Who cares?

    We live

    in our red white and blue

    hugging and burning

    ranting and waving

    too often not contemplating

    or looking to tomorrow

    we just borrow

    We live

    with a sense of sorrow

    in our rag-tag teams

    agreeing and fighting

    kissing and biting

    too seldom truly thinking

    or trying to help out

    we just bout

    We live

    and forget that we pass

    as all things must do

    the scraps and me and you

    we die too too

    too eager to make a point

    instead of making a difference

    in order to differ we make a point

    What's the point in fighting

    when we only have one life to live

    What's the point in living

    if we only want to fight

    Who's wrong

    Who's right

    Who cares?


    Lovely, Lis.  Infighting makes no sense when there are so many battles waiting for us outside.

    Beautifully said, Ramona.  Agreed.


    Laughing Very Nice Lis.

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