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Man Out of Time: Unreasonable Men reviews

A good point to remind of some previous reviews plus a fun interview. Let me know if there are any more and I'll tack them onto this post.

Orwell: Dishonesty & Cowardice Will Be Paid For

Worth re-reading in these times, however long karma takes to come due. (Kundera's Unbearable Lightness of Being makes a similar point in longer form)


Nick Cave: Back to Transgression

The eternal heretic speaks - in religious voice.

Punishment... Reward. Bring me my hairshirt and skewers.

Cash & Curie - curieosity & opening up the past

I'd originally been looking at Rosanne Cash's comments on #MeToo,
but came across her tribute to a tribute to Marie Curie (yes, recursive,
or recuriesive depending, in this case Adrienne Rich as the midpoint)

But is it Art? Paint by Numbers dude dies

Did he popularize, democratize art, or simply debase it?
Well, Dan Robbins will no longer be around to answer that question.
But I hear he left some kind of Da Vinci Code to the truth -
a sequence - simple yet sublime - 1 thru 50.
Palettes ready?

Food Review: LA Dishes on New York

What can I say that hasn't been said...?
(except St. Louis Bread Company seems to be nailing the vaunted trending "sliced bagels" niche -
both coasts must be jealous as all hell - or so they at least think)
Meanwhile, back to the Big (Candied) Apple - let that one stick.

Super Mario Bros: down so long, still feels like up

Hard to say why so many hate this movie - charming sweet, funny lines, over-the-top performances, and a vibe that's a cross between Bladerunner and Running Man. That it came out the same year as Jurassic Park (which I hated) is even more perfect. Dennis Hopper is the ultimate reptilian reprobate - no longer confined to sodomizing cupie dolls in a tiny shack by The River's Edge, but as a real live Kooper reliving his Blue Velvet "I'll fuck anything that moves!" rages. And this is bad?


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