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The TPM "Apologists for the Scumbags" ... the MSM and Valerie Plame

~ Small snippets of press and pundit quotes related to the previous status of Valerie Wilson Plame: Washington Post editorial: “The trial has provided…no evidence that she was, in fact, covert.” [Washington Post, 3/7/07]Mort Kondracke: “I frankly don’t think since...
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Valerie Wilson to Appear Before Waxman Committee!

~ Coming March 16No telling what's going to shake out during the hearing. What with the Wilson civil suit pending, in addition to that which the CIA affords Ms. Wilson to speak openly about in relationship to her past CIA employment,...
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Cooked Intel & Torture Abuse: So the 'Stovepipe' Stops Where?

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Today, on the normal Friday news-dump, the latest findings come out of the inspector general's office of the Pentagon claiming "...that prewar intelligence work at the Pentagon, including a contention that the CIA had underplayed the likelihood...
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04/22/2009: More to Add to the Stove-Pipe

.Some new info for the ... Stove-Pipe . . . McClatchy: Bush Admin Used Torture To Look For Saddam-Qaida Link Citing an anonymous intel source and a new Senate report, McClatchy reports the Bush Admin strongly pressured interrogators to use...
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More Material to ^Crib^ to Slam the Boomers over their Heads

.During the week of January 23 through the 27th., in various threads some high level beefs and diatribes were discussed surrounding the "boomers of the sixties" and specifically the Vietnam/ demonstrations/ '68 Chicago Democratic Convention riot issue -- If any of the detractors of...
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How Did Jerry Ford Really Feel About Iraq?

. Lost within all the front page headlines related to the passing of Gerald R. Ford was this little tidbit of a byline from Bob Woodward. It was an interview conducted in 2005 that had been embargoed until after Ford's...
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Did SFCWallace head out to re-enlist for the 'Big Surge'?

. Little trip back in the time machine to September 16 ... Don't you all just miss the apoplectic admonitions from the ol' authoritarian apologist like this one here?Why Democrats lose #426 Oh! And don't overlook his famous last words...
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Will Newt Crash the Grand Old Party?

. As we have all noticed, it wasn’t but 24 hours after the election results that the major media outlets began their anointing of the 2008 presidential contenders. And of course, we have all been clued into the three main...
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Bush Aims to Kill War Crimes Act

. Just a little heads up in case you haven't seen this slowly developing story buried under all the latest spin and spewage.... Bush Aims to Kill War Crimes Act Jeremy Brecher & Brendan Smith September 5, 2006 The US...
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The Numbers Don't Lie -- The Bush Strategy is Not Working

. Today Josh had posted this thread over in the Cafe: Bush's Goldilocks Moment: Terror Just Right How timely. Here's a report that was released today during a press conference with Senator Harry Reid. Everyone may find the following information...


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