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    There was full justification for tonight 's riots. And they shouldn 't have happened..

    We are  partly civilized human beings, most of us  .I certainly don´t include the murderous cop. Heś an ass hole.

    But our protection from   the ass holes fully taking over    is refusing to support them.

    To the question" should I throw this petrol bomb΅'., the answer is ¨go home.΅


    Which states most reflect the U.S. as a whole and which are the most atypical?

    What states most closely resemble the US as a whole?

    Here's a list from an algorithm that accounts for race, religion, density, geography, income, education, age, gender and presidential voting.

    1. Pennsylvania
    2. Virginia
    3. Illinois
    4. Michigan
    5. Florida
    6. Ohio

    — Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) May 28, 2020

    A Riot Is the Language of the Unheard

    A famous Martin Luther King Jr. quote 

    Just a reminder

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    Would be murderer caught in the act...Cy Vance, pick up the phone!

    You may not yet have seen this video of an attempted  murder (by cop) in progress.





    In involves a privileged high executive in the Templeton Fund terrorizing a birdwatcher for reminding her to leash her dog while in Central Park.


    What Noah Smith learned about twitter mobs (trolls) over time

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    Mr. President, sir, we've lost Ann Coulter...

    It may not be like Johnson losing Walter Cronkite, but one may hope that Trump felt a shadow on his grave when he read Coulter's responses to his (predictable) attacks on Jeff Sessions.  (o/t-only Trump could make that piece of shit Sessions sympathetic...


    One can only hope for a twitterstorm out of the orange pustule...


    See new Tweets


    DoJ Flynn Kraziness part ii

    Sullivan delayed twice so Barr's DoJ could make this statement:

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    A Word of Caution for Those Rushing Out to Celebrate Their Release From 'Captivity'

    The pressure is on to "reopen" the economy (a misnaming of what needs to happen). The vision of what that means and the reality that will continue to evolve are in vast conflict. However, regardless of vision, there is a harsh reality that few seem to understand.

    It is more dangerous to be out in public now than at any time since January 22, when we first became aware that there was one person with the virus in the U.S.

    How many reading this are saying "Say WHAT!?"

    The short unhappy coming ¨Recovery.¨


    1. Recovery begins, sort of. During June. In Texas but not everywhere.

    2. @ July 1 Pandemic  resumes. In Texas.

    3. Labor  Department  circulates draft  reinforcing existing  Health regs on   Industry's obligations

    4.Insurance industry intervene 's to side track  3

    5. Trump supports 4. 

    6.Congress  supports 3

    7 Mitch doesn 't

    8 Biden  is elected and it becomes our problem. Good.

    Why Elephants Get Drunk Faster Than Humans

    From the NYT

    Humans are not the only animals that get drunk. Birds that gorge on fermented berries and sap are known to fall out of trees and crash into windows. Elk that overdo it with rotting apples get stuck in trees. Moose wasted on overripe crab apples get tangled in swing sets, hammocks and even Christmas lights.

    Good example showing there's nobody vetting Trump's tweets

    Means 1, Ends 0,get over it.

    Since before Senaca last distracted himself from Philosophical endeavors by noting the recumbent bodies on the way to the water an old reliable philosophical  time
    waster has been   whether ,or to what extent ,Ends , justify the Means.

    Not among the t-wasters was  Clausewi,tz with his clear  view about God ´s  overwhelming affinity for the ¨big battalions" . Particularly ones  deploying gas.

    In the essentially non existent ¨Restoration""debate R =s  more deaths. Of course there will be an unquantifiable

    Hmmm, Never Trumpers want to see him run with the Obamagate thing

    obviously thinks it will be totally counterproductive:

    Counterculture "populism"

    Remembering the Jackson State Massacre

    The 50th anniversary of the police attack at Jackson State comes at a moment when America is struggling with a pandemic, the impacts of which have weighed heavily, and unjustly, on black bodies. Thanks to the insufficient and belated response of national and state leaders that has inflamed the pandemic, people of color are disproportionately represented among Covid-19 cases, and they bear the brunt of the government’s aggressive enforcement of quarantine rules.

    75th anniversary of VE day

    Was there, lived through it. Never paid much attention to that Brexit thing?

    DoJ Craziness Thread

    DoJ claims they can't release Mueller grand jury info to House.

    DoJ starts withdrawing Flynn cases.

    What else?

    The Black Intellectual & The Condition of the Culture

    Fascinating longish read to take one's mind off of coronavirus, discovered @ Arts & Letters Daily with the intro. “The secret of black intellectuals is that we have other interests.” Darryl Pinckney, Margo Jefferson, and others discuss race and intellectual life... more »

    so what happened


    When social distancing was recommended  six states announced they wouldn´t participate

    and I listed them here.How have they done  since then?


                            April 10                     20th               Today

    Nevada              2571                        3800              5695

    North Dakota       293                          600               1266

    South Dakota      528                         1140               2721


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