None Dare Call it Treason?

    Ironic that the hysterical 1964 right wing screed, “None Dare Call it Treason” is flipped on it’s head with today’s right wing grifters and apparatchiks. The title is a quote from a 16th century Englishman.

    In full it is 'Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason? Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason. ’ Treason has never been so lucrative as with the Republican Party today.

    While AG Merrick Garland displays an unambiguous lack of will to call it, or hold it accountable as, treason.

    Today Merrick Garland did a "both sides" on "political violence", curiously on the anniversary of the most violent attack on our Capitol since the War of 1812. By a mob brought to the city and told to "fight like hell" by the Republican president. Donald Trump, in a scheme to stop the certification of his election loss. Which Trump has never conceded, and still uses to raise money from his cult of disciples.

    Garland today:

    "These acts and threats of violence are not associated with any one set of partisan or ideological views." ...?? link

    Meanwhile, GOP appointed special prosecutor John Durham has been re-funded by Biden’s AG Garland as he continues, going on 3 years, to investigate the FBI investigation of the 2016 Russia/election interference.

    Attorney General Merrick Garland said in October that he wants "as much as possible" of Durham's eventual report to be released publicly….

    Garland stepped up to provide DOJ lawyers to defend Trump’s lying and attacking a woman who sued Trump for lying and attacking her for her claims he raped her.

    Perhaps career FBI agents and career DOJ investigators see the writing on the wall, Garland is a do nothing establishment tool.  Trump's 1/6 cannon fodder are fair targets, the supply is inexhaustible, but Garland will never back going after the big Republican fish, certainly not Trump.

    Careerists at DOJ must be realizing Democrats aren’t going to stop the Republicans, aren’t going to bring them to justice, they will never be even indicted for anything, ergo,  come the 4th Reich in 2024, your government  career is fini,  done, you may even go to prison, if you 'investigate', cross or attract the ire of Donald Trump or the GOP. 


    Love your country?

    Merrick Garland tea leaves?

    (thread continues)

    I didn't listen to the whole thing, I read the transcript though.

    This. He recalls his glory days, prosecuting a lone homicidal maniac, OKC 1995.

    From Garland's speech.

    Garland linked the 1/6 assault on Congress to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, recalling:

        "tragedies ranging from the Oklahoma City bombing to the January 6th attack on the Capitol."

    But ..... ???? Hold on Merrick..!!

    The Republican Party never called McVeigh to OKC to "save his country." 

    No Josh Hawley was there in Oklahoma City to give McVeigh a rousing clenched fist welcome... as McVeigh lit the fuse.
    1/6?   ... Republicans have rallied behind Donald Trump, who told his mob to "fight like hell" that morning.

    They have belittled the attack and now blame it on Nancy Pelosi, for "security failures".

    Does Garland have a PR machine? Hardly. His job is to win in court and interrogation rooms, and ultimately the rule of law. Trying to out-Hannity - and that's what it would take - is foolish. Garland is the law & order guy. Let the results speak for themselves. But results take time.

    Going for organizers now

    Sedition hunters, citizen sleuths

    (elsewhere Marcy Wheeler makes the point that the House Committee is releasing info that can help the DoJ's investigation while being careful not to taint the DoJ's possible court cases or plea bargaining)

    (90% of i dictments don't go to trial. In the case of hushing up cooperation, it's often better not to indict at all)

    (also, while 350 or so already arrested, and those were the easier - flipping the more attractive targets is key, since the bigger import is to climb up the tree to get those near the top. Do not expect Garland to give away details, nor does he want to give the impression he's pursuing partisan indictments - that makes for political catastrophe. He is pursuing violation of law. Not Proud Boys, not Oath Keepers, not Team Trump.)

    (This is not the Mueller investigation - there is no corrupt sitting President with unique constitutional rights, as the courts keep affirming.)

    (It is politically difficult to fire Durham, and yet Durham is so farcical he's actually a help - 2 years, 3 cases of not-well-substantiated lying, with a good chance it all gets thrown out in 6 months (before midterms?)

    (We know much more now about Navarro, Eastman, Alex Jones, Ali, Mark Meadows, Hannity, t

    Roger Stone with Proud Boys(?), the Trump kids, even Trump's intent with Pence, along with the attendance at Jan 5 and earlier planning sessions, the Willard(?) Hotel, and the rather detailed outlines of several likely illegal obstruction plans. [when Trump is told by White House counsel that Pence has no constitutional authority to selectively toss out states yet Trump still threatens him and uses a public forum for more threats and encourages a riot at a government building/proceeding to break up the count despite Pence, all of that leads towards filing actual charges - but proving sedition or terrorism can be harder than obstruction, and the obstruction sentence can be nearly as much. Trump is a master at avoiding civil & criminal responsibility, all Joe's about his intelligence aside. In particular, avoiding hs knack at running out the clock can be tough - appeals are his friend even if he loses, etc.])

    Pence team squealing

    Plus House Committee may do some live public hearings - which might give it that old Sam Ervin Watergate pedigree.

    (Note, it would be improper for the DoJto do such a thing.)

    This is not Iran Contra or Whitewater, or even the 9/11 Commission.
    If we had a police state like China with surveillance cameras & facial recognition everywhere,
    it might be easier. But fortunately we don't - but unfortunately that means the investigation is slow & methodical,
    "with a little help from my friends"
    We still don't know who dropped the 2 pipe bombs, as a key issue.
    We also suspect someone knew exactly which ground windows had *not* been reinforced,
    and directed protesters to these in advance.
    But it's coming together. We don't have to know everything.
    We need to know enough to punish the main instigators and make sure it doesn't happen again.
    Of course that latter goal is hard to ensure as well. So it goes.

    We can expect nothing but prosecution of the cannon fodder, of which the supply is unlimited in 'Murica.

    To wait for the next command from above, "stand back and stand by" to continue right wing political violence.

    Might be good if you read 1or 2 of these articles, but can't expect miracles.

    "Cannon fodder", eh?

    You see how subpoenas for Bannon, Meadows, Eastman & Navarro goes. Should we rush in like madmen to charge the elite, and watch them skip in 6 months due to lack of evidence? Is the years-long fights for Trump's taxes not instructional?

    Merrick Garland will not reopen a case that AG Barr closed. NEVUH! 


    Open Garland to criticism for playing politics..!!!!  Democrats follow the rules, in fact Garland is rewriting the rulebook, ...... (which no Republican AG will ever pull from the drawer.)

    Sidney Powell's PAC also under investigation the last 4 months. Sorry they don't tell you everything, but they did announce Barrack's trial.

    Barrack = nothing to do with 1/6. Grifting from Gulf sheikhs TRUMP FAMILY MONOPOLY anyway..!!! WTF did Barrack think?

    Sidney Powell is stealing the rubes money from MAIN CON , Trump's!!, no 1/6 connection either.

    "Merrick Garland will not reopen a case that AG Barr closed. NEVUH!" Plus Barr resigned 3 weeks before Jan 6. 

    Don't like losing?

    (Barrack was involved with those illegal UAE/Trump team meetings just before inauguration, prolly tainting the 2016 election as well)

    Who is Clea Mitchell & what other lesser-known characters are in the higher echelons of the coup? What was Bill Barr's responsibility to report the coup rather than just resign to cover his ass? How does Hannity have journalistic cover when he's a conspirator?

    Lots of threads becoming more and more known. Garland is not an investigation dictator - all these plots coming out are individual cases by individual agents. It was in Barr's time when the AG played Little Caesar.

    Republicans were celebrating the anniversary!  Garland is just after the iceberg tip anyway. Too busy re-writing the DOJ Rulebook.

    Guess after impeachment of Biden in 2023, (voters want change, right? Republicans sweep in November?) 

    McCarthy and Company will open 4 investigations of Hunter.

    So did u want to discuss something seriously, or just going to patter away? Obviously the DoJ keeps working even after VP Harris takes the impeached president's place.

    Patter update: Impeachment is not removal from office.

    When Republicans do it it's like voting 52 times to repeal Obamacare. Distraction, and red meat for the manipulated morons of The Base.

    Garland could "keep working" for eternity and he would never rock the boat of the big fish 1/6 Republican conspirators.

    If the big fish Republicans are indicted & convicted, all those votes don't mean fuckall, do they. So what exactly is your point? There's a ton of investigation's, gathering evidence, getting people to flip for info on higher ups. Between the House Committee and DoJ and even citizen data hounds, it's all moving along much better than relying on Mueller and 10 or so attorneys under the thumb of a corrupt AG (plus Rosenstein before, who seemed like a snake).

    Expecting Garland to micromanage all the cases ain't gonna happen.

    My takeaway of "the point" after years of reading NCD: Things and life are not complicated, they are simple. It's that "Republicans" are all evil just like the Nazis were and we must kill them all. And their Vichy-style enablers who claim to be Democrats must go too. And then everything would be fine.. (Don't bring up complications like the majority of the populace being Independents and the U.S. being a set-up where people with low literacy or I.Q.'s can vote, that muddies the picture!)

    FWIW, interesting prayer by an expert in that it suggests hope that feeding trolls will stop:

    The more seriously this is all taken, the more it feeds the beast?

    this whole thread is a good reminder that rabid libertarianism concerning a powerful federal government is not a new feature of American culture (including a weak coalition of 13 states where each state can do its own thing and a "wild west" where one can be free of even those restrictions) :

    and here's a file under interesting minor phenomenon, especially given that all cable news channels are becoming a tinier elderly demographic all the time; a distracting (from reality) kabuki show is how culture wars trolling ends up:

    It's truly Trumpian in the narcissism factor, the "all publicity is good publicity" thing. Does anyone even know his true beliefs anymore? No. Does he even have any? Like Trump, probably not.

    Paying attention to this narrative is what CNN shouldn't be doing, if they were still Ted Turner's CNN. But: ratings.

    Competing with Rachel Maddow

    Still, they have lots of hours to fill

    But Seth clutching pearls

    Seth Abramson follow-up on your posted tweet:


    ...what attorneys, legal analysts, and criminal investigators *also* know is that it's *impossible* to hide a large-scale federal probes completely. There are subpoenas, raids, document demands, court filings, interrogations, and more that are hard—or even impossible—to hide.

    Instead, the criticism DOJ is facing that matters most—criticism that comes from those who understand how criminal investigations and prosecutions work—is that there is *no evidence whatsoever* that DOJ is conducting *any* large-scale investigation of high-level coup plotters.

    We have seen no court filings from DOJ to this effect. No cooperation deals. No raids. No subpoenas. No document demands. No device seizures. No interrogations. No howling from powerful Trumpists that they are being "targeted" simply for being... seditious insurrectionists.

    As a "lay person" and top 10% Dagger I did not need tweets from Seth or the legal community to know Garland. From my main blog:

    ".....Garland will never back going after the big Republican fish, certainly not Trump."

    But Garland is  leaving a new DOJ RULE BOOK!!!   When Trump ( or toadie) gets reelected and appoints some grifting crook to replace Garland. The Rule Book will joked about and ignored.

    Well that decides it then - just give up. It's hopeless.

    Jest a teensy ques-tion...¿?

    Any unrealistic expectations?

    But if you did want to charge him...

    Interesting comment by a lefty that I ran across; note the number of likes and retweets

    & yes, Garland's teh awesome

    More McCarthy hearings

    Video via Reuters Jan. 6, basically speaking to your concerns, just for the record:

    U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland vowed to hold accountable anyone who was involved in the deadly #January6 Capitol attack by former Trump's supporters 10

    — Tomthunkit™ (@TomthunkitsMind) January 10, 2022

    This guy thought like NCD about Garland, but is not too proud to admit he may have been wrong:

    I was certain DoJ would stick to obstruction of an official proceeding out of an abundance of caution. I was wrong. I underestimated him. Garland’s willingness to bring Seditious Conspiracy charges shows me he’s more of a bad ass than I thought.

    — Mueller, She Wrote (@MuellerSheWrote) January 13, 2022

    This guy is a "recovering" DOJ and Senate " flack"

    The seditious conspiracy charges are important for a lot of reasons, but in my mind the most important is that, should they be convicted, the Oathkeepers will be forever branded as traitors to their country.

    — Matthew Miller (@matthewamiller) January 13, 2022

    Marcy Wheeler

    Here's the list of the seditious conspiracy defendants: they're the ones who collected weapons at the Quality Inn Ballston.

    — emptywheel (@emptywheel) January 13, 2022

    LA Times' legal columnist:

    Those who say DOJ hasn't delivered on the most serious charges have to be quieted today -- seditious conspiracy about as serious as it gets.

    — Harry Litman (@harrylitman) January 13, 2022

    Ken White:

    And there you go -- finally, a seditious conspiracy charge, because they decided they could prove the requisite intent.

    — PoundPoundPoundHat (@Popehat) January 13, 2022

    that was after Ken White retweeted this by George Conway:

    Links to the indictments can be found on this press release.

    — George Conway (@gtconway3d) January 13, 2022



    How DoJ actually works (thread)

    Trump Jr in the barrel

    Follow the money indeed

    Somebody tell Merrick Garland!

     "Rewrite the Rulebook later!" ....  "Right now a Hell's Cartel of Republican billionaires, grifters, liars and nutjobs needs to face some accountability, or they will succeed next time."

    What is this "Rulebook" you keep droning on about.

    note she tweeted the statute in July and pinned it to the top of her feed, retweeted that here along with the NYTimes article

    and she adds this, obviously following his defense attorney:

    of course with Oathkeepers news, eyes are turning to Roger Stone:

    Rep. Liz Cheney tweets two words:

    Insurrection thread - oh Lawdy there are tapes

    But it's just repackaging

    Sedition & social media

    (note there seems to be coordination between House & DoJ re: /5 Reddit if not others)

    Backseat drivers & teh stupid it burns

    WAITING FOR ONE of these idiot REPUBLICAN  CONGRESSMAN to be investigated, raided, grand juried, indicted for sedition ...... or 20 year major felony will do. 

    IN HEADLINES , everywhere, and  not just some expendable cannon foxder/Proud Boys meatheads.

    SOMEBODY tell Merrick Garland  DAGBLOG is demanding get your ass in gear!

    2 1/2 years to investigate Epstein's death - I'll pass on your disappointment.

    Brains behind Jan6 & Proud Boys?

    aside:ran across this Bannon deep dive report from Tim Miller at The Bulwark:

    Interesting to see that the Jan. 6 Committee tweeted this yesterday afternoon because the wording sounds almost like a drag em out 1st-amendment fight to the Supreme Court?

    DoJ checking Rudy & Proud Boys connection - who knew?


    Sedition by numbers, 1-2-3

    PATRIOTIC REAL AMERICANS support Republicans non-partisan not witch hunt plans to impeach Biden and investigate Hunter in 2023! Overdue! Stop the 1/6 sham!

    America needs it, wants it, must have it ...! ...?

    Cancún Teď sez it's true - Benghazi 2.0 (or 14.0, lost count). Will watch "Night of the Hunter" to get in the right mood.

    But it's mid-January - and it's been a rich 30 days or so. Let's count up the higher indictments by April/May. The wheels are turning, quite a bit of grist for that mill to grind. 


    Polls say 83% of Republicans want to know, don't trust Hunter, want to see his computer,  and have doubts Hunter is even worth the minimum wage.

    CALLS for investigations will be insurmountable if voters elect honorable truth seeking patriotic nonpartisan unflappable Lincoln like  McCarthy and Paul Gosar leaders of the House this November.

    Well they can always impeach Hunter just like the many Republicans who wanted Hillary impeached in 2017. It's probably not enough, but at least it'll partially satisfy their bloodlust.

    Good one. Google shows '' is available. Could be small donation gold mine among Trump base.

    Donate now - it's the least we can do. If only Beau was here...

    Saw that yes. Roger Stone has been reveling in, getting away with, and making a living at political chicanery and lies and  propaganda since Nixon days.

    Giuliani is only slightly above Alex Jones as a witless tool, now legal road kill,  Trump et al could care less at his fate.

    Roger Stone was already convicted of 7 crimes. This time he won't have a president to pardon him.
    The evidence around Rog & Rudy & Alex too stacks up to implicate Trump. Sounds like there's more from the Proud Boys side working against him, & there was a setup to pull them back Jan 5. What that was will be interesting to see.
    BTW, Pence will be testifying soon. You know who that's mostly about.

    Rudy & posse get subpoenas-


    Gaetz & Stone (which includes Proud Boys) -
    who else? Oh yeah, the Trump gang civil investigation in New York.
    Guess you can say Garland isn't doing this, but however it happens...

    Shocker. I'm verklempt.

    The Supreme Court just stiffed Trump and gave approval for all 700 Trump documents to be sent to the House 1/6 committee.

    Talk amongst yourselves.

    NEW: Supreme Court paves way for Trump White House document review by Jan. 6 committee.

    — ABC News (@ABC) January 19, 2022

    Well, NCD, I'm woefully disappointed that you are so verklempt that (like Jack Nicholson famously said?) you can't handle the truth! I came to this thread hopefully expecting to see some of your best Trump parody shtick, something along the lines of bitching about how all his justices have turned out to be loser traitors to the greatest legal genius Trump! Take some deep breaths to get your mojo back? wink

    Verklempt is from SNL Mike Myers Coffee Talk. An emotional state of awe when Barbara S. is mentioned. At 2:25 in clip below:



    Know it well but I disagree with the meaning; it's not "emotional awe", it's "all choked up", as in starting to heave and, about to cry. The verklempt are upset and asking for a moment to calm down so they don't cry when they try to talk.

    Barbara Streisand personifies awesomeness..!!  Yes choked up, yes crying, but heaving..? 

    They're really verklempt over Assange - this is just warmup.

    (I thought she had "the Streisand Effect" - does Barbara get *2* memes? Seems unfair, when so many little people left out of the fame & fortune.)

    Clarence still broken heart Trump!!! He is the only loyal one willing to MAGA ! (OMG, arta I just thought of this this minute -ALONG WITH THE WIFEY! I recall reading recently, she may actually be in the documents as a funder and/or planner of Jan. 6? That's for another time (or a developing?);  meanwhile here's a few details I came to post:

    The apparent vote is 8-1. Only Justice Thomas would have granted Trump's plea.

    — Steven Mazie (@stevenmazie) January 19, 2022

    Justice Kavanaugh writes a separate statement. Justice Thomas does not explain his dissent.

    — Steven Mazie (@stevenmazie) January 19, 2022

    Here is the order

    — Steven Mazie (@stevenmazie) January 19, 2022

    edit to add: Steven's thinking just like I am:

    Clarence didn't even bother to explain his vote on executive privilege - Jane Mayer is on Ginni Thomas' activism:

    Committee has also subpoenaed leaders of the "America First" or "Groyper" movement who called for the destruction of the Republican party basically because they feel it wouldn't support Trumpism; also note the possible French funding:

    6 Degrees of Treason

    And the day Barr abandoned democracy - more than ever

    Rudy's chats turned over

    noting how quickly the National Archives turned the presidential records over after the Supreme Court ruled:

    nice that they take "rule of law" very seriously

    "monster scoop" - "Read the never-issued Trump order that would have seized voting machines"

    Maggie Haberman retweeted Swan:

    in reply to the above, this account tweeted this very interesting and suggestive timeline:

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