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Nader... Obama... and the Primaries...


Howdy Wall Mart Shoppers...

Or ... maybe I should say Wall Street Shoppers.

How's your investment portfolios, or Trustifarians Funds, or 401Ks doing?

No need to answer that. This post is simply an update about the brouhaha that I started at Ralph ... Where art thou? and It's NOT about Nader ... It's about energizing the Progressive base... back in September over Ralph Nader's plan to primary President Obama...

And Yes ... We all know how Ralph likes to keep his face in the news and what his actions in 2000 did or did not do and what he once was and what he no longer is..

I know it's no fun, but spare us all the opinions and vitriol... Please!

With that said ... Read on for the latest according to Weigel...


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It's NOT about Nader ... It's about energizing the Progressive base...


Now that Ralph is out of the way...

As some here already know, yesterday I posted Ralph ... Where art thou?

It appears to have gotten folks' attention. It was received with over 500+ reads and commenting that was somewhat spirited (to put it mildly)

And, what Genghis posted really hit the mark about the Nader debate:

I desperately wish that Nader would disappear into a black hole--if only so that I wouldn't have to read any more angry debates about whether or not he's a narcissistic jerk who made Gore lose. On the other hand, his disappearance would probably just provoke a fresh round of eulogies and denunciations, and it would be worse than ever.

So maybe it would be better if all the people who believe that Nader's character is an important topic to rehash yet again for the sake of posterity and/or the google wayback machine would suddenly disappear into a black hole where they could flame each other to their heart's content--or as much as is possible within the bowels of a singularity. I'd be cool with that.

Thank you Genghis. Because, the actual crux of the message I posted was totally overlooked, just by the presence of the announcement of Nader jumping into the spotlight.

The real message is about: Should progressives challenge Obama in the Democratic primaries?

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Ralph ... Where art thou?

It wouldn't be the same without Ralph

Where's the five-time candidate for President of the United States?

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10 month Update: California and Federal Health Care Reform: The National Leader in Implementation

Howdy all...

It's been 10 months since my last post here at Dag...

Here is the latest in California with the state's ongoing implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act.

It would also be interesting to hear what's going on in other states' local legislative processes and implementation of the Act.

The following bullet points found at California Progress Organization are taken from a report by Anthony Wright, the Executive Director of Health Access California, the statewide health care consumer advocacy coalition of over 200 groups.

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California and Federal Health Care Reform: The State Becomes the National Leader in Implemention



For your general information . . .


For those of you that reside in other states and don’t know what the new reform could be doing in your states if implemented, the following information is intended to assist you in expanding your understanding of what can be done if the implementation is organized in a reasonably rational manner.

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California High Speed Rail Funding and Jobs



Oh this is just too good to pass up . . .

Many progressives across the US see the following as a big negative.

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Veterans' Issues : Are the Citizens at Fault for the Veterans Lack of Treatment?



Is this the best way to seek Veterans assistance?

Brow beat the living be-jabbers out of the citizenry of the country when the majority of them are also in need?

This fella's spiel is being published so often that it's not hard to notice that it's falling on deaf ears...

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Marijuana ... California Initiative With It's Roots Firmly Planted In Hell



Here’s an Opinion from the Christian Science Monitor . . .


Now keep in mind… I haven’t imbibed in “snapping a bowl” or torching a “fatty” or sucked my brains out on a “bong hit” in ages … but I just couldn’t let this load of crap pass…



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