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Health-Care Dialogue Alarms Obama's Allies

Health-Care Dialogue Alarms Obama's Allies By Ceci Connolly Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, April 21, ... /2009/04/20/pf.html As Congress returns to begin an intense debate over reshaping the nation's $2.2 trillion health-care system, prominent left-leaning organizations and liberal House...
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Jacob Hacker: Stripping Away 'Inherent Advantages' From A Public Plan 'Is At Odds With True Competition'

From: Jacob Hacker: Stripping Away 'Inherent Advantages' From A Public Plan 'Is At Odds With True Competition' Yesterday, University of California, Berkeley Professor Jacob Hacker released a report examining how to structure a public health insurance plan that competes...
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Torture Memos Released

Obama Releasing Four Torture Memos By Zachary Roth - April 16, 2009, 3:05PM In a statement from President Obama, the administration announced that it would release four of the Bush Justice Department memos justifying harsh interrogation techniques that had been...
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Court Declares Franken the Winner

   Next . . ."The overwhelming weight of the evidence" indicates that the Senate election "was conducted fairly, impartially and accurately," the judges wrote. "There is no evidence of a systematic problem of disenfranchisement in the state's election system, including...
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What Does Democratic Centrism on Health Care Get Ya'? A Waffling Agnostic . . .

  I thank my lucky stars . . .. . . . that Mrs. Decoy watches this crap for me and later tunes me in on it . . .  Yesterday, as the majority of the country strutted around in...
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Karen Ignagni: Health Plan Sales-Pitch Dripping in False Concern and Compassion

     This all sounds so compassionate and reasonable . . .Here is Karen Ignagni  the CEO and chief spokesperson for America's Health insurance Plans (AHIP) being interviewed by USA the real fear tactics come out in a video funded...
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Uninsured: The Numbers by State

    This is a disgrace on the world stage . . .Through all the jibber-jabber, wonkery, smoke and mirrors and partisan hackery, and corporate market driven bullsh!t the following statistics have been buried.Below is the estimated percentage and number of...
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FRONTLINE: Voices Respond to "Sick Around America"

   Did anyone actually catch this on PBS?Sick Around AmericaInvestigating the stories of Americans whose lives have becomes a quest to find and keep health are the comments in response from across the country.posted march 31, FRONTLINE,I am...
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Democrats Insist: Public Health Plan as an Alternative to Private Insurance

    For general info and knowledge . . .April 1, 2009 Democrats Agree on a Health Plan; Now Comes the Hard PartWASHINGTON -- Efforts to overhaul the health care system have moved ahead rapidly, with the insurance industry making several...
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HEALTH CARE PLAN (part 2): Pushing the Stone [Solutions]

   Continued from my previous post . . .Americans Speak on Health Reform:Report on Health Care Community Solutions to the Problems in the U.S. Health Care SystemThe Health Care Community Discussion groups did not pinpoint one specific problem with...


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