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What Exactly Did Obama Say at the Health Care Summit? (C-SPAN video link)

. . . For general reference purposes . . .If you're really interested in where this issue is heading, take the time and watch Obama's 57 minute closing remarks from Thursday, March 5, 2009 at the White House Health Care...
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Investor Controlled For Profit Health Care? A Game of Confidence ...

. . . or a "confidence game" ???Do not allow yourselves to get sidetracked by who's carrying the message or swindled by their use of 20 million dollars in glossy commercials. Invest your limited time in putting forth the following...
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Conservatives Selling Health Care Snake Oil ???

Looking out for those most at risk?Meet Rick Scott and here's his bullshit sales pitch  . . .Now really meet Rick Scott. Let Maggie Maher give you a little background on this snake oil salesman.Who Is Richard Scott-- and Why...
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Change In Action -- Health Care -- Right Now!

For those most at risk . . . Well well well . . . If you, or anyone you know needs information about Health Center Clinics in your immediate area in lieu of using Emergency facilities, here's some info:Recovery Act...
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Sinking the Health For Profit Corporations? Awwww....

Geez ... like the proverbial rats they are ... Do these multi-billion dollar corporations see the handwriting on the wall? Be afraid . . . be very very afraid... and... SELL! SELL! SELL! Health Care Plan Squeezes ETFsHealth care companies...
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Just In ... What My Life-long Conservative Friend Thinks of Jindal

Yowzer . . .I received the following email missive from a life long family friend (40 years) who has been a conservative his entire life. It was in answer to my question to him about Gov. Jindal:Gov. Bobby Jindal? I...
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SENIORS & SOCIAL SECURITY -- Protect Social Security

Just keeping things clear . . .The following was presented in Lorne Guyland's Blog:What was that about Social Security? February 25, 2009, 1:05AM It was an easy to miss paragraph toward the end of Obama's speech tonite:  To preserve our...
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National Governors Assoc. ... Health & Human Services Video

For your general information . . .This forum was held yesterday, Sunday February 22, 2009.Bookmark the link to my blog here if you don't currently have 1 hour and 24 minutes to view this forum. Health Care Reform (C-SPAN) Format:...
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Intelligence Squared: Three Part Universal Health Debate

For you general information . . . With Comments DisabledFor info:About Intelligence Squared DebatesThere is a twelve-part video after the debate lead in. It's 90 minutes in length.So for those of you who have the ability to concentrate longer than...


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