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Hillary said "Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done"

Here's an interesting poll related to that, I think:

What would Tony Soprano do?

Legal types get all het up by run-of-the-mill art-of-the-deal:

Holy cow! He appears to be engaging in another quid pro quo right before our eyes. I don't know what to say but HOLY COW! NY must drop its lawsuits against him if New Yorkers want Global Entry status? HOLY COW!!! HOLY COW!!!

— Walter Shaub (@waltshaub) February 13, 2020

New Hampsha Primary

They say it never rains in southern California

Definitely not an anti-colonialist

Happily certified as a Member Of The Most Excellent Order Of The British Empire:

Sheila Atim: ‘I had impostor syndrome until I picked up my MBE

— Guardian culture (@guardianculture) February 8, 2020

Hot Revenge on The Menu at the White House

Vindman was escorted out of the White House minutes ago, per his lawyers.

— Natasha Bertrand (@NatashaBertrand) February 7, 2020


Iowa Caucus News and Related Stuff

NBC: John Kerry “was overheard Sunday on the phone at a Des Moines hotel explaining what he would have to do to enter the presidential race amid ‘the possibility of Bernie Sanders taking down the Democratic Party — down whole.’”

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) February 2, 2020

This is going viral among the pro-Trump set

They see it as confirmation that the impeachment was not about anything serious, faux news, political witch hunt, kabuki show:

From Fox News - Chuck Schumer scolds Kamala Harris for laughing with Sherrod Brown at impeachment presser, goes viral Chuck Schumer scolds Kamala Harris for laughing with Sherrod Brown at impeachment presser, goes viral

— David (@b_beachcomber) February 1, 2020

Radio Free Tom's Reality Check Twitter Lecture & Pep Talk

Andrew Yang says Dems should be going on Fox News...

Note that this Jan. 24 CBS tweet with a video of him saying that has 13,300 likes and 3,100 retweets. But the initial replies I see include a ton of negative and dismissive ones:

.@AndrewYang says Democrats should be going on Fox News and criticizes the DNC for not letting the channel host a Democratic debate: "How can you win an election and bring the country together if you literally won't talk to 40 or 50% of the population?"

— CBS News (@CBSNews) January 24, 2020

I noticed it because it was retweeted a few minutes ago by Zaid Jilani, who I follow, with this comment:



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