don't arrest you.

    They are getting full justice, the best offered anywhere. What more do you expect? Life to be fair? People will hate and have all kinds of prejudices. You're like an irrational kid about this. Police did what they were supposed to do. We don't have citizens figuring out who the perps are by themselves.

    I do think that it would be hard to find a cop that treats teenage males of any color that they don't know like they couldn't hurt a fly, unless it's a really stupid one.

    Do I expect life to be fair when the polic show up?


    Play fair!
    Fuck the Police:

    Cop Killer...


    If I were managing a surburban Target store, I would presume my employees were not street smart, and would spend less time on racial sensitivity training and more on training them how to tell

    deadend juvies 

    from nice preppy boys

    Here's a MAJOR juvie with black skin

    From his story, it is unclear how this escalated from a cliché father-son spat to the near-annihilation of their entire family. 

    Looks like a nice boy. His 15-yr. old brother, the only one to survive, is probably a nice boy.

    The point: when cops are called and the accused are pointed out to them, how do they know right away that the person(s) are not going to be violent or flee? When cleared, they were not arrested. The racism is with the Target employee confusing the two with others who were acting suspiciously simply because they all had the same color of skin.  The racism is not with the (black) cops, they simply took safety precautions of detaining those accused by eyewitness on the scene until the mis-accusation was cleared.

    ALSO: someone can look and act like a nice boy and still have done something really really bad.

    Innocent kids stopped and handcuffed at Target

    Family slaughtered 

    Yep. Identical situations 

    Edit to add

    Police should handcuff everybody in every situation 


    Shoot the teens because they look scary and the police feared that the unarmed kids were a threat the the lives of the police.

    It is correct to sue Target, not the cops. The cops upon arrival knew only that these were the suspected perps. Once again: the magic words "we didn't do anything" don't mean shit to a cop no matter what color you are, and shouldn't. Especially if you are a young male as strong or stronger than them

    OGD posted about kids handcuffed in a Target 

    The kids did not fight their way out of unlawful imprisonment

    They waited until police arrived 

    You made the leap to a mass murderer

    How sad


    Edit to add:

    Hopefully, reform will result in kids like these not being handcuffed in the future,

    And if 15-year-old charmer and heroin addict Frankie Lymon's in that store, what should the cop do? If the 15-year-old version of the 12-year-old who shot his 9-year-old sister is there what should the cop do? Or is the world going to change to meet rmrd's expectations?

    Did you note...

    This one up thread really gets to the heart of the matter.

    Why is no one is mentioning that the evil nasty sheriffs appear to have been people of color?

    Because I wish not to judge "...by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

    Give me a fricking break...


    It is always fun

    On the skin color issue

    The AG in Kentucky who found most officers not guilty is Black

    Therefore you "cannot" say bias was an issue

    Please ignore that jurors in the Breonna Taylor case are suing the AG for not presenting all the information to them

    Zora Neal Hurston : "All my skinfolk ain't my kinfolk"

    The other classic diversion

    "What about all that black on black crime"

    Meaning: I don't care about police abuse, let's talk about something else, so I can feel morally superior

    The truth is that there is no easy rationale why homicides increase or decrease

    Police arrive after the homicide

    Changing living conditions and education systems and insuring employment has to be a start

    "What about all that black on black crime"

    Meaning: I don't care about police abuse

    I get that this is hard for you to understand but some people, not you of course, can care about more than one thing at a time.  We had this same misunderstanding in the discussion about mob violence. It's possible for some people, again not you, to care about the mob violence at the capitol from the right and also care about the mob violence at the BLM protests.

    I know this is hard for you to understand 

    I said I understood the frustration that brought out the anger in the George Floyd protests 

    I said that those who broke the law should go to jail

    I see a HUGE difference between the violence at the George Floyd protests and the attack on the Capitol

    The woman suspected of involvement in stealing Nancy Pelosi's laptop is now home under the watchful eye of mommy

    So many seem to find this...

    ...so unfathomable and hard to understand.

    Been away, haven't seen you in a while
    How've you been, have you changed your style?
    And do you think that we've grown up differently?
    Don't seem the same, seems you've lost your feel for me
    So let's leave it alone 'cause we can't see eye to eye
    There ain't no good guy, there ain't no bad guy
    There's only you and me and we just disagree
    Ooh ooh ooh, oh oh oh
    So let's leave it alone 'cause we can't see eye to eye
    Edit to add: Songwriter: Jim J Krueger (1949-1993)

    Thanks OGD

    I see no easy answer to crime and homicides other than really working to improve the neighborhoods 

    I understand why police piss people off

    I don't understand people who crashed into the Capitol based on a lie.

    If you care about police reform, you address police reform

    You do not suggest that homicides have to be addressed before you address police reform

    You attack both things

    Working on crime is harder

    Criminals don't care about street protests

    If you are tired of hearing about police abuse or make excuses, you do not care about police reform 

    If you have a magic idea to solve the surge in homicides, let me know


    Edit to add:

    You should watch the floor performance of UCLA gymnast Nia Dennis, it will brighten your day


    Ah yeah RMRD... Note...

    The thread has now regressed into... if... if.. ifs...

    PeePee. Sun, 01/31/2021 - 1:54am

    ...if 15-year-old charmer and heroin addict...
    ...If the 15-year-old version of the 12-year-old...



    Police officers work with "if" every day. 264 killed last year - 145 from Covid, 129 from other causes. 15-year-olds steal and cause damage every day. There's no childhood exception that says all are angels. Laws are broken, people will look for possible culprits. Not remarkable. A group of white 15-year-olds will be checked out as well. Whether they're specifically detained (not necessarily arrested) depends on multiple factors, only some to do with race. Welcome to Planet Earth.

    In 2019, law enforcement agencies in the U.S. made an estimated 696,620 arrests of persons under age 18, 58% less than the number of arrests in 2010. Weapons (carrying, possessing, etc.) Violent Crime Index includes murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.



    Their argument is that police encounter bad people

    Therefore they assume everyone is bad 

    When a car filled with young Black women and girls are headed to a nail salon to have a day of relaxation and being family, we cannot complain when they are stopped, pulled out of the car, made to lie on the street, guns pointed at them, there is no reason to complain

    It does not matter that they were pulled over for being in a stolen car

    The police stopped the car by mistake 

    Teens are handcuffed in a Target for not being shoplifters

    The young women and the male teens have learned that the police are not their friends

    People all over the country imagine that the young women and young men could be their relatives 

    They want police reform

    Police reform will happen in the real world 

    Note that the ones arguing the "ifs" here, want to spend more time arguing about "Defund the Police" than on actual police reform 

    I feel good about the possibility of police reform happening out in the real world

    It will be a slow process, but there will be movement towards reform 

    I see that Black Lives Matter has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

    The Black Lives Matter movement, which has proven itself a defining force for human rights advocacy in our time, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

    The nomination was made by a Norwegian member of Parliament, Petter Eide, according to the Guardian. 

    Three Black women—Alicia Garza, Patrice Cullors, and Opal Tometi—founded the Black Lives Matter movement in 2013, initially with a hashtag that went viral on Twitter after George Zimmerman was acquitted for the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.


    This comes in the wake of the rejection of Trump's 1776 commission report that was immediately ridiculed by historians.

    Two days after historians responded with dismay and anger to the White House’s “1776 Commission” report, the Biden transition team announced President-elect Joe Biden would rescind the commission with an executive order on his first day in office.

    The report was intended to advance a version of U.S. history that would “restor[e] patriotic education” in schools. Historians largely condemned it, saying it was filled with errors and partisan politics.

    “It’s a hack job. It’s not a work of history,” American Historical Association executive director James Grossman told The Washington Post. “It’s a work of contentious politics designed to stoke culture wars.”

    The commission was created in September with a confusing news conference featuring Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson. The 45-page report is largely an attack on decades of historical scholarship, particularly when it comes to the nation’s 400-year-old legacy of slavery, and most of those listed as authors lack any credentials as historians. While claiming to present a nonpartisan history, it compares progressivism to fascism and claims the civil rights movement devolved into “preferential” identity politics “not unlike those advanced by [slavery defender John C.] Calhoun and his followers.”


    The 1776 report was submitted as a response to the Pulitzer Prize winning 1619 Report issued by the NYT. The 1776 commission report is a joke.

    There is baby step progress in the real world. Some have a problem with change 

    Pull. Head. Out. Of. Ass.

    "Their" (or my) argument is if a million of a particular class (juveniles) are arrested each year, they'd be stupid as fuck to dismiss it as a possibility just to please rmrd or other social justice warrior. *SOME* people do bad things. That's why we can't defund the police blah blah blah.

    Now see if you can put a muzzle/leash on your dog - pets have to be controlled around here.

    All you have are insults. How pathetic.

    Here is where Biden stands on police reform 

    The main tenets of Biden's criminal justice plan are to reduce crime and the amount of people incarcerated, eliminate racial disparities in the sentencing process, hold police officers accountable for misconduct, and offer rehabilitation for those who were previously incarcerated, according to his campaign's website.

    To confront the plague of racial disparities and police misconduct, Biden proposes the establishment of an independent Task Force on Prosecutorial Discretion, expanding the power of the Justice Department to investigate police behavior, decriminalizing marijuana, investing in the offices of public defenders, offering alternatives to detention, and more. He also supports the elimination of mandatory minimum sentencing, the death sentence, and the use of cash bail.

    Ambitiously, Biden also set a goal of ensuring that 100 percent of formerly incarcerated people have housing upon release. Other rehabilitation efforts he says he'll undertake in the White House include expanding access to mental health and substance abuse treatment, job training, and educational opportunities during and after incarceration, as well as eliminating existing barriers that keep the formerly incarcerated from public programs, like SNAP.


    Biden will not be able to get everything he wants crafted into successful legislation, but it is a good start. You can stay mired in the "Defund the police" argument.

    Referring to OGD as my "pet" is insulting. OGD creates his own posts. I am amused by how much his posts upset you. You are thin-skinned. You have no problem calling me a "shit" or telling me to pull my head out of my ass, but you whine about OGD. I have no sympathy.


    Quit distorting my viewpoints and I'll quit insulting you. You're old enough to read without screwing it up that bad.

    And give your dog a bone.

    ("But Mom, he just followed me home!")

    I don't care about your insults


    You accuse OGD of childish behavior 

    You respond with the childish dog and dog bone

    Continue your conversation with AA

    She may be able to rebuild your ego

    Out in the real world people are discussing police reform

    Reform might lead to rethinking handcuffing the kids at Target

    You want to focus on Target employees 

    I am focusing on the fact that the teens did not have to be handcuffed 

    The police response could have been different 


    Is this what police do to *all* shoplifting suspects? If so, do you want blacks to be treated different, or just black teens?

    Ben Crump too. You should go find him on Twitter and edjumcate him, tell him what rmrd thinks he should focus on.

    Oddly he thinks he knows.

    Have you viewed the television interview given by one of the teens and his mom

    The teen thought that he would die at the hands of police that night

    The mother was never contacted by police to tell her that her son was in custody

    There was no contact by the police 

    Here is the interview on KCAL


    His cell phone was slapped from his hand

    The screen was cracked

    I stand by my position on the bad behavior of the police

    Edit to add:

    Ben Crump made a general statement 

    Ben Crump was not listed as the attorney of record by KCAL

    It appears the family has another attorney working on the case.

    I still don't understand your pedantic style - for the millionth time "the cell phone was slapped out of his hands. The screen was cracked." Do you think we need a bunch of talking points in moron speak? Who wants to debate that? I even start to consider the video, and there's rmrd with a regurgitated list of talking points, and it's like no way.

    I really don't care if you like my style

    What did the teens shoplift?

    Terrified teen fearing death

    Mother not notified

    Broken iPhone


    They all bear repeating

    Mr. Smith's haiku

    Appropriated, finds it

    A diff'rent Target.

    That is all you have?


    But predictable.

    the local sheriffs are not the problem

    blaming the police for doing what they are supposed to do when called by someone calling about a crime is stupid and counterproductive. Smart activism is threatening to sue the business that called them, as was done here THAT is how you change this kind of thing. Target employees are at fault, not the police and Target knows it and lawyers know it

    What happened to these guests is in direct opposition to the inclusive experience we want all our guests to have. Our security team member took action and stopped these guests in violation of Target’s security procedures.

    — Target (@Target) January 25, 2021

    We want all Target guests to feel welcome and respected whenever they shop in our stores, we’re deeply sorry for what happened and we’ve terminated the security team member who was involved.

    — Target (@Target) January 25, 2021

    Finally, and most importantly, we are reaching out to all of the guests who were involved to offer a personal apology.

    — Target (@Target) January 25, 2021

    Again,. I would like to remind that the sheriffs exonerated the boys from wrong accusation by Target "security" after they sorted the situation out. That is why you have a police force that is publicly funded and independent from corporate goons. That is also why police shouldn't accept gifts from local businesses, so they don't favor the business owners. Is so common in small towns especially that police favor the business owners who donate to police union charities.

    Why're you trying to dilute the outrage?

    are you trying to hurt my ego? or is it that you are calling Ben Crump an Uncle Tom police suck-up?

    Actually if blacks only make up 1% and the kids are there every week, how come Target doesn't know its customers? They should rather stick out. If they're profiling, they've been doing a pretty crappy job.

    “This is part of their routine. They go to church high school ministry. From there, they go to In-N-Out, and from In-N-Out, they go to target,” La Shaun Aaron, the mother of one of the teenagers, explained. “The Black population here is very small. We are 1 percent here. Most of us know each other or are connected in some way. We are familiar with one another.”

    great point. I would like to go back to one of my original points (and one of  yours as well).Target is a relatively savvy marketing organization, and for a long time. I.E. In the Target flyers that come in the flyer package every week to my house in the Bronx, all the models are black.

    In a dopey surburban California town like this, though, Target might hire "sales associates" and "security" who aren't the brightest global elite around, you don't get that when you pay minimum wage, you get local high school cheerleaders and this is their first outing into the big scary integrated outside world. While I'm dismissive of a lot of the "sensitivity training" in many big corporations, this might actually be a place where it is much needed, the poorly paid Target "associates" do need to get informed about the big global kumbaya Target marketing plan. There was a piece missing in their marketing plan? Hence the effuse apologia?

    Edit to add: they are not the same as Walmart brand, never were.

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