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A Compilation of Trump’s Tweets About Black People

 Michael Harriot at the Root analyzed all of Tweets Donald Trump directed at black people and groups. Surprisingly, there are some positive tweets about black people, mostly contestants on his Apprentice television show. Almost 2700 tweets were about President Obama. In total over 93% of Trump’s tweets about black people were negative. Harriot did an excellent job of compiling the tweets.

Museums Working to Increase the Number of Black Curators.

Museums are making efforts to create diversity in curators at their institutions. The diversity was hindered by the insular nature of many museums of unpaid internships that prevented many ethnic minority students.from acquiring skills that would help them advance through the ranks. Not surprisingly, most museum boards are majority white

Open Letter to Black Pastors Who Met with Trump

A group of black pastors wrote a letter to the pastors who attended a meeting with Donald Trump. The pastors pointed out the hypocrisy of attending the meeting

Putin Using Facebook to Sow Discord Among Black and Latino Voters Ahead of Midterms

Facebook has taken down dozens of Facebook and Instagram accounts it says were part of an effort to sow disinformation and manipulate social media users ahead of the 2018 midterms.

As the Washington Post reports, the pages were specifically centered on drumming up opposition to Trump. Just as in 2016, the accounts tried to rally Facebook users behind racial, gender and social issues to spread disinformation and manipulate their followers.

Rename Austin, Texas

A report on Confederate monuments and streets in Austin , Texas included the recognition that Austin itself is named after Stephen F Austin, a man who supported slavery. Changing demographics 

Peaceful Arrest of Suspect in Stabbing of Two Women at a BART Station

A white man stabbed two black women at a BART station in SF. He was later found on another BART train and taken into custody alive. Colin Kaepernick twitter response was.

Colin Kaepernick Retweeted
The safe capturing of John Lee Cowell, after he brutally murdered #NiaWilson, is a prime example for the reason that some of see the police as protectors and Others see the police as oppressors.
11:36 PM · Jul 23, 2018

DNC Apologizes to Black Voters

TOM Perez, head of the DNC, apologized to an audience of mostly black voters in a fund raiser held in Atlanta

ATLANTA—Swanky fund-raisers don’t often begin with an apology to the well-heeled donors who shelled out thousands of dollars to sip wine, eat steak, and listen to pep-rally speeches. But as he looked out over a predominantly black crowd gathered at the Georgia Aquarium on Thursday night, Tom Perez, the Democratic National Committee chairman, felt compelled to issue a mea culpa.

“I am sorry,” Perez said.

“Roseanne” and the Divided States

I was not among the 18M who tuned in to the reboot of the “Roseanne” television show. The lead characters on the series are Trump supporters. Roseanne Barr is a Trump supporter in real life. For me, there is nothing to see. Barr received a congratulatory call from Donald Trump, further sealing the idea that this is not my type of show. Black Twitter had a mostly negative response to the show, but some loved the nostalgia and attempt to show both sides of the argument. At some point we will get a racial breakdown of the audience. Roseanne’s sister is the white Liberal on the show, and if the article is accurate, seems to be a caricature. In a NYT op-ed, Roxane Gay points out that “Roseanne” attempts to normalize Trump. Trump is a bigot, racist, and homophobe. The show tries to sugarcoat the obvious fact by have a black granddaughter (with few lines), and a gender option dressing grandson. The Liberal sister does not challenge Roseanne about Trump’s racism or LGBT comments. In fact, Roseanne forgives her sister for not voting for Trump.

Houston Sports Teams C’mon Man!

Houston suffered heavy damage during hurricane. We are encouraged to cheer for their sports teams as a small token of our support for Houston citizens. But Houston sports teams are letting us down. The Houston Astros are tied with the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series. We want to pull for the Astros, but Astros player Yuri Gurriel displays a racist slant-eye gesture targeting a Dodger of Japanese descent. Gurriel apologized. He was suspended for five games. The five games don’t apply to the World Series, but take effect in the 2018 season. Houston fans responded to Gurriel’s first at bat after the suspension for the racist act with a standing ovation. Houston, c’mon man!

John Kelly Another Victim of Trumpism.

President Barack Obama did not call General Kelly after Kelly’s son died in combat. There was a White House breakfast for Gold Star families months later where General Kelly sat with First Lady Michelle Obama. General Kelly left the breakfast out of his 12 minute speech yesterday, leaving the impression that there was no interaction with the Obamas.


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