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Incremental Universalism ?? It's Coming . . .

Hey... Hey... Hey...After the inauguration and the hoopla dies down you'll be hearing this quite often:Incremental UniversalismIt's the way the Health Care package will be sold and it's coming as sure as the sun rises . . .Single Payer?...
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Jason Everett Miller: Picking and Choosing who responds in his blog???

Normal 0   Geez . . . Normal 0 After reading this progressive post of Jason's here at the Cafe "Self-Censored Social Networks"   posted back in April -- things are little clearer where this "adult" is coming from.  ...
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Overuse of "Lame Duck"... How about "Lame Ass"?

.Has everyone on the east coast had a good lunch? I'm about to enjoy breakfast out in the garden under a partly cloudy sky, with the temp hovering at 72 . . .As you've already noted, I take issue with...
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TPM Wayback Machine: Lieberman circa June 1, 2007

Did anyone else see Lieberman on MTP yesterday?The following immediately came to my mind again, as it always does, when ever I see his face.From a thread here in my blog June 1, 2007, 2:22PM Warrior Joe and the...
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Is Sgt. Irrelevent Hiding in the Election Threads Now?

. Ha Ha Ha Ha . . . How about this ol' prediction of yers SFCWallace from just before the 2006 Congressional takeover?Why Democrats lose #426 I'll be here in November if you guys are finally ready to understand why...
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Calling SFCWallace ... Calling SFCWallace

I was scrolling though my old blog posts and came upon this one from back in December 2006: Did SFCWallace head out to re-enlist for the 'Big Surge'? And that got me to wondering if there's been any recent...
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Where Did All the Pumas Go?

Not that I'm missing 'em, but I was just wonderin' . . .And did anyone read that the polling website has pronounced the PUMA movement DOA?Leave your thoughts, if you have any.~OGD~** Infrequent Cafe contributor since June 2005 **...
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AP/Yahoo Poll Released: Racial views that steer some white Dems away from Obama

This here is a real eyebrow raising poll out from: Associated Press/Yahoo in conjunction with Stanford University on "race" . Poll: Racial views steer some white Dems away from Obama Deep-seated racial misgivings could cost Barack Obama the White House...
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An Old Timer from the Good Old Cafe Daze Checks Again

Wow! This is absolutely amazing. If any of the old, old timers are left that remember me, HOWDY! It's been so long that I fear some have crossed the threshold of the hammered bracelet (the asteroid belt in current terms) and...
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I'm Goin Sailing

This messed up joint has lost something in the translation. Maybe let it settle in and come back a month or two to see if things have worked themselves out. ~OGD~...


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