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    A Semi-Theatrical Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon



    Here's this week's heap of haikus:

    I would strain to hit
    high notes, she would patiently
    get me to relax.

    Celebrating a lovely, inspirational woman named Flo Birdwell.  She was my voice teacher when I attended Oklahoma City University from 1968 to 1972.   She is in the headlines this week because two of her former students, are both up for Tony Awards in the same category;  Kelli O'Hara for "King and I" and Kristin Chenowith for "On the Twentieth Century".  Flo Birdwell taught at Oklahoma City University for SIXTY-SEVEN years!!  In fact, she just retired a few years ago.   She is in her 90's now and as feisty and full of optimism, enthusiasm and joy as when I knew her 45 years ago.   I hope this Sunday evening, when one of her students wins, she gets the public acknowledgement that all of us whose lives she has touched, know she so richly deserves.

    (Me as Fyedka in "Fiddler on the Roof" the same production in which Flo Birdwell played Tevye's wife, Golde ... at Lyric Theater in Oklahoma City a very long time ago.)




    Morning puthery
    turns into sunshine and thus,  
    mourning puthery.






    As twilight descends,
    bitterness ends and lovers
    reach for each other.






    Don't forget!!  Today
    is National Donut Day!
    The glazed look's on me.

    Alternate 3rd line:  Dunk a sinker now!

    Alternate 3rd line#2: Cruller or Sinker?




    He has to admit;
    Sometimes Death hates his job ... and
    getting his feet wet.


    (Photo courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)




    On the TV show,
    "Amish Survivor", Ruth dreamt
    of escalators.

    (Photo courtesy of Kristina Rebelo)





    Edges of my path
    seem frayed, for I've not always
    kept within the lines.






    If you syncopate
    a fascinatin’ rhythm,
    will you strike a chord?







    The teacher threw a
    book at the sleeping pupil.
    Knowledge can hurt you.






    You can not be lost
    you are, for me, my North Star,
    shining in the sky.





    triple haiku:


    Whoever said that
    suicide is painless was
    a damned optimist.


    suicide? painless?
    dying hurts and that ain't all;
    it hurts our loved ones.


    I suppose that sounds
    trite.  It is.  It is also
    true as true can be.






    When one sings sweetly
    of agony and mayhem,
    Irony prevails.






    Drawn lines create space ...
    it's how we define our world;
    establish context.





    A whispered secret
    can not be dislodged or opened
    by a thoughtless scream.






    Twilight is the realm
    of newborn hopes and wishes
    which must feed on dreams.







    Diplomacy means ...
    Consideration masks the
    rudeness of Instinct.






     I sail into the
    darkness.   The sunset leaves me
    without any friends.









    Cold and rainy days
    chill me right to the bone, so
    I make some hot soup.






    The intensity
    of the setting sun casts long
    shadows 'neath the pier.








    Optimism is
    one's willingness to believe
    in happy endings.  





    The writer just smiled;
    he'd been told thoughts were fleeting
    wet ink will soon dry.






    A new moon will shine
    on an old village square, and
    young people will dance.





    Through my telescope,
    the moon appears so bright and
    nearly within reach.




    A quintet of haikus:



    Under a pale sky,
    a man in a hat, sits and
    reads his newspaper.


    As the daylight ebbs,
    the man folds the newspaper,
    gets up, and goes home.


    In the dark of night,
    he lies in bed and ponders
    all that he has learned ...


    and when he awakes,
    he gets up, finds his hat and
    grabs his newspaper.


    The mind's the engine,
    that drives our train of thought. We
    must keep feeding it.






    He hikes his socks up,
    she pulls his pants down... In Life,
    things will even out.





     double haiku:
    The screen door slams shut.
    An angry young man runs to
    his car and ‘peels out.’


    A young girl watches
    from the window and prays that
    her sadness will end.





    Through each tortured night,
    he tossed and turned in bed, while
    dreaming of ex-wives.






    The train ‘clacks’ along.
    I stare out the window as
    lush meadows pass by.





    Tending your garden,
    know that zinnias will thrive
    where fuschias wither.






    She’s tilting forward ...
    ‘cuz she’s wearing 6 inch heels.
    Precarious Chic.





    There is always hope;
    even admitting the worst,
    you could still be wrong.





    tanka haiku:


    Summer days of youth,
    running through fields, resting ‘neath
    the shade of an oak.

    Then riding bikes to the park,
    and playing 'ball 'til supper.




    In you, I see me.
    Our thoughts are clearly in sync.
    That makes me happy.




    Eating blackberries
    on a Summer’s afternoon
    makes me feel care-free.





    tanka haiku:

    It seemed like magic!
    Gramps took his hands away, and
    Baby was standing!

    (The truth was, of course, Gramps was
     holding the back of her coat.)


    (From about 1918 or early 1919 - My mom with her beloved step-grandfather, Andrew Tracy)





    Memorized poems
    hide inside our heads and wait ...
    to re-inspire.





    Willows in the wind,
    gently swaying back and forth,
    like sleepy dancers.





    A sliver of moon,
    slicing through the clouds, restless
    shadows roam the fields.




    I'm in my own dream.
    Running away from unseen fears
    then embracing hopes.







    We all need Northstars

    We all need to find berrings

    Am I being straight?

    You ignore your pains

    And instead you sing your paeans

    Read our friend E Trope

    I am not six years

    So I should not cry without

    A ticket for lunch

    You actually

    read my drivel when I sob

    of my agonies


    You do not just sustain

    You demand that you remain

    Remain & Sustain

    Twilight is in the

    True eyes of the beholder

    What is true or not?

    You ever wake up

    But you woke up to a dread?

    Still are in a dream

    (did I count correctly? What the hell was the question again? My count has run its course. hahahaha)



    Thanks. DD! 

    You always make me smile ... and sometimes cry. 
    But that's Life, isn't it? Laughing and crying.
    The End.  hahahaha


    You know I never liked John.

    Except for so many songs. ha

    I have to pile on now per your poetry.

    I thought of dancers

    This is for you Mr. Smith. Did you know that Blueberry Hill was a 1940 hit long before Fats Domino sang it?  It is a fox trot beat that was turned into a stroll on Dick Clark. Show 



    I did not know that.  It's all about the beat, isn't it?  hahaha

    Change it, re-arrange it, syncopate it and you change the whole feel of a song. 


    I always loved old tunes, so I wasn't surprised back in 1961 when we found out that the big Doo-wop hit, Blue Moon was written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart back in the 30's ... but a lot of my friends were shocked.

    Now you are killing me.



    Thank you.

    That was the other song I was going to share.  My mother told us that this song was from a movie in the late 30's but I could not remember what the movie was. 

    She also did Smoke Gets In My Eyes. 

    Both of these songs had second runs as hits during the Doo-Wop years.  

    And of course, before there were the Andrews Sisters, there were the Boswell Sisters.  They were regulars on Fred Allen's radio show back in the 1930's.  Connie later had a solo career and I seem to remember even seeing her as a guest on the Mike Douglas Show in the 1960s.

    What's surprising about Smoke Gets In Your Eyes is that it was written by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II.   Kern wrote with a number of lyricists, but he and Hammerstein wrote a lot more than just Showboat.  (Still one of the towering achievements of Broadway musicals)   If Oscar had never joined up with Richard Rodgers,  his collaborations with Kern would be the thing for which he'd still be worthy of remembering.   Here's one of their collaborations which is considered by many to be one of the best songs ever written,  Its melody is complicated and its lyrics sublime ... and Ella Fitzgerald puts a wonderful jazz spin on it.

    thanks, Showboat was a wonderful musical. 


    I prefer the 1936 version of Showboat even though it is in glorious Black & White and not Technicolor.    It gets more things right, cuts less of the great stuff and just works better, in my opinion.   The Fifties version is still good mind you, and has many pluses; Howard Keel and Kathryn Grayson and Ava Gardner for starters, it just doesn't work as well.  Of course, I could go on and on about my love of Showboat ... Oh wait, I have.   Showboat remains one of my time machine wishes; to attend the opening night of Showboat on Broadway in December of 1927.   I'd also attend the opening nights of South Pacific, My Fair Lady and Oklahoma; some of the musicals that really impacted Broadway.  Imagine hearing those songs sung for the first time on a stage.  I know how I felt when seeing a great show for the first time;  I was going to Broadway in the days, when, if you went early enough in the run, you could see a show before the Cast Album came out.  (The shows traditionally were recorded on the first day off after the opening and then it usually took a couple of weeks or even a month between the recording session and the release date of the album, so if you went early enough in the run, you could be totally surprised by what you heard ... unless, the cast went on Ed Sullivan to do a number from the show.  Now, most shows have the cast albums already on sale in the lobby as you enter to see the show.   I'm rambling ... (Sigh)
    Thanks for sparking my mind.





    I interupt.

    This is delightful.

    Thank you.

    Mother Nature's tears

    spilling over in anger...

    how oddly human.

    Excellent, Missy!!   An audio-ku!

    How oddly human;
    hearing sounds and reading words
    are changing my mood.



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