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Tea Party Indictment of Obama

In the spirit of Richard Day and his post Exiled Cubans, Rubio and Cruz. Case against Barack Obama, URPS officers Prosecutor Ted Cruz and his Assistant Prosecutor Marco Rubio (Union of Republican Prosperity Spreaders).

Resolved that propagation and dissemination of GOP ideology (tax cuts raise revenue, Obama faked birth certificate, earth 6000 years old, evolution liberal plot, climate change a hoax, war is peace etc) are both ubiquitous, and as uncompromising and obsessive as that of Stalin, a Tea Party indictment follows, drawing from  Article 58 of the Stalinist legal codes (as listed in the book Escape from the Future, by Vladimir Petrov).

Strategy for GOP Congress: Keep Doing Nothing

KEEP THE GRIDLOCK GOING! It's worked fantastic so far with Murican voters, why stop?

BBC reports on the conservative National Review's cynical, don't try to govern advice, if you do, voters may figure out you aren't what the election year tsunami of 5 billion dollars of dark money TV ads said you nothing advice for the Republican controlled Congress:

Obama's DOJ: OK to Screw Hourly Workers

The Obama DOJ has filed a Supreme Court Amicus Brief asking it to reverse a Ninth District Court of Appeals ruling. The Appeals Court said Amazon warehouse employees forced to wait 25 minutes or more before exiting their work site, in long lines to see if they stole anything, is time for which they should be compensated for by Amazon.  The Obama DOJ disagrees.

Obama Losing Game of Chicken in Kobani

Obama appears to be losing another game of chicken. (The last was with the GOP in 2013 over budget control act of 2011 which mandated cuts to the Pentagon.) Obama and his top advisors still seem to be, in too many instances, sucker bait for scoundrels, be they in the GOP or foreign heads of state. The 'chicken' aspect of this situation is all too clear.

It is much more serious then budget cuts. The question is who, if anyone, is going to act to save the Kurds of Kobani from the murderers of ISIS. ISIS is attacking the major Kurdish city of Kobani right on the Turkish/Syrian border, and with a population of over 150,000 potential victims.

Rand Paul: Scare Monger for Dimwits

Rand Paul on Right Wing Hate Radio for the Reality Challenged Wingnuts of America:

Speaking to conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham, Paul questioned whether the Obama administration should carry out its plan to send 3,000 troops to Ebola hot zones in Africa.

War Fever at NPR's Diane Rehm show

I listened to the NPR August 25th Monday morning Diane Rehm Show and it was scarier than anything since, yes, since, 9/11/01:

U.S. Strategy In The Battle Against ISIS

....the Obama administration is under growing pressure to strike ISIS on Syrian soil. A discussion of U.S. strategy to combat ISIS....

GOP Border Campaign Plan on Cruz Control

The Republicans don't have the aspiration, motivation or experience to meet challenges facing the nation. What they do have experience at is campaign plans. Republicans particularly love issues that never go away, that will always be there to exploit forever, election after election. If they can make the problem worse so much the better, the TV/media anyway will never call them on it, blaming all failures on 'both sides'. For instance, there will always be women who seek abortions. The way to reduce abortions is to reduce unwanted pregnancies with family planning.

10 Foot Sea Level Rise Unstoppable

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet, 25.4 million cubic kilometers, 6.1 million cubic miles, is on track for an 'inevitable' melt, NYT:

GOP Backs Casino Mogul's Nanny State

Republicans team up with casino mogul Sheldon Adelson to meet a major threat to America and Americans in the 21st century. A problem that can no longer be ignored, delayed or kicked down the road. Not outdated infrastructure, or collapsing bridges. Not climate change. Not immigration reform or health care reform. Not skyrocketing student debt loads. Not a myriad of other issues you might think deserve attention.
Internet gambling. And internet poker too, which the GOP believes is wreaking havoc from coast to coast!! Believe it!!

MH370 Goodfellow's Hypothesis

Not seen anyone with this on DAG. Veteran US pilot believes the plane experienced a catastrophic in flight fire/smoke and/or decompression, the pilots steered immediately for the closest runway in Malaysia, and no one survived to land the plane. It continued on as a 'ghost plane' to points unknown. Goodfellow frankly makes more sense than most other theories from what little facts we know 'for sure' about the flight.

Goodfellow's original post here.



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