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20-20 Percent Trunmp Baking Idiots

From August 24, 2017 | 538 Nate Silver

7 Rules For Reading Trump’s Approval Rating

Proroposition No. 3: If Trump does have a floor, it’s probably in the 20s and not in the 30s.


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Pence Tribe

Tribe on Pence twitter . . .

misprision : the deliberate concealment of one's knowledge of a treasonable act or a felony.

From the TPM article

Constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe said Saturday that the reports suggest the Vice President committed a felony. “Pence hid what he knew about a serious federal crime,” he tweeted. “That looks like active concealment.”

See Tribe twitter below (my bold):

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Houston: Did the Bigot-in-Chief Get The Memo?

Just wondering . . .

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner (D) said that he will represent any immigrant
who faces deportation after seeking help during Tropical Storm Harvey.


During a press conference, Turner said “there is absolutely no reason” why any individual shouldn't call for help.


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"The Order" The Pig Fuckers Cult


The order of the day? Incest, inbreeding and "bleeding the beast...".

What follows is a macrocosmic look of what it's like in the general order of life out in the beautiful state of Utah.

It's generally referred by news articles as the Kingston Clan, the Kingston Group, and is a part of The Order, or the Davis County Cooperative, and The Co-op Society. There are approximately 3,500 members of this group.

Now ... The following statement can no doubt be interpreted quite broadly.

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Blood Cult - Stephen Lemons - SPLC - Aug 2017


The Intelligence Report is the SPLC's award-winning magazine.

Blood Cult

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Nate Silver: 7 Rules For Reading Trump’s Approval Rating

There is a lot to digest here . . .

And I have a sinking suspicion that Trump's reaction to this would be... #fakeanalysis ...

August. 24, 2017 at 1:13 PM


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