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William K. Wolfrum’s Morning: Put your back into it

Ok, I'm back.


Obama in India: The President wheels and deals in India, as Right-wing remains unsure if India is an enemy state or not. Oh, and while he's there, First Lady Michelle Obama is showcasing the awesome ... [Read more]

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William K. Wolfrum's Morning: Be a Man

I'll make a man out of you, whether you like it or not.


Indonesia: More than 150 dead following tsunami that followed earthquake.

Arizona: Death.  [Read more]

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“Blowing Smoke” Blows Away Right-Wing Narratives

Following the election of Barack Obama to the office of President of the United States, writer Michael Wolraich surveyed the political aftermath and came to a simple conclusion – the Right-Wing has gone utterly mad.

Wolrich’s new book “Blowing Smoke” (longer title: “Blowing Smoke: Why the Right Keeps Serving Up Whack-Job Fantasies about the Plot to Euthanize Grandma, Outlaw Christmas, and Turn Junior into a Raging Homosexual”) takes an in-depth look at what Wolraich calls “Persecution Politics,” and how the right-wing has worked overtime for years to create a brotherhood of victimhood for Conservatives. [Read more]

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William K. Wolfrum’s Morning: My Pelosi Face

Gaga pelosi
Lady Gaga is more powerful than Nancy Pelosi, says Forbes.


BP Oil Disaster: Business-hating President Barack Obama really went out of his way to shield British Petroleum. [Read more]

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William K. Wolfrum's Morning: Starring Sarah Bieber

Sarah Beiber
Love his music? Love her politics? Then Sarah Bieber may be just for you.


Rogue French: A rogue trader – called in some circles a thief – pays the price with a whopping three years in jail for stealing billions and nearly killing the French economy.

Times Square Bombed: Faisal Shahzad to learn the price he will pay today in court. Regardless, it’s Obama’s fault. [Read more]

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William K. Wolfrum's Morning: Secret Lives

Funny Guy.


We Have Always Been at War with Pakistan: One day, you’ll wake up and the term “War on Pakistan” will just appear in the vernacular. [Read more]

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William K. Wolfrum’s Morning — Don’t Panic

Dan Savage and husband Terry: Remember, it gets better. Very inspirational words from the loving couple. [Read more]

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Ask Tamburlaine: Burning Korans Is a Bad Idea

Who on Earth is crazy enough to burn the Koran? Until two weeks ago, my answer has always been "raging lunatics in Elizabethan drama." You know, stage characters from the age of Shakespeare, the kind of people who are prone to cutting off their own hands, biting off their tongues and spitting them on the stage, or baking their enemies in pies and serving them for dinner. The people who make Hamlet seem well-adjusted. Certainly, I didn't think of it as the kind of thing real people did.
 [Read more]

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William K. Wolfrum’s Morning – Dance, Tucker! Dance!

Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson’s greatest journalistic achievement.


La Barbie Caught: One of Mexico’s most notorious drug lords has been caught! Also, applications now being accepted for Notorious Mexican Drug Lord. Apply at the FBI. [Read more]

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As Summer Fades

Summer has turned quickly into fall,
The air much colder,
The sea air so sweet,
Leaves falling from the trees,
Like ten  thousand passions.
...Where you and I will always meet.

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Bruce Springsteen didn’t write “Born in the U.S.A.” to protest Islamic centers - try reading the lyrics

Over at Alan Colmes Liberaland, I was reading about protests near the Islamic Center two blocks away from Ground Zero, when this struck me:

Opponents chanted “No mosque, no way!” and carried signs reading, “9-11-01: Never Forget,” as Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” blared over loudspeakers.

I'm well aware that the more patriotic someone is, the more they're able to overlook the fact that Springsteen's hit is not in fact a patriotic homage to America, but instead a song dedicated to the lower middle-class being used as fodder for war and their experiences upon returning. [Read more]

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Afternoon Music Break with Mark Gormley

I always try and promote young new artists here at the Chronicles. Today, we look at singer Mark Gormley and a girl who looks REALLY uncomfortable:

Now go and behold the awesome power and glory of Mark Gormley!


HT Michael [Read more]

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