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Old Lindsey Graham tv appearance videos: always fun and informative!

Andrew Yang fans defined

See the following thread:

When You Can’t Go Home Again: Immigrants and Artists Reflect

The review of this show reminds me that I have noticed a trend in elite and expensive contemporary art, especially as wealthy collectors are global, to seek out and regard new immigrant talents in MFA programs, especially African diaspora. Partly because at this point in time Africa is seen as where all the cultural excitement is. This seems to aggravate some Afro-American artists, who feel that they deserve this moment in the sun first.

The answer to "Do you know anyone who you would call a racist?" before Trump was elected

1/n Still don't have my broken computer / all my data back from repair (hoping sometime next week). Said I'd take a break, but it's a new year/decade so I feel obligated to tweet *something*. So here's a gem I just found. Too funny.

— Zach Goldberg (@ZachG932) January 4, 2020

It's social conservative spin, BUT

this which I noticed because Andrew Sullivan retweeted it, it's worth a look to see both:

1) what we will see more of as white male privilege is made the main bogeyman in our culture, and

2) how one can vie in the victimhood Olympics with selective stats:

Create a delusion: MAGA YouTube playlist!

Obama's favorite movies & TV shows of 2019

We had "Freedom Fries", they got:


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