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Mississippi Lord Mississippi

Mike Espy is now in a runoff in the Mississippi Senate race. The fact that Espy is in a tight race in Mississippi is just as amazing as the Governor’s races in Florida and Georgia. The white Republican candidate exposed the GOP, once again, as the political party that remains entrenched in what it considers the good old days. The Republican Senatorial candidate referred to lynching


Fascists Attack Protestors in NYC After Republican Sponsored Event

A leader of the Facist, misogynist Proud Boys spoke at a Republican Club in Manhattan. They were invited by Republican members of the club. When they exited the building, they attacked a group of protesters

Ye and Jim at the White House

Kanye West put on an embarrassing performance at the White House. He clearly has issues. Kanye is the shuffling type of Negro that appeals to Trump’s base. Sitting next to Kanye was former Cleveland Browns great Jim Brown. Jim Brown’s claim to fame off the football field is physical abuse of women.

Ye at the White House

White Art Curators in Black Spaces

A white curator is designing the Hip-Hop exhibit at the National Museum of African-American History and Culture. The appointment is met with criticism for not selecting a black curator to manage the operation. Museums tend to respond by pointing to a lack of qualified Black curators.

The Perils of Universalism

political Universalism is a scam. It is a cowardly response to the alt-right. The alt-right openly espouses white supremacy. Universalism pretends that white supremacy will end if the Left simply doesn’t mention race. From an excellent takedown of Universalism by Leo Casey in Dissent Magazine


What Liberals Get Wrong About Identity Politics

A group of black feminists met in the mid1970s to address issues that felt were being ignored by white feminists, and black, mostly male-led, Civil Rights organizations. They called themselves the Combahee River Collective. .In 1977, the group issued a statement 

When Being Black Violates the Dress Code

Braids are not offensive. There is nothing rational about banning braids from schools. A 6th year old black child was sent home from one Christian school in Florida for wearing braids.

In a more recent episode, a sixth grade girl was sent home in tears because her Christian school said her braids violated policy. The case has gone to court.

White Supremacy versus Identity Politics

Almost in response to the criticism of identity politics by Fukuyama and Appiah, comes a NYT article by  Pankaj Mishra describing the cult of whiteness that limits progress. It is hard to separate issues like identity politics and cultural appropriation from white supremacy. Fukuyama and Appiah view marginalized group protest as a means of creating  identity politics in reactionaries. Mishra views identity politics as a demand of respect from marginalized groups. He views white supremacy is always in action and is always attempting to suppress ethnic minorities. 

Study Suggests Black Men Prefer Black Doctors

A Stanford study of black men receiving free preventative health care advice at a clinic in Oakland noted that the men were more likely to do testing to guide future therapy if they received advice from black male physicians. The reason included the fact that the black physician’s actually seemed to care more about the care the men received than white or Asian doctors. Compliance rates with suggestions offered by black physicians was in the 60% range compared to 40% compliance with white or Asian physicians.


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