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Able to fly long long distances when the weather turns sour. Appear as if by magic paddling out of the tall reeds when the bottom-feeders in the pond attempt to raise their ugly heads at the surface.
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"Always try and keep what's real near..." (that's sarcasm...)
Older than dirt ... Road shotgun for Abram out of the Land of Ur.


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HealthCare-NOW.org ... Death By Spreadsheet Booklet

From the fine folks at HC-N.org . . .Single-Payer HR 676 is their cause!It's a free download for anyone who needs it. You may wish to donate to their efforts, also...Death By Spreadsheet Booklet Now Available September 12, 2008 by...
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What the Unfriendly Fart Droppers Fail to Understand.

Fart droppers? You know who I mean . . .All too often, the trolling authoritarian enabler types that frequent the various threads here at TPM Cafe attempt to support their arguments by attacking and insulting those who hold opposing views,...
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President's Weekly Address ... Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

Unfiltered and without the MSM pundits' spin and opinions . . .The President speaks of the priorities and specific details of the plan that is now being hashed out by the members of Congress.Enjoy . . . function loadSWF(url){ var...
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Hey Wackos: Please Follow Rush... Over the Cliff . . .

Dee Doo Dee Doo Dee Doo Dee Doo ... From the folks at Crooks and LiarsDue to Boyd Reeds request . . .WARNING WARNING WARNING : So as not to upset one's own sanity, individuals with a modicum of what's...
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((Updated)) John Conyers Report: Part-2 "Policy Recommendations"

A little update here  ...This post was originally started on January 16, 2009. I have updated the post by adding John Conyers' HR 104 resolution following his list of recommendations for investigation purposes.This also is a follow-up to my post...
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To establish a national commission on presidential war powers and civil liberties.

This isn't just for kicks . . .HR 104 IH 111th CONGRESS1st Session H. R. 104 To establish a national commission on presidential war powers and civil liberties. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES January 6, 2009Mr. CONYERS (for himself, Mr....
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"Systemic Evil" ... Bush Administration's Big Four

This should raise a few eyebrows.... . . but for some reason (ah... hem...) after reading the comments and rationalizations found here in TheraP's blog I have my doubts.From the website for the book: The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo"Systemic...
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Change has come to the White House

For your pleasure...WhiteHouse.govTuesday, January 20th, 2009 at 12:01 pmChange has come to WhiteHouse.govWelcome to the new WhiteHouse.gov. I'm Macon Phillips, the Director of New Media for the White House and one of the people who will be contributing to the...
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Limited Temporary Expansion of Medicaid Part of Stimulus?

Will this fly?As part of a sprawling $825 billion strategy to heal the economy that House Democrats laid out this week, lawmakers and transition officials envision a two-prong approach to help unemployed people retrieve health benefits. One would reshape a...


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