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Let us face the matter squarely

As a commercial people should                                                                                                                   We have learned  no end of a lesson.                                                                                                            It will do us no end of good 


Who won Thursday night?

and who cares?

According to one poll  

Trump 70%, Cruz 20,,Carson 2 Rubio  4, Jeb 0 (not actually 0 but so low it rounded to 0 which was also true of Kasich and Christie.

Consider five businessmen at lunch

Actually more than 5, but there are only 5 that count.

There's a view of the top of the Chrysler building, not that anyone looks. Conversation is desultory. Not about the NFL. It's an international group.

Under Obamacare costs are increasing -not

During Saturday's  Democratic debate  Martha Radatz asked Hillary why the annual cost increases have been higher.

They haven't been.

Check out today's TPM for the correct numbers.  

Sweet nothings with the Farooks.

According to Comey's House testimony today we now know that in their pre marital electronic discussions they discussed dying in an attack  on behalf of Isis. No doubt  if we know this now we could have known it then.

I know the Leytonstone station

it was on our Underground route into London from Stanford Rivers.  Pretty grim, but the Tube got you to where you were going. And safe, not that we gave that much thought. I told my friend Bob (son of the local police chief here) that the Brit police didn't carry guns and were almost never injured. . Eliciting the sour retort that London was safe for the police and the crooks.

Enough already


Juan Cole may take a long time getting there but ends by saying Isis has to be wiped out.If the link doesn't work go to his blog "Informed Comment" , which it is.



As I was saying

And saying , and saying.

Brain Lehrer casually connected the dots the other day. The topic was the desperately sad increase in suicide rates among  non rich white americans  and Brian said, "of course ,caused by Nafta".

Which was exactly right. In his wise middle age Keynes abandoned his brilliant earlier defense of free trade and reached a position which can be pretty much summarized by two of his remarks: " The thing about tariffs is-they do the trick". And "Let all goods be homespun".

The good enough President

Our first child was autistic or to use the preferred characterization " a person with autism". The help available to us was considerably worse than useless. It was advice from Freudians-most of whom probably meant well-but whose underlying theory was so wrong that their suggestions could only be- not just of no use -but bound to make matters worse.

In the 60s that begin to change and in the forefront of those with changed views was a Brit psychologist  named Winnicott  who coined the useful phrase "The good enough mother".

What was the matter with Raul?

One Monday morning he looked exhausted. He had been an economist in Havana now he was starting over as an accountant in San Juan. Avery good one. But today he looked as if he should just go home.

It was I was told, like this. On Friday afternoon he'd  left the office, for Eastern Airlines to Miami. Where his brother, a local gambler , met him and drove them to Key West.


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