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Enchanting Video ... "Grain of Sand"

  Just for those of you who may enjoy . . .How about dropping your favorite links to something enchanting . . .~OGD~...
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KUDOS: For The Cafe Management's Swift Action

  Much thanks goes out to . . .. . .  Josh and his entire staff here at Talking Points Memo, and special thanks to TPMCafe Intern  Kyle Krahel-Frolander.This is the comment that Kyle left earlier today at the blog...
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House Dems: The Process Begins on Hammering Together The Health Care Plan

Hang loose . . . the pig is ready for take-off  ...From : playing health reform referee House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) has taken on the role of mediator between the three powerful House committee chairmen tasked with...
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Obama's Outreach: Is The President Remodeling the Pyramid?

If so . . . It's about time...Pyramid?  You may ask, what the hell's this wacky Duck talking about now?It's fairly simple to understand. Instead of all the voting public being relegated to the bottom of the rock pile,...
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ENOUGH is ENOUGH: Out with this Jackass John aka/McCainWins Member

This has gone on too long . . .Yeah Yeah ... I know the old saw, Keep you friends close and your enemies closer, but...Take your time and read this so-called member of the Cafe.Here's the most recent post...
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Obama Using Web to Bypass News Media ... Online Townhall ... TODAY 11:30 AM EDT

Very very interesting . . .From an AP report (see top 10 health care questions below):Obama turns to Web to bypass news media WASHINGTON (AP) -- Call it Round Two of the news conference, with a big Internet twist.President Barack...
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Health Insurers: Screwing Doctors and the Patients at the Same Time?

Exactly why we need a competitive public planThese companies are way out of control.Doc groups sue WellPoint, allege underpaymentWednesday, March 25, 2009The California Medical Association, along with the American Medical Association and other physicians and medical groups, filed a lawsuit...
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More Crap From the Health Insurers: They Want Us All... But Only on Their Terms...

They can kiss my tailfeathers . . .Please Note: The was originally posted at 1:25 AMRe-posted for further input, if anyone wishes to addtheir comments.From the LA Times, March 25, 2009 Health insurers say they'll lower premiums for the sick,...
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Opinions on Public Health Insurance

Academic Opinions on Public Health Insurance "The Case for Public Plan Choice in National Health Reform," Jacob S. Hacker ( "Can a Public Insurance Plan Increase Competition and Lower the Costs of Health Reform?," John Holohan and Linda Blumberg (
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Ignagni's Corporate Jibber Jabber Interview about the Health Care Plan

    We'll help write the rules . . . If the government requires everyone is mandated to join a health plan.Yabba Dabba Doo . . .~OGD~...


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