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Reader blogBreaking: White man from Vermont dismisses claims of racism, sexism, homophobia, slams Democrats. armchair guerrilla2391 hour 8 min ago
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LinkWATCH: Boos erupt after Trump tells room full of construction workers that he won most of their votes artappraiser63 weeks 2 days ago
Reader blogTrump's Speech That Incites Violence Has No Constitutional Protection oldenGoldenDecoy123 weeks 4 days ago
Reader blogTrumpcare failed because....? Flavius344 weeks 1 day ago
LinkThis is what a news organization looks like when it is built on reader trust A Guy Called LULU21 month 14 hours ago
LinkGOP torn over what to do next artappraiser11 month 1 day ago
Reader blogFeds Commandeering Cops in California? oldenGoldenDecoy81 month 1 day ago
LinkRussian Opposition Leader Arrested Amid Mass Protest in Moscow artappraiser171 month 1 day ago
LinkDays before his death, Putin critic said in interview he knew he was in danger oldenGoldenDecoy01 month 4 days ago
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Reader blogLie Alert: Obamacare Imploding; Trumpcare the Best for Patients librewolf301 month 6 days ago
Reader blogCalifornia: Pushing the Universal Healthcare Stone Uphill? oldenGoldenDecoy01 month 1 week ago
Blog entryKnife in the Back - Monsters on Main Street PeraclesPlease321 month 1 week ago
LinkFBI’s Trump-Russia probe knocks White House on its heels artappraiser81 month 1 week ago
Reader blogADDING TO MR. CARDWELL'S 'THUG DEALERS' OPIOID EPIDEMIC (v2) oldenGoldenDecoy21 month 1 week ago
LinkMaddow--Great Teaser or She’s Got Tax Returns Bruce Levine171 month 2 weeks ago
LinkTrump:Obama meant ACA to 'Explode' in 2017 NCD91 month 2 weeks ago


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To Be or Not to Be a Susbtitute Teacher


TIL: even if you are primarily white, a middle schooler will still call you a "f*cking b*tch n*gger" because middle schoolers are awful and I hate substitute teaching.

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Trump's Speech That Incites Violence Has No Constitutional Protection

Over a year ago...

May 2, 2016




Now let's let Greta spin the facts...

April 1, 2016



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TENTH AMENDMENT Annotated Constitution at


CRS Annotated Constitution

Tenth Amendment -- Table of Contents

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

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Feds Commandeering Cops in California?

10th Amendment...

Forced participation or commandeering... Hmmm...


March 27, 2017

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Flavius... The public knew it sucked...

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It's nice to see...

Danny Cardwell has caught up with the news...

Thank you for taking the time spread the news...

Following are two posts I posted in December of last year behind the paywall at TPM Prime:.

This is a real eye opener . . . 

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Tim Berners-Lee: Information - Real versus Fictional

Let this sink in . . .

I must admit the British do have a way with sublime humor.

Although they also have a very good way of making a point.



The above is found in the following BBC article:


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