[Trump/Russia/GOPgate] sock puppet org busted

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    New charges may signal a more expansive effort to weed out Russian sockpuppet orgs for influencing elections & public opinion, right and left. ["failure to register as a foreign agent"]

    13 Russians charged by Mueller in absentia 4 years ago, but this one seems to point higher up the RU food chain plus charges Americans as well.

    The presence of investigation in Tampa (thoselcharging Black Hammer ATL as well) instead of SDNY may also signal a broader effort or different regional approach (good morning, Mr. DeSantis - nice hotbed of dissent you got there, would be a shame to see it go belly up)

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    Trump loses appeal on giving tax filings to Congress from 3 years ago, tho narrowed a bit, will be appealed again higher for sure.


    Trump asks for absolute immunity from all civil lawsuits as Přez:



    3 degrees of   Kevin Bacon  Roger Stone

    Manafort also angling for a pardon during 2020 campaign. Doing what with his Russian friends?


    Twitter has made the WaPo Gaetz hot mike story a  'news event'

    1 hour ago

    Hot mic captured Gaetz assuring Stone of pardon, discussing Mueller redactions

    As Roger Stone prepared to stand trial in 2019, complaining he was under pressure from federal prosecutors to incriminate Donald Trump, a close ally of the president repeatedly assured Stone that “the boss” would likely grant him clemency if he were convicted, a recording shows. At an event at a Trump property that October, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) predicted that Stone would be found guilty at his trial in Washington the following month but would not “do a day” in prison. Gaetz was apparently unaware they were being recorded by documentary filmmakers following Stone.

    Video via @washingtonpost.....

    Mho this is VERY well framed:

    He always cared more about 'ratings' than real governing, but has now totally gone over to a fantasy land presidential campaign. For him this is now all about winning the most 'fans' and admirers on the right, not about having the job of president. While the fight about the presidency is currently still useful, he doesn't necessarily need that, he can turn around and use an alternative, like, say, representing the worst case scenario of the Deep State coming after you, the ultimate victim, but he is the one superhero savior who can fight back. It always comes down to 'ratings' for this man, it was never simply about politics.

    P.S. consider this: when push comes to shove, he may realize that he really doesn't want the job of president as he once deluded himself that he did. Look at how he despised all those minions who pestered him with actual presidential duties and how he paid no real attention to what his cabinet secretaries were doing, caring only if they reflected well on him. Look at how he spent 1/6, shut up in his dining room, enthralled watching his fans fight for him on the teevee and loathe to deal with it in any real way! Look at him trying to record that video and Ivanka struggling with getting him to use certain words. He is not so much thinking 'coup tactics" all he really cares about is not discouraging the fans from continuing to fight for him. He even uses the famous celeb words to fans "we love you"

    Sometimes Seth Abramson surprises with his understanding of pop culture (even tho he usually comes off like Joe Friday on 'Dragnet');

    this guy's got the reality


    According to internal communications reviewed by Rolling Stone, Trump’s team is “quietly” planning for criminal charges as they wait for the Justice Department to make its move

    a reminder that Richard William Painter ...is an American lawyer, professor, and political candidate. From 2005 to 2007 Painter was the chief White House ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush administration. He is the S. Walter Richey Professor of Corporate Law at the University of Minnesota, and since 2016 has served as vice-chair of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW),[2][3] a government watchdog group.[4]....

    But Hillary's emails! Hunter's laptop! Ashley's diary!

    is trending "BUT HER EMAILS"

    No need to imagine - Jan6 getting it today.

    Trump really did do some really crazy 25th-amendment style stuff in his lame duck period

    Axios: Trump tried to pull troops from around world after election loss https://t.co/1xK7aY2gJ8 via @YouTube

    — Barry C King (@ArdRiBarreK) August 4, 2022

    What impresses me after listening to this is that it got stopped, it didn't happen, we still had a government that worked

    but HIS emails! 

    and here's Liz tweeting the video ad by her dad -

    Managing Editor @LawCrimeNews

    nice catch of a quote

    As the plaintiff's lawyer noted with Alex Jones, "when you're questioned in direct (his lawyer) you remember everything. When i ask you can't remember anything"

    saw that and saw how outraged many people are but one wonders what can be done about it until the Nov. elections are over, you have to know what kinda Senate you'll have and it seems to many that there are already a gazillion investigations going on 

    I guess the point: if you want him impeached first you got to get out there and work hard for a better Senate situation; for just one example:

    Takes 2/3 of Senate to impeach

    NYPost's Editorial Board coming out as given up on Trump:

    concluding line

    It’s up to the Justice Department to decide if this is a crime. But as a matter of principle, as a matter of character, Trump has proven himself unworthy to be this country’s chief executive again.

    "Hitler's silence on Kristallnacht is damning"

    "Al Capone's silence on the Saturday Night Massacre is damning"

    "Manson's silence on the Tate-LaBianca killings is damning"

    "It's up to the DoJ to decide if the slaying of Nicole Simpson is a crime, but OJ has proven himself unworthy to lead Buffalo again"

    Media leading the horserace indeed - profiles in courage.


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