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The same friends who voted for Nader

in  2000 now plan to vote for Bernie. I guess you could say "figures".  But...

At least in 2000 they could  argue Gore was going to  carry their heavily democratic states so not only was  there no down side to a Nader vote but it served to signal  there were votes available to the left. 

Clearly at this point it's too soon for that. The primary  margins influence voters down stream so we can't avoid considering that, sadly,   any one of the remaining republicans candidates could be inflicted on the nation if we get it wrong..

Right now 10 15 pm est Bernie is on MSNBC

being interviewed by Chris Matthews.

You could watch.

Hillary raises money from people with

money because people with money have money that she can raise from them.

If you take my meaning. 

So who won?

Bernie was better than I expected him to be. Hillary was better than I expected her to be.. 

As Bernie said in his last remark  they were both better than anyone we've heard so far in the disgraceful  Republicans mud wrestles.

We're lucky to have two such high quality candidates.


Let us face the matter squarely

As a commercial people should                                                                                                                   We have learned  no end of a lesson.                                                                                                            It will do us no end of good 


Who won Thursday night?

and who cares?

According to one poll  

Trump 70%, Cruz 20,,Carson 2 Rubio  4, Jeb 0 (not actually 0 but so low it rounded to 0 which was also true of Kasich and Christie.

Consider five businessmen at lunch

Actually more than 5, but there are only 5 that count.

There's a view of the top of the Chrysler building, not that anyone looks. Conversation is desultory. Not about the NFL. It's an international group.

Under Obamacare costs are increasing -not

During Saturday's  Democratic debate  Martha Radatz asked Hillary why the annual cost increases have been higher.

They haven't been.

Check out today's TPM for the correct numbers.  

Sweet nothings with the Farooks.

According to Comey's House testimony today we now know that in their pre marital electronic discussions they discussed dying in an attack  on behalf of Isis. No doubt  if we know this now we could have known it then.


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