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Able to fly long long distances when the weather turns sour. Appear as if by magic paddling out of the tall reeds when the bottom-feeders in the pond attempt to raise their ugly heads at the surface.
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"Always try and keep what's real near..." (that's sarcasm...)
Older than dirt ... Road shotgun for Abram out of the Land of Ur.


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Trump's Populist Support Message? Horse Pucky!

August 12, 2016 - WaPo - Wonkblog

A massive new study debunks a widespread theory for Donald Trump’s success

Economic distress and anxiety across working-class white America have become a widely discussed explanation for the success of Donald Trump. It seems to make sense.


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Trump Shaking the Tree So All the Wacko Nuts Fall Out at One Time

Is this a positive outcome of Trump?



For years, I have always said that the right for one to freely express their opinion is a very positive thing within our crazy culture.

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Running Trump's Train High on Rogaine® - Economic Advisers?

X-posted from the TPM Hive...

August 5, 2016

CNN Money - Election 2016 - Your money your vote

Trump reveals his economic advisers

Trump: "Empowering Americans by freeing up the necessary tools for everyone to gain economically..."

The campaign's policy team will be led by Stephen Miller.

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Hey Dick Day: Donald's "Intelligence" Report- Page One

The first report . . .

Here are 30 ways Drumpf can increase his intelligence:


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Who Really Benefits From All The Political Infighting?

One thing is sure . . .

There can be little doubt that the cable channels and print media are raking in the dough from commercials and ads while covering the internecine warfare within both bodies on both sides of the ticket.


We are truly looked upon as sheep.

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What In The Hell Was That in Cleveland?


I mean... Really...

If you did watch that circus leave a quick comment of your memory of the most weird moment.


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Bernie, His Followers and an Insurgency?


Very interesting . . .

I couldn't pass up this comment...


Found in this thread here-->

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Visiting Around Here at Election Time

Scrolling in the threads . . .

Trying to make heads or tails on the Bernie vs. Hillary crap reminds visitors of this:



Oh and...



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The Presidential Race: Psephology Does Not Rely on Psychological Punditry

Stick with the numbers , , ,

Have you had enough of the cut & pastes of media punditry and cut & pastes of Hillary bashing?

Sam Wang - Princeton Election Consortium

As of July 7, 2:25PM EDT:
State polls: Clinton 326 EV, Trump 212 EV Meta-margin: Clinton +3.30%
Clinton Nov. win probability: random drift 65%, Bayesian 85%

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The Heavy Hit Pieces On The Clintons Begin To Bubble To The Surface


It's going to get real nasty . . .


The Clintons’ sordid race game: No one will say it, but the Clintons’ rise was premised on repudiating black voters

Here's what Bill and Hillary mean to me: Sister Souljah, welfare reform, Ricky Ray Rector and the crime bill.



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