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Once We Were Queens

The heyday of female directs, gone, er, with the wind.

Did they really need a League of their Own? Was it a rude Awakenings to find it all burned down? We *are* more woke about all this stuff these days, right?

[The Blondie quote, "women are slaves"... For how long?]

In Honor: Pussy No More

A rather sly career, including her later man-eating boytoy period. Seems she didn't get the memo about actresses' sell-by date.

Ain't No Sunshine Today

Bill Withers gone away.


PL Found in Translation?

Polish Literature, English versions (you do have all the time in the world, right?)

Comix Grrrl Sadism

The list of atrocities and abuse - but the bitch asked for it.

All's hell that enda hell.

Biden almost bests Hillary

Remember how in 2016 the media and party told Bernie it's over, that Hillary had it wrapped up, just like for Joe with his whopping 150 margin post-Super Tuesday? Me neither.

I do remember a lot about Superdelegates, as if that changes things.

Hillary lead in pledged delegates:
197 Nebraska of 1130
206 Mississippi of 1334
321 Ohio of 2031 (halfway point)
296 Utah of 2162
230 Washington of 2304
4051 Total Pledged Delegates


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