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Bill Cosby, Tired Conservative ?

Ta-Nehisi Coates has a post that points out how Conservatives have attempted to use Bill Cosby as a battering ram against Liberals in general and the Black community in particular. Cosby is well known for stating that Black fathers and families have to take more responsibility in instilling a moral code and educating the younger generation. In no way does Cosby state that poor Black people are to be left to their own devices. His latest book with Harvard psychiatrist Alvin Poussaint, "Come on People", suggests solutions that involve parents (either single or together), communities and government working in combination to improve the situation in urban communities.

The Impact of Words

Chris Rock tells a joke about the late rapper Tu-Pac. "People are saying that Tu-Pac  was assassinated. The truth is that n-word just got shot." Laughter follows. If Tu-Pac was replaced with Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X, you might expect horror rather than laughter. In fact, if laughter followed then the standards in the black community have fallen to  dangerous level.

We do differentiate at some level between black people and n-words. In another joke, Chris Rock notes that n-words screw things up for Black people. Again laughter follows.

Dumbing Down of the United States: Weather Edition.

I have never understood why weather reporters feel the need to stand out in the wind and rain to tell us that heavy winds and rain are bad. The head of the Hurricane Center sits by a video console and tells us what is about to happen. He imparts much more useful information while remaining dry.

Is the American public so stupid that they require these unnecessary and silly visual skits?

For your entertainment pleasure, a link to an article at the Daily Beast by Alex Berg with windswept reporters including a hilarious Al Roker video.

Is The Response To Mark Halperin's Statement Overblown?

The initial segment on Howard Kurtz's "Reliable Sources" dealt with Mark Halperin's quip about President Obama being a "dick". Howard Kurtz characterize the situation as involving a mild obscenity and thought that the incident was overblown. Mark Halperin thought that he was making The comment during a 7 second delay. Joe Scarborough, who appeared to be telling Halperin that the comment would be delayed suddenly appeared shocked, and stated that he (Scarborough) was only joking in mentioning the 7 second delay. Mika had her usual; "Who me? Involved in this?" look.

Republicans Reject Their Own Plan on the Debt Ceiling

Ezra Klein has an interesting little blurb on how the Republicans rejected a plan by the Obama administration that reduced the deficit by 2.4 trillion. 2 trillion came from spending cuts and 400 million came from tax increases. Tax increases were 17% of the plan. The plan was rejected by the Republicans.

It's Not Just Me ...............Honest

I may have inflamed some people by addressing some differences between the perceptions of some Black Progressives and some White Progressives. I noted that a panel at Netroots Nation consisted of Black Netroots who were trying to formulate get out the vote programs for Obama and the Democrats. A post at FDL (Not from one off the headliners at FDL) responded in the negative to the GOTV effort. The FDL post stated that pressuring Obama was the more important issue.

Vote Yes or No

When I read and hear of all the despair about the current situation in the United States expressed by Progressives, I often wonder why I'm not equally depressed. I find comfort when I read polls that note that despite the economic hardships present in the country today, African-Americans remain optimistic about the future. In a Washington Post poll cited by Ellis Cose in a "The Daily Beast" column on May 22, 2011 notes that 60% of African-Americans polled felt that their children would have a better standard of living.

Cornel West Vs. Rev. Al Sharpton Round 2

Sharpton, West to Debate on Obama, Black Agenda


Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2011, 3:42 am
By: Jackie Jones,






African-Americans celebrate the Fourth of July along with all other Americans; however it should be noted that because of America's birth defect of slavery, the Fourth of July does come with some baggage. Today on June 19th, many Africans Americans will be participating in Juneteenth, a celebration of the end of slavery in the United States of America.

New Media Same As Old Media (With A Few Exceptions)

Huffpost is entering into a deal with AOL. The Daily Beast has a deal to work with Newsweek. New media is settling into cozy relationship with the corporate world. Against this backdrop we have newly released books by two women of color who tell of the objective racism they faced in their careers in mainstream media.



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