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Britt Ekland: more interesting than you'd expect

or at least for me, expecting something ditzy and finding her retrospective a bit more engaging.

DoJ Flynn Kraziness part ii

Sullivan delayed twice so Barr's DoJ could make this statement:

The Aristocrats? No, Louie Louie

"Wipe that dirty thought out of your mind, young man/lady!"
"Uh, easier said than done...."
And thus the FBI tried & failed unmasking one of the greatest rock 'n roll standards ever.
So let's spend thesome mmmmmm together..... cuz we gotta go.

East meets West; online critique

Virtual galleries and competitions are born - 

Maybe will usher in more Virtual Reality viewing stations

Michael Moore Punches Down

Is he becoming Kid Rock?

I remember him saying he refused to recycle because he saw a truck mixing bins. But I live in a country where we successfully separate and recycle. Yes, in Europe - America should try it (with his encouragement for a change?)

And even for population, our only problem region is Sub-Saharan Africa. Does he know this?

Is this Michael Moore's big F U?

DoJ Craziness Thread

DoJ claims they can't release Mueller grand jury info to House.

DoJ starts withdrawing Flynn cases.

What else?


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