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DagBlog... The often unseen importance of its existence


With big props to Michael Wolraich...

One of the Prime Hive members at TPM posted the following yesterday. And due to the archived material here at Dag I was able help this person find Quinn's great post. Thank you Michael and if you're out there somewhere Thank You Quinn.

By quinn esq on Wed, 09/30/2009


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Four Hundred Trump Documents Leaked Showing Money Trail to RNC, McConnell, and Others


Now that we know Scott Dworkin...

Here is some real interesting background info on lawmakers with questionable ties to funding from sources outside the US... Basically what these lawmakers really don't wish to be questioned about in the Mueller investigation. If they haven't already been questioned.

From Bluedot . . .

Over Four Hundred Trump Documents Leaked, Showing Money Trail to RNC, McConnell, and Others

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Intersting Outcome in Kentucky


A heads-up from Artappraiser at DagBlog...

Democrat wins Kentucky House district Trump won by 49%

By artappraiser on Wed, 02/21/2018 - 2:04am |

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Emergency Powers

Here ya; go... Try this rabbit hole...

Emergency Power at Legal Dictionary

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Art... Yup . . .

Thanks for the great article and yes, there is manganese down there to mine..

In 1968 when the Soviet submarine K-129 went down I was in the Navy based in San Diego serving with AirAntiSubmarineSquardon-41. We chased subs. We were privy to this Soviet sub and it's final resting place at the time. Here's one of our carrier birds that was loaded with all kinds of cutting edge electronic equipment that could find a 50 gallon steel drum at 5-6000 meters depth on the floor bottom...


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