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Juneteenth 2012 The Struggle Continues

On June 19 ("Juneteenth"), 1865, Union general Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston and issued General Order Number 3, which read in part, "The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of personal rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection heretofore existing between them becomes that between employer and hired labor." The tidings of freedom reached the approximately 250,000 slaves in Texas gradually as individual plantation owners informed their bondsmen over the months following the end of the war. The news elicited an array of personal celebrations, some of which have been described in The Slave Narratives of Texas (1974). The first broader celebrations of Juneteenth were used as political rallies and to teach freed slaves about their voting rights. Within a short time, however, Juneteenth was marked by festivities throughout the state, some of which were organized by official Juneteenth committees. Slaveholders in Texas had been able to keep the news of Emancipation from their slaves until 1865. There was a period during the Civil Rights era of the 1960s when the celebrations fell out of favor.

The End Of Black on Black Crime

The reign of Black-On-Black crime is over, but first an update:


It seems that George Zimmerman's lawyers have quit because they cannot contact their client. Simultaneously, Zimmerman has set up a website requesting contributions  for his legal defense. Zimmerman defied his lawyer's advice and personally called the Special Attorney. The ex-lawyers believed that Zimmerman spoke to Sean Hannity of Fox News. Hannity confirmed the conversation with Zimmerman on his radio show. Hannity, at least, for now, refuses to state what he was told by Zimmerman. Reuters is reporting that the State's Attorney is holding a press conference within 72 hours.

Wonder who gets the money from the website? Wonder if the money will used to support a lifestyle in exile?

Now to the discussion at hand

Zimmerman's defenders have used the diversion of black-on-black crime in an attempt to stem criticism of the admitted murderer. The question goes up how can blacks focus on Zimmerman when Trayvon Martins are killed across the county everyday by blacks. Black on Black crime negates any murder of a black youth by anyone from another ethnic group.

Fulton County (Atlanta, Ga) Deputies Refuse To Evict 103 Year Old Woman

You read that right, a bank wants to foreclose on a 103 year-old-woman, Vinia Hall, and her 83 year-old daughter. The Fulton County deputies and movers who arrived on the scene refused to enforce the eviction after gazed upon the frail woman. The loan is held by Deutsche Bank, but is being locally enforced in Atlanta by Chase.

Happy Evacuation Day

Evacuation Day does not mark the elimination process that follows over-eating on Thanksgiving but celebrates November 25,1783 when the last British troops  left New York City at the end of the Revolutionary War. The holiday was once more popular in New York City than Thanksgiving. The celebration included parades, speeches and fireworks

Michelle Bachmann Meets Hip-Hop

Republican Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon's late night show on NBC on Monday November 21st. The Fallon show's studio band, The Roots, introduced Bachmann with the 1985 song by the band Fishbone titled "Lyin Ass B*tch. Prior to the performance, the Roots' drummer, Questlove, tweeted that the listening audience should listen closely to the song to be played since the drummer was not going to mention the title. Those unaware of the tune were instructed to ask around if they remained clueless after hearing the tune. Following the performance, Questlove said that the song was the perfect introduction for Bachmann. Instructions were left for purchase of the song on iTunes. Questlove, who is also the bandleader said the song was a "tongue in cheek and spur-of the moment choice".

Bill Cosby, Tired Conservative ?

Ta-Nehisi Coates has a post that points out how Conservatives have attempted to use Bill Cosby as a battering ram against Liberals in general and the Black community in particular. Cosby is well known for stating that Black fathers and families have to take more responsibility in instilling a moral code and educating the younger generation. In no way does Cosby state that poor Black people are to be left to their own devices. His latest book with Harvard psychiatrist Alvin Poussaint, "Come on People", suggests solutions that involve parents (either single or together), communities and government working in combination to improve the situation in urban communities.

The Impact of Words

Chris Rock tells a joke about the late rapper Tu-Pac. "People are saying that Tu-Pac  was assassinated. The truth is that n-word just got shot." Laughter follows. If Tu-Pac was replaced with Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X, you might expect horror rather than laughter. In fact, if laughter followed then the standards in the black community have fallen to  dangerous level.

We do differentiate at some level between black people and n-words. In another joke, Chris Rock notes that n-words screw things up for Black people. Again laughter follows.

Dumbing Down of the United States: Weather Edition.

I have never understood why weather reporters feel the need to stand out in the wind and rain to tell us that heavy winds and rain are bad. The head of the Hurricane Center sits by a video console and tells us what is about to happen. He imparts much more useful information while remaining dry.

Is the American public so stupid that they require these unnecessary and silly visual skits?

For your entertainment pleasure, a link to an article at the Daily Beast by Alex Berg with windswept reporters including a hilarious Al Roker video.

Is The Response To Mark Halperin's Statement Overblown?

The initial segment on Howard Kurtz's "Reliable Sources" dealt with Mark Halperin's quip about President Obama being a "dick". Howard Kurtz characterize the situation as involving a mild obscenity and thought that the incident was overblown. Mark Halperin thought that he was making The comment during a 7 second delay. Joe Scarborough, who appeared to be telling Halperin that the comment would be delayed suddenly appeared shocked, and stated that he (Scarborough) was only joking in mentioning the 7 second delay. Mika had her usual; "Who me? Involved in this?" look.

Republicans Reject Their Own Plan on the Debt Ceiling

Ezra Klein has an interesting little blurb on how the Republicans rejected a plan by the Obama administration that reduced the deficit by 2.4 trillion. 2 trillion came from spending cuts and 400 million came from tax increases. Tax increases were 17% of the plan. The plan was rejected by the Republicans.



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