Lou Brock, the base stealer

    In a sport many consider dull, Lou kept it lively, stealing even when way ahead. On a team of superstars, he and Bob Gibson stood out. Also a symbol of back when St Louis was great, when Midwest companies and sports teams could compete with the coasts, playing in that new stadium with the optimistic view of the Arch - before Ferguson and urban rot set in. I can still remember his baseball card - perhaps 3-4 memorable out of a huge box. Also a reminder how many decades go by after a sports star means something, how filling the time productively post-career is essential. Anyway, good luck, Lou - imagine some bases to steal tripping across the Bardo, unless someone called ahead to lock them down.



    Joe Morgan too...

    Man, I caught him as a kid in the Astrodome. That's forever... Swatted a double if I recall correct...


    Shortly after the Senators moved to Texas and became the Rangers I watched Frank Howard hit a ball that went through the infield barely head high and then started climbing for a deep homer. Sounded like a pistol shot.

    Seems he was only in Texas half the season, then was largely done - got one of his last flames.

    The cool thing about the Morgan double was the pitch was way over his head, and he just reached up and swatted it. I'm sure the pitcher was surprised (and pissed)

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