twenty second century fox

    sanity check's in the mail

    my alter ego is jailed

    and the fun house is closed

    hey should I pierce my nose


    bruised my ego and neck

    I'm strolling Titanic's deck

    waiting for the collapse

    how much time will elapse


    if the time is now

    will my bus be late

    if you show me how

    could I learn how to hate


    my mind is twisted but slow

    my body's ready to go

    and least it was back then

    will you still be my friend


    wait, do I even know you

    are you on Facebook

    did we chat at LinkedIn

    tell me how do I look


    does this dress make me fat

    are you really all that

    what would Kardashian say

    me, I just wanna get laid



    My bus was taken off line. haahah

    Oh deary, I am on that Titanic at least a couple times a week!

    You DO have a way with words.  "Do I even know you. Are you on Facebook."  Our society in a nutshell.

    Thanks, Ramona.  I tend to get a little sardonic sometimes, lol.  Thanks for enjoying it.

    "I just wanna..." Baby, I am here to help. (I remember the TPM pic-washed out color, but clear enuff)

    Hahahaha!  Well, um....thanks!  Wink

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