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Art... Yup . . .

Thanks for the great article and yes, there is manganese down there to mine..

In 1968 when the Soviet submarine K-129 went down I was in the Navy based in San Diego serving with AirAntiSubmarineSquardon-41. We chased subs. We were privy to this Soviet sub and it's final resting place at the time. Here's one of our carrier birds that was loaded with all kinds of cutting edge electronic equipment that could find a 50 gallon steel drum at 5-6000 meters depth on the floor bottom...

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Judge: Trump Admin Didn’t Offer ‘Legally Adequate Reasons’ For Ending DACA

At TPM... By Associated Press | February 13, 2018 5:05 pm

Judge: Trump Admin Didn’t Offer ‘Legally Adequate Reasons’ For Ending DACA

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The Launch of Heavy and Kids

Ocean-cat... we who are stuck in the past . . .

Unfortunatley for us... ... We don't see these present day
accomplishments through the wondrous eyes as the
children in this home video...





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Community Health Center Funding

‘‘Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018’’


Sec. 50901. Extension for community health centers, the National Health Service Corps, and teaching health centers that operate GME programs. 

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SpaceX Heavy Launch: For the Record

Posted without comment...

 Feb 6, 2018 | Launch T-minus 2 minutes begins at the 20 minutes mark.




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Mark up about Carter Page on MSNBC Oct 30, 2017

 CVille wrote this...

Which brings me to the question of protecting the target of the surveillance.  If nothing incriminating is found then no further surveillance will be approved, and the target’s reputation is in tact because of the secrecy involved (unless Nunes, or someone of his ilk decides to ‘out’ him). 

Question: How did Carter Page know back in October that Paul Ryan would use his power to expose in the Nunes Memo the dossier’s inclusion in the Page FISA affidavit? Doesn't Page out himself in this interview?

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Gerrymandering: It might not be "the problem" but it sure needs attention

Hey now...

In response to Michael's thoughtful post GERRYMANDERING ISN'T THE PROBLEM

Quietly going about the business of overcoming gerrymandering since October 2017...




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