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Is Susan Collins being bribed over her Kavanaugh vote?

Fighting dirty?

The CrowdPac funding campaign.

By Emily Stewart Sep 12, 2018 | Vox

Why Susan Collins claims she’s being bribed over her Kavanaugh vote

A Crowdpac crowdfunding campaign to encourage Collins to vote against Kavanaugh has the senator and others sounding the alarm.

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9/11 and photographer Richard Drew

9:41.15 a.m. EST September 11, 2001

Richard Drew is an Associated Press photo-journalist.
In 2001, he took the photo entitled The Falling Man, which captured
the image of a man falling from the World Trade Center towers.
Drew was one of four press photographers present at the assassination
of Robert F. Kennedy.


The Falling Man | By Tom Junod | Esquire

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    If you want to protect Medicare, vote Republican. If you want a socialist experiment with Medicare, by all means vote Democrat.

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Cal Races


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Spreading the propaganda on every front lawn and driveway


This 28 page broadsheet was distrbuted in the dark of night
at every home in our neighborhood here in the LA area.

Here's Paul Taylor candidate for the Republican nomination
for the Senate seat currently held by Dianne Feinstein

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08.22.18 | U.S. News Daily Beast



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