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The Good Memories of Father's Day

It may seem crazy...

But this what me and Dad use to do on most every Father's Day. Racing in the desert...





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It's Prostate Screening Time: New Cancer Treatment Drug Slashes Prostate Cancer Death Risk By Nearly 40%

Father's Day is June 18th... Most men know about this, but if not...

161,000 Americans are diagnosed with Prostate Cancer every year, and it kills nearly 27,000 annually.

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Keeping It All in the Russian Family - Marc Kasowitz Defending Trump:



What we know:

Marc Kasowitz delivered a statement on June 8, 2017, within two hours after former FBI director James Comey's congressional testimony.

President Trump fired Comey, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), on May 9, 2017.

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Andrew McCabe - WhoWhatWhy - Why FBI Can’t Tell All on Trump Russia

Did anyone watch this?

Relating to Trump money laundering? The things that Andrew McCabe knows..



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Doing something about it...

In case you ever come back . . .

[quote="left_in_washington_state, post:1, topic:55909"]
BUT is any one working on the issues with the voting machines in many states?   Last I heard, a lot of the voting machines still do NOT have a paper trail

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Univ. of Maryland: A Homegrown Terrorist Who Grew Out Of The Soil


"Make no mistake about it... This is a lynching..."


May 22, 2017 | David Zirin | The Nation

A Lynching on the University of Maryland Campus




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