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Able to fly long long distances when the weather turns sour. Appear as if by magic paddling out of the tall reeds when the bottom-feeders in the pond attempt to raise their ugly heads at the surface.
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"Always try and keep what's real near..." (that's sarcasm...)
Older than dirt ... Road shotgun for Abram out of the Land of Ur.


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Change has come to the White House

For your pleasure...WhiteHouse.govTuesday, January 20th, 2009 at 12:01 pmChange has come to WhiteHouse.govWelcome to the new WhiteHouse.gov. I'm Macon Phillips, the Director of New Media for the White House and one of the people who will be contributing to the...
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Limited Temporary Expansion of Medicaid Part of Stimulus?

Will this fly?As part of a sprawling $825 billion strategy to heal the economy that House Democrats laid out this week, lawmakers and transition officials envision a two-prong approach to help unemployed people retrieve health benefits. One would reshape a...
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John Conyers Report: Part-1 "Reining in the Imperial Presidency: Lessons and Recommendations ... "

Here's another rabbit  ...For some reason (wink ... wink) I'm hoping that Eric Holder has been sent a personal copy of this here report...For Immediate Release January 13, 2009 Contact: Jonathan Godfrey Lillian German (Washington, D.C.) -- Today, House Judiciary...
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My Early Vote for Quote of the Year ... 2009

No shit Sherlock ... Get in the squad car..."Well, you know, when he puts his hand on that Bible and says he is going to uphold our laws, he can't do that by having one of his first acts be...
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Bomb the Crap Out of Gaza ... To Rebuild It?

Deja Vu ... all over again!The United States hopes to use post-war reconstruction of the Gaza Strip to help the Western-backed Palestinian Authority reassert its presence and influence in Hamas's stronghold.It's the old, Destroy the village to save it crap-o-la...
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The Heritage Think Tank's Battle on Health Care ... Again

History doesn't repeat ???This is one of the first major salvos on the upcoming debate about the Obama health plan from Robert E. Moffit (bio), director of the Heritage Foundation's Center for Health Policy Studies.If folks don't recall, Moffit drafted...
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The Big Dick ... and Torture

 It's Howdy Doody Time...If there are any paternalistic authoritarian enablers lurking here at the Cafe Normal 0 it would be quite interesting to hear what rationale there is for Big Dick's reasoning here.BLITZER: We're out of time, but a quick...
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Common Wealth Fund: National Health Care Plans Overview 2009

An Analysis of Leading Congressional Health Care Bills,2007-2008: Part I, Insurance Coverage January 09, 2009 | Volume 102 Authors: Sara R. Collins, Ph.D, Jennifer L. Nicholson, and Sheila D. Rustgi Overview This report analyzes and compares leading bills of the...
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American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

We've all heard this before . . .. . . so get ready to hear it again.The basic 10-steps to recovery and reinvestment:"...create jobs in the short-term and spur economic growth and competitiveness in the long-term."  "...make strategic investments that...


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