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Houston Sports Teams C’mon Man!

Houston suffered heavy damage during hurricane. We are encouraged to cheer for their sports teams as a small token of our support for Houston citizens. But Houston sports teams are letting us down. The Houston Astros are tied with the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series. We want to pull for the Astros, but Astros player Yuri Gurriel displays a racist slant-eye gesture targeting a Dodger of Japanese descent. Gurriel apologized. He was suspended for five games. The five games don’t apply to the World Series, but take effect in the 2018 season. Houston fans responded to Gurriel’s first at bat after the suspension for the racist act with a standing ovation. Houston, c’mon man!

John Kelly Another Victim of Trumpism.

President Barack Obama did not call General Kelly after Kelly’s son died in combat. There was a White House breakfast for Gold Star families months later where General Kelly sat with First Lady Michelle Obama. General Kelly left the breakfast out of his 12 minute speech yesterday, leaving the impression that there was no interaction with the Obamas.

Kaepernick Part II

A recent discussion on Colin Kaepernick's inability to find employment in the NFL swiftly divided into two camps. One group saw the Kaepernick ban in the tradition of other black athletes who faced punishment for speaking out against injustice. Tommie Smith and John Carlos were punished for raising their fists at the Olympics. Ali was stripped of his heavyweight championship for refusing to serve in Vietnam. For the first group, Kaepernick received similar pushback as Ali, Smith, and Carlos. All were accused of disrespecting the country. 

Donald Trump Attacks Civil Rights Legend John C. Lewis.

Representative John C. Lewis does not view Donald Trump as a legitimate President.Lewis believes that Russia and other forces aided Trump's victory. Trump responded with a predictable, insulting tweet condemning Lewis for being all talk and no action. Trump also told Lewis to work on improving the poor, black, and crime-infested neighborhood that the Civil Rights icon represents. Trump has no idea about the location of Lewis', Trump operates from racial bias. Lewis's district includes wealthy areas like Buckhead, the airport, and Georgia Tech. Trump cannot envision a black man representing a wealthy community. Trump is a racist.

Time to Call Off the 2016 Olympics

Russia is lucky in that it has been banned from sending athletes to the Olympics in Rio because of a dying scandal. These athletes will be spared the health risks that athletes headed to Rio will face. The country has the Zika virus. The risks to pregnant women are clear cut. The other public health risk is that infected mosquitos will bite those attending the games, those infected will return to their home countries were they will provide an infected blood source for mosquitos in their native lands. The Olympics provide a source of worldwide infection.

"Pardon The Interruption" Politics Version

"Pardon the Interruption" is a sports analysis show on ESPN. Two hosts review recent sports stories and offer their opinions. One of the key ingredients of the show is a review at the end, noting what the hosts got wrong. Usually this involves errors in memories about events of past games or players statistics. The technique would benefit today's news anchors.

Bernie and the HBCUs

Bernie Sanders had an enormous challenge in gaining traction among black voters. Historically, blacks have not felt that they were important to many Progressive groups. The usual response from some Progressive groups is that the issue being discussed impacts the poor, blacks are poor, they will benefit from our program, The  Progressive assumption is well-intentioned, but it lacks nuance. A prime example of this miscommunication is Sanders plan for free education.Influential politician James Clyburn complemented Sanders on the dedicated to poverty and unemployment

Bernie Sanders, Cornel West, and Martin Luther King Jr.

The upcoming Primaries will tell the tale of inroads that Bernie Sanders made into black voters. Hillary is a name familiar to the black community. Civil Rights hero Bernie Sanders has been working in the background. When faced with the voting divide in South Carolina where the majority of white Democrats support Bernie and the majority of black Democrats support Hillary, white Progressives wonder "What's wrong with blacks?". This is not stated in that blunt term, but it does come in the form of the of why are you voting for a racist like Hillary. Hillary's support for the crime bill and her use of the term "superpredator" are the initial part of the attack.

Driving While Black: Car Purchasing Edition

There is a bill in Congress that challenges government efforts to end a form of discrimination in car loans. Car dealerships can finance car loans. The dealerships work with banks who determine the credit worthiness and suggested cost of the loan. The car dealership can legally add a "markup" to make profit on the loan. In practice the loans are discriminatory. Black and Latinos face a higher markup at the dealership despite their credit rating. In addition, the bank raises the cost of the loan it suggests to the car dealer based on race. Minorities are openly discriminated again in the current system.

Unalienable Rights

Reactionaries abhor change. When minority groups demand the rights guaranteed by the Creator or simply as being human, reactionaries push back. Reactionaries stand athwart history yelling "Stop". For reactionaries things are the way they are because that is the way things were supposed to be. When change occurs, reactionaries demonize the people seeking change. Minorities are criminals or terrorists. Women are emasculating or FemiNazis. Gays are depraved individuals who will rape children and destroy the institution of marriage.


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