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Influence & Lobbying Congressional Committees Health

This is where the sausage begins to be made and the influence of lobbying go related to the Health Industries. From OpCongressional Committees House Energy and Commerce Committee 110th Congress (2008 cycle): Overview Rep. John D. Dingell (D-Mich), Chairman (Note:...
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Dr. Aaron's Obama-Biden Health Care Discussion Video

For general info . . .The following video was provided at YouTube by TPM Cafe member Dr. Aaron Roland. I am not sure if he had posted a link to this previously around the Cafe  but I think it should...
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President's Weekly Address February 7, 2009 "Compromise"

Repeating what the public needs to understand . . .Saturday, February 7th, 2009 at 5:00 am Compromise There was bad news and then there was good news. Yesterday we learned that in January, the country suffered its largest one-month job loss in 34 years....
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Who really Carries the Book in the White House Office of Health Reform?

Head's up folks . . .I had posted this as a comment over in Desidero's Dean discussion blog thread. I notice that only one Cafe member, Hillarym99 took note of this in that thread. I think it's something everyone who...
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Pushing Obama...

Timely when it's time . . .And the time is near at hand to understand how to start pushing Obama on re-thinking his health care coverage plan.I've elected to copy the following article in total due to the nature of...
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Just Another Day ... Paradise?

Listen and enjoy . . .Here Comes the Sun . . .~OGD~...
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Calif. Physicians Defend the San Francisco universal access program ... Once again...

For general information . . . A wee bit of background information about the "Healthy San Francisco" program:In February 2006, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom created a Universal Healthcare Council (UHC) to develop a plan to provide access to health care...
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Dramatic New Study Presented in Congressional Briefing

Where's the outrage?Yesterday, January 28th. Dramatic New Study Presented in Congressional Briefing Today OAKLAND, Calif., Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- On a day in which Congress prepared to vote on the Obama administration's proposed $800 billion economic stimulus package, the nation's...
oldenGoldenDecoy's picture ... Death By Spreadsheet Booklet

From the fine folks at . . .Single-Payer HR 676 is their cause!It's a free download for anyone who needs it. You may wish to donate to their efforts, also...Death By Spreadsheet Booklet Now Available September 12, 2008 by...
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What the Unfriendly Fart Droppers Fail to Understand.

Fart droppers? You know who I mean . . .All too often, the trolling authoritarian enabler types that frequent the various threads here at TPM Cafe attempt to support their arguments by attacking and insulting those who hold opposing views,...


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