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    New #1 After Australian Final

    Women's tennis will have a new #1 next week, and the current top-ranked player, Caroline Wozniacki, will drop to #4 in the WTA rankings. A lot of scenarios were possible before the semis, but now that third seed Victoria Azarenka and fourth seed Maria Sharapova are to play the finals, the winner will also secure the #1 ranking.

    According to a contributor at Yahoo, if Azarenka wins, the points will stand at:
    1. Victoria Azarenka 8585
    2. Petra Kvitova 7690
    3. Maria Sharapova 7560
    4. Caroline Wozniacki 7085

    ... giving Azarenka almost a thousand point lead over Kvitova. If Sharapova wins, she'll have only a 175 point lead over Azarenka:
    1. Maria Sharapova 8160
    2. Victoria Azarenka 7985
    3. Petra Kvitova 7690
    4. Caroline Wozniacki 7085

    After losing in the quarters to Clijsters, Wozniacki confidently told reporters that she would be number one again, and she may be correct. Unless Azarenka, Kvitova or Sharapova step up and start playing well week in and week out—winning the smaller tournaments, and winning on clay—there are plenty of points available for a steady player like Wozniacki to regain her ranking.

    Martina Navratilova has had a lot to say during this tournament.

    She felt that no one considered Wozniacki to be a real number one, and blamed the WTA decision to remove quality points from the ranking system in 2006. Quality points make wins against higher-ranked players more important than the routine wins that feed Wozniacki's ranking. But tournament organizers like a ranking system that has the top players punching the time clock every week—showing up at smaller tournaments that need big name attractions.

    Navratilova obviously cheers for fellow Czech Kvitova, who could be #1 under a quality point system, and clarified that she was not criticizing Wozniacki personally for being #1. But she also advised that Wozniacki must step in and start hitting hard with the power players if she ever wants to win a major title.

    Navratilova spoke out against Margaret Court's religious condemnation of gays, calling her views "outdated," but did not refuse to play her legends double match on Margaret Court Arena. She expressed her views there by wearing rainbow trim on her shirt as she and Nicole Bradtke defeated Iva Majoli and the other Martina ... Hingis.


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