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Able to fly long long distances when the weather turns sour. Appear as if by magic paddling out of the tall reeds when the bottom-feeders in the pond attempt to raise their ugly heads at the surface.
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"Always try and keep what's real near..." (that's sarcasm...)
Older than dirt ... Road shotgun for Abram out of the Land of Ur.


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Bernie and Hillary Reaching Out To Supporters


As most folks here at DagBlog know...

I'm an old coot. I'm 70 years old to be exact. Yeah yeah yeah a "Baby-Boomer." A very very LIBERAL baby-boomer.

Let me first say, my best wishes to Bernie and all those who have faithfully supported the man.

From the very beginning of his official announcement to run I told many people how important his message would be to the Democratic Platform, if he won or lost the primary. Back in July below is my first and only graphic about Bernie that I've posted hundreds of times since then.

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"That's Called business"


On Monday September 26, 2016...






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Get To Work and GOTV: Where we were and Where We Are


Just for a little bit of comparison...

Note: x-posted from TMP Hive

Here's where we were and where we are...


And here's a good must read from Sam Wang at PEC.

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"To Be Grossly Generalistic..." This 9/11 Week is Going to Be a Real Roller Coaster Ride



As I've said many times in my various threads. is one of my old favorite Navy sayings...

"One-Thousand atta-boys wiped out by one aw-shit!"

Is this an unfortunate "aw-shit" or a positive "atta-boy?"

Let's all try and spin this one into a positive.

September 9, 2016 - WaPo

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The Coming October Surprise

You must admit ... anything could happen...

Yes... Long before the years of Bush the Dumber.


At Wiki - Just to jog your amnesic memory...

To CMA ... This is a spoof

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The "Unvarnished Truth" - Hillary and the 'Alt-Right' Speech


The 'Alt-Right' is all the current rage...

And it's Wacky-Doddle Time...

. . . . . .

I came across this comment by NCD on Thu, 08/25/2016 - 6:56pm

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Trump's Populist Support Message? Horse Pucky!

August 12, 2016 - WaPo - Wonkblog

A massive new study debunks a widespread theory for Donald Trump’s success

Economic distress and anxiety across working-class white America have become a widely discussed explanation for the success of Donald Trump. It seems to make sense.


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Trump Shaking the Tree So All the Wacko Nuts Fall Out at One Time

Is this a positive outcome of Trump?



For years, I have always said that the right for one to freely express their opinion is a very positive thing within our crazy culture.

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Running Trump's Train High on Rogaine® - Economic Advisers?

X-posted from the TPM Hive...

August 5, 2016

CNN Money - Election 2016 - Your money your vote

Trump reveals his economic advisers

Trump: "Empowering Americans by freeing up the necessary tools for everyone to gain economically..."

The campaign's policy team will be led by Stephen Miller.

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Hey Dick Day: Donald's "Intelligence" Report- Page One

The first report . . .

Here are 30 ways Drumpf can increase his intelligence:



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