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The email number was 110

at least so far.

Hillary's "arrogant,selfish actions "   (Maureen Dowd) "contaminated......Barack Obama etc. etc.etc." by not  volunteering that there were  110 emails  with classified information among those she turned over to State.

And "at least 3 " more classified emails among not turned over to State.

This is nonsense.

Neither State,the do nothing  Congress,  the FBI  nor us should be wasting time discussing 113 "classified" emails even if they were all classified for deep security reasons.

And maybe they were.

Or not.

The Dallas families have had a terrible loss

of the officers who were killed  doing their job.

So have the families now waiting in anxiety for their wounded family member to recover.

My heart goes out to them all.

Cease fire

I always liked the Tom Lehrer lyric that went

We are the folk song army

Everyone one of us cares

We all hate poverty

War and injustice

Unlike the rest of you squares

Somehow I'm unpleasantly reminded of it by the ever popular insult war  between the Dagblog Sander-rites and Hillary-ites.

Just taking a stand

As an unequivocal  Hillary supporter I think Bernie is quite right not to endorse her until the convention.

Not just ¨ within his rights¨ but right. Full stop.

He was not a marginal contender he was the major opposition. Not a frivolous exercise but something to which he devoted a year of his life at a time when that commodity is in dwindling supply. He has earned the right to be heard at the convention and to be allowed to make his case with respect to the platform ,meaningless as that document will ,as usual, be.

Bernie, Hillary,Eric and Sync

(From Harold Ickes  ´ diary)

In 1933 FDR appointed William Woodin as Secretary of Treasury and Dean Acheson as  Under Secretary.

During the appointment process Acheson joked he had no qualification for the post.  The joke ceased being funny , Woodin was in poor health  and Acheson soon was in effect the actual Treasury Secretary and

FDR ś plan for Treasury was to  salute and say ¨yes sir¨ as he restlessly experimented to try to find a way to exit the Recession.

Let me be the ant

at the picnic.

It was great to celebrate Tuesday night. And Hillary didn´t miss a beat. She could have been practicing that speech for 8 years. Maybe she was.


She ain' t gonna win unless Bernie supports her. Enthusiastically.

True? Who knows. But we need to think that way.

A home run

Hillary´s ¨acceptance speech¨. When all is said and done it´s always helpful to be smart.

Now if she can just stay out of jail maybe Obamacare can be improved and reissued as Hillarycare. What goes around comes around. Sometimes twice.

Bernie was just being intellectually respectable

when he said he was sick and tired of hearing about the emails.

It´s at the very least inconsistent to admire Snowden´ s exposure of  the dangerously illegitimate over reach of the security apparatus and simultaneously express alarm about Hillary' s  view that the Secretary of State would be more effective if she  could work at home..

Clearly the Inspector General  ,like the Ferguson Police chief , knows he thinks should be in charge.

The question is , said Alice, whether you can make words mean so many different things.

The News from All Over

well at least from some other places.

According to TPM Bill Kristol says he'ś found a viable third party candidate.

According to Daily Kos former Attorney General Holder says that Edward Snowden´s revelations (Holder seemed to be trying to avoid the term ¨whistle blower¨) did some good. While still claiming that overall Snowden damaged the interests of this country and endangered some specific individuals.


I could comment but why?  

What happens in Las Vegas

get's discussed .And discussed. And disc.......

 According to  a political reporter/guest  today on  NYC's Brian Lehrer show, Senator Sanders emailed his supporters before the Las Vegas  count requesting them to behave respectfully.

According to another reporter- from  Jezebel a sensible sounding Sanders supporter- she was able to  chat with   3 Sanders supporters who'd phoned some of the  threatening remarks to the Nevada Democratic party election chairwoman. 

Ms. Jezebel 

1. they sounded like legitimate Bernie supporters



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