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The children's crusade. Again

We did nothing wrong. Except  failing to persuade 600 Floridians that it was  not a great  idea to

vote Nader in 2000. ( When will we ever learn? ). But because of that we got:


-A continuation of Alan Greenspan's loopy version of Ayn Rand economics

-The completely avoidable sub prime bubble

-Followed by the then unavoidable 2008

-Followed by Paulson kneeling before Nancy Polosi pleading for her to do the right

    thing, and save the country from disaster about to be created by his own party.

Hating people sucks

I don't hate anyone except the  monsters who lynch or torture.I don't hate Trump,  wall street bankers or racists.Of any color .Naturally there  are black racists as well as white ones . (And  of course it's easier to understand why a black would be one. )

But  even the white racists I know  would dive  into a pond to rescue a drowning black. The same I'm sure is  true of any of the blacks I know. I don't write of  "even the black racists I know" because I don't  personally know any.

A couple of numbers

 As of 5pm 11/09

Popular votes

Trump                  59,588,437

 Hillary                 59,794,373

Her lead                   205,936

Still counting  but there aren't enough uncounted votes  for him to catch her

 Electoral College

Trump             279   (takes 270 to win)

 Hillary            228

State of Michigan 

Trump               2,279,210

Hillary                2,267,373

His Michigan lead   11,837


Jill Stein                  68 686

The 650K emails Huma's computer never had

A minor point compared to tomorrow's importance, but before losing sight of it.

Remember during the interval between Comey's Oct 28 Huma email announcement and Sunday's

"clarification " there were estimates floating around that the FBI would have to search hundreds of thousands of emails.


I blogged here last week that the number had to be under 30,000. We haven't yet been  given the true number . Which is OK . Least said on the topic the better.Tonight. But Comey must release it sometime.

Obama should remove Comey

 from supervising  the Huma  email investigation.Tomorrow.

He should tell Joe Biden tonight that he'll be officially given responsibility at 8 am tomorrow and

 should direct his staff to use tonight to  recruit the assistance he needs .

And at 8 15 he should be sitting in Comey's chair.

Comey should be ordered to support Biden .Which he will probably do.

If not he should be temporarily barred from returning to the FBI and Obama should  draft an announcement

to that effect.

As I was saying comey will know before Nov 8

I'm taking a victory lap and ignoring all the other  incorrect forecasts I made.



Tell me where I'm wrong.

Huma  could not have sent more than 24,000 emails to Hillary . Let's say

Col A           Col B

1200 days X 20/day =s  24,000

    or more likely either Col A or B or both is too high and the total will be no more than 12,000

Stipulating Hillary's wrong,Huma's damn emails

don't make her wronger.

End of story.

She admitted she made a mistake.. OK

Comey  ruled it wasn't indictment- worthy. Doesn't become so because

Abedin also participated

Next question?




It wasn't the performance he needed

That was Nate Silver's comment.

It'll do.


It was a tie

or maybe 52/48 with Trump at 52.

I don't expect it to move the needle  but we don't need it to do.

So far so good. 



The Trump "sex tape"

Before we too enthusiastically condemn Trump's stupid remark let's be reasonably honest with ourselves. There are more than a few men, of both parties, who could have been taped at some time saying similar .

Trump himself claims he heard Bill Clinton saying worse on the golf course. Could be.



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