Woke cancel culture gone wild

    I got "news" for Reuters that's not really news: at an "army war college", the faculty study and teach the techniques and strategies of military leaders of the past without regard for which "side" they were on,

    Some might even admire leaders they still consider an enemy, go figure! It doesn't tell you jack shit about their current ideological preferences.


    repeating an example just posted on another thread

    Oxford publishers gone wild with expectations of monetary profit from catering to divisiveness:

    They may have Brexited, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are gonna go back to being proud of the history of ye olde Empire

    Shakespeare taking a beating -

    "To not be or not to not be..."


    LIke duh - look at what happened to the Dixie Chicks for *1 single sentence* at a UK concert. Working for a boss or two who think turning Iran into a sheet of glass is hilarious. Fervent anti-communist parents who get upset for saying something anodyne like "Tito did kind of keep their country together" or damn those homosexuals for spreading their way of life... Or just for having an implied liberal bent is quite enough to stir up the family. And yes, it works the other way for those thinking they're liberal. (pro tip - maybe there are areas we're not?)
    What makes people think we were ever much more open and honest? ok, maybe colleges used to be. Sometimes.

    Dumbing down law enforcement (& reporting)
    Thank God for social workers


    The first story is on FEDERAL prisons and FEDERAL crimes. Includes a lot of what many would label "white collar crime". The evil violent ones, worst of the worst are there too, but they would be a small minority.

    Quite different from run of the mill violent criminals that currently plague law abiding urban citizens. Those are handled by state and local, well or badly as the case may be.

    (And yes, our Federal law enforcement and Federal prosecutors do get involved in the drug trade, even minor infractions, just like they once did with alcohol during prohibition. BTW our current president is kind of an old timer stick in the mud about that whole thing.)

    We were doing trans & glam & whatever came our way 50 years ago, and didn't have to post online about it or make anyone follow our rules - there *were no rules*, that was the whole fucking point. Fuck an androgynous space being with a thing about guns and strange as fuck eyes like in Man Who Fell to Earth? "You betcha", to quote a famous philosopher. Eating Raoul? Sure, humans as fast food, good way to make money as well. Zoomers don't even want drivers' licenses - we wanted to be out of the house at 13 or younger.

    The National Library of Wales is hiring a fulltime Decolonization Project Officer. Nuff said:

    did you know both Lori Lightfoot and Eric Adams were fascists?

    I think that makes them "Not Really Black" ? And Jay Z, is he one of those too or just a traitor to his race? And if he supported a high percentage taxation of wealth (instead of private choice philanthropy), would that make him more "Black" again? Is Warren Buffet like really "Black"? So many questions, where is Ibram X. Kendi when you need him?

    kinda related? NYTimes Sept. 15, 2021, "write about race and get rich"?:

    Books on Race Filled Best-Seller Lists Last Year. Publishers Took Notice.

    In recent years, a strong interest in books on race and racism has accelerated. Authors, agents and editors are anxious to see how they do.

    A few interesting tweets on the Jay Z thing trending; oh the humanity, what's a tribe to do when racism against Blacks is disappearing, Blacks and The Man become one and the same, and one can't claim victimhood anymore by virtue of color of skin?

    will be interesting to watch how this plays out for BofA:

    The land north of the Rio Grande that houses 370 million today had maybe 4-12 million in 1492 (before debilitated by colonist brought diseases).

    So a Native born near Vegas riding around the desert was part owner to all the land west of the Rockies, or ho does this ascribed ownership via thinly populated areas work?


    At least Hillary Called them adorable deplorables or something like that. Joe's crossed the Rubicon - they're fascists that drive semis, not semi-fascists. Get it straight, Joe...!

    touche -

    I love seeing Trumpists condemning the political optics of this image. Admittedly, they are terrible. But they are only bad by reference to values that should lead you to totally repudiate Trump himself. For Biden, this is a gaffe; for Trump, it would be a window into his soul. pic.twitter.com/RIPbviU8t2

    — Sam Harris (@SamHarrisOrg) September 2, 2022

    For me, here's the thing about Joe doing this: c'mon, that's not a gaffe, that's intentional "dark Brandon" alternative to Trump. He's old enough to meet his maker any day now and he knows it. If this was him in a earlier iteration I might judge it cynical and risking blowback as well. But at this stage there's only one reason he decided to go with it and that's because he thinks results will have a beneficial effect on this country. Otherwise, he'd stay mum. Now he may have judged wrong but I am sure his motives are 100% pure, no malarkey.


    more on that meme


    gees really makes clear how the internet enabled kooks to get their thing on; I think this type were always out there but they could never communicate and be organized before, they could never do the mob thing

    I fear I'll be called out on this and have to return to my tribal diet of haggis and heather beer

    Besides diet, you also have Trump's mother. Still, I think that is actually a most excellent tribe. Can't have everything.


    I'm moving from pronouns to antinouns. Someilone has to do it, and i feel there been given a free ride. Along with angling for a "revenge of the foodies". Whatever happens you can always discuss it over brie (or samosas if you're vegan).

    OY. No other words from me

    Heh, hagiography-cum-iconography, is it the Kim Kardashian + Evita of American politics rolled into one?

    Three weeks later I found myself sitting on the couch in her congressional office, beneath a wallful of framed photos and across from the small bed where her French bulldog, Deco, hangs out when he spends the day at work with Ocasio-Cortez. I sipped at the coffee she’d brewed for us as we began a series of wide-ranging conversations—about abortion, the upcoming midterms and 2024 presidential race, and the future:

    Journalist talking to his shrink or lapdog, we keep getting dual roles, dual imagery. Why don't men speak up? "when they say the right things it's incredibly strong..." Er, no, when they're limited to the *right* things or nothing/shaming, it's incredibly staged or stifling.

    pile on:

    A reminder of how it was in 2001 when Identity politics were set aside:

    racist bogeymen narrative ruined, have to find another one

    HOLY SMOKES! Turns out ruining a person's business by claiming they're racist can get REAL EXPENSIVE!!!

    Woulda thunkit, turns out consequences of 'free speech' can be a real bitch!

    (No doubt that's gonna be paid for with tuition increases, kids! But since mostly parents are paying at Oberlin, it prolly won't affect the flyers you hand out.)

    ^ is this the start of the end of it? are courts going to get flooded with cancel culture suits? will it become a legal speciality?

    another lawsuit against university wokedom:

    ran across this interestingly honest convo on Twitter about how "the black community" is not all it's cracked up to be by The Woke:

    The culture is fucked, community is fucked. Mfs would rather spend time tryna plot on your vs get they own. This what we do to each other.

    — (@JameelHassan_) September 13, 2022

    Black lives matter tho smh

    — Chef Sean (@Sean_NoCarter) September 13, 2022

    Mfs full of shit smh

    — (@JameelHassan_) September 13, 2022

    Seems to fit here somehow. Like: what would the DSA say? Can't do more bashing after the numbers trying to shame Jay Z and Beyonce for proudly reconfirming their capitalism? Just keep picking on Elon Musk because he's white and hope no one notices this?



    At Home With LeBron James and His Family

    The Jameses—LeBron, Savannah, Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri—pose for a first-ever family photo extravaganza.

    SEPTEMBER 13, 2022

    some photo captions:

    ALL TOGETHER NOW LeBron James and Savannah James with their children, Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri. “They look like the 2023 Rockefellers,” says LeBron’s mother.
    Bronny’s, Bryce’s, and LeBron’s clothing, Zhuri’s dress, and Savannah’s gown by Gucci. Zhuri’s hair clips by Super Smalls. LeBron’s bracelets and Savannah’s earrings and ring (right hand) by Van Cleef & Arpels. LeBron’s watch by Tiffany & Co. and Patek Philippe. Artwork courtesy of Kareem-Anthony Ferreira

    LeBron and Savannah with their Porsche 918 Spyder.
    LeBron’s clothing by Tom Ford; boots by Giuseppe Zanotti; bracelets by Van Cleef & Arpels; watch by Audemars Piguet. Savannah’s dress and bracelets by Chanel; sandals by Gianvito Rossi; necklace by Bulgari.

    HOT TAKE “Excuse my language, but we a dope family,” Savannah says.
    Savannah’s gown by Valentino; shoes by Valentino Garavani; earrings by Jacob & Co.; ring by Van Cleef & Arpels. Zhuri’s dress by Lola + the Boys; shoes by Nina Shoes; headband by Super Smalls.

    How does this differ from Melania & Ivanka tastes and proclivities? 

    Whether serendipity or synchronicity, I see Jilani thinking along the same lines, inspired by totally different news items:

    "my poor marketing skills = your problem" - check.

    And look at that presumptuous demanding DM - it just screams "privilege". Does she know who she's talking to?

    #2020reckoning? What 2020 reckoning?


    New unexplored categories 

    a wanton gospeller, distracting from the holy narrative with things that shouldn't even be entering one's mind, no doubt the work of the devil who doesn't want you to stay focused, eyes on the prize...

    The American Political Science Association has apparently decided that urinals are quite nasty gender signifiers:

    Since urinals reek of white male privilege, and stalls have a dehumanizing animal-like connotation plus assign a lower status to women, I've started peeing and shitting on the floor over to the far side of the sinks to show support for post-modern values. I've done away with toilet paper as well to save the rain forests, though am still looking for alternatives to water since polluted runoff affects POC and other marginalized communities, while the shortages more impact small family farms.

    The mesh see-thru bullet halter tops are pretty sexy though.

    But yes, give the midriff a kevlar wrap, to protect the unborn as well - they belong to society.

    similar complaint:

    Curious now how much of Maher i like is shaped by the quality of his writers. This segment seemed very tight.

    Having a nice neighborhood is a bad thing (called gentrification) and "segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever" is a good thing:

    I actually don't agree with this theory, it's just a good example of how many people react negatively to the woke hectoring about casting:

    My theory is we're looking at ourselves too much and micro-analyzing it all, but all self-identity politics. It's Spinal Tap cluelessness, but without the hippy worldview, just the Me Generation gone hyperthreaded. And the Facebook amplification of "opinions are like assholes" - we have to comment on everything, be an expert on everything, or at least prop up someone who is - instant microcults of opinion. I didn't hear about transparent solar panels until 7 seconds ago, but here's what I think we should do. Flareup in Chchnya this week - very important that we cut of Kadyrov and restore relations with Ossetia, which is why Bidens not to be trusted, and we should offer people energy rebates by taxing the Googles out of existence, and by the way no police. Hope i didn't miss anything, but will post new world reshaping thoughts in half an hour or so.

    JK Rowling condemns masked trans thugs for hurling smoke bombs and abuse at women in Brighton.#LetWomenSpeak #BlackPampers #WarOnWomen https://t.co/gxLkqPpgX8 via @MailOnline

    — Biology Rules Ok (@OkBiology) September 18, 2022


    "Smother Them with Kindness"?

    Note all parties in the video have black skin. Just pointing out that it doesn't fit The Narrative:

    ^ think maybe kidz these days need a lesson in the definition of the word "fiction"?

    Oh that racist Trudeau:

    All the whypipple except 2 (Biden & Macron) had to take the bus, BTW:

    Double Decker i hope?

    Or could try teaching kids an age appropriate version of this marvelous video so they grow up with the tools to understand how we process information, label things, understand what biology and society/culture are, and where our little selves fit into the mix.


    Giveaway - we start bracketing info very early to make info easier to handle. Different cultures do it different ways, such as where boundaries for the color "yellow" are (and if you're truly male you'll be laughed at for the arbitrariness of your color coordination your whole life - and if not, you may be an outlier/an exception, you may have different influences in your life that affect your labels (live by the sea or spend a lot of time in your oarents' laundry), or you may have more traits that make you a bit different - but still good, still human - in a number of other ways. Yet we all have hearts, lung(s), eye(s) that may or may not work the same, brains that are structurally very similar but may carry some surprises, some plumbing that handles our liquid and solid waste and later does double time for baby duties, and quite a bit else. Language gives an idea how surprisingly different we might be in some way - the languages of the US, China, Kenya, Tahiti and Hungary are mutually not understandable, have completely different sets of rules, use the throat and melodies in different ways, and so on. Yet these same people can usually learn each others' languages to communicate pretty effectively, saying much if not exactly the same thing (and still most of our skin and organs and hair are mostly the same with some fairly small differences. And since most of communication is physical - from expressions or sound of voice or the way we carry ourselves, even little kids who don't speak can play together and have fun. But language and communication is still inexact - different cultures may mean something different by types of smiles or the loudness they speak or how much they touch and hug. Even people speaking the same language may interpret things different due to their backgrounds, how good their hearing is, part of the country they grew up in, different things their parents or friends taught them, and so on. The more we grow, the more complicated it gets, but still there are similarities we use to provide order to things - sequence, color, length, weight, how energetic, how thought-oriented, how artistic or intuitive... More and more. Which like cleaning your room, you can't keep throwing stuff in - you have to get rid of or modify ideas that don't fit, put some order in to make it livable, let the brain and body and ideas and habits grow as we get older and usually bigger.

    (she's the real thing what she self-describes on her account - i,e., an Algerian Berber, not a Russian troll - I've interacted with her about a couple unrelated cultural things, very knowledgeable about the history of her tribe)

    He's just sayin'....

    Idunno, man - pick your battles

    see whole thread/article

    Imagine spending a decade plus professionally preparing professional credentials, language skills, onsite experience, time finding the right people to interview, and then all your work is dismissed because you're a white blonde. But hey, it'd be worse if it was discrimination 

    Kind of incredible that a writer of famous apolitical fantasy has become such an international target

    I could see her becoming a target for small Christian sects who believe stories about magic are detrimental to children, but other that that...

    A Pakistani can write 5 words & it's memorialized. There doesn't have to be any more thought than that. The guy may have no idea who she is, just saw her defend Rushdie. Things don't have to be deep or thought out.

    dupe replaced by:

    yes; and did you read what they were tweeting for 5 years before they published that? And you saw the big headers "How it started" and "How it's going"?

    You mean "returning to sanity" and "a sober summary of language issues and possible openings to introduce valid language shifts"? Maybe Salon should've been cancelled 5 years ago - i don't see this article supporting stupid unwanted linguistics rules. However there are valid changes - seems many women in film & theater prefer "actor" over "actress". I like the differentiation the latter provides, but they disagree for the same reason. No skin off my back. A "Latine" as a *sometimes* option to assist gender-laden discussions, while leaving traditionally declined nouns for normal speech seems hard to object to - especially since it's not my language, and not catering to a small group of overwoke Americans to the disgruntlement of most speakers of that language. 

    So yeah, bury Latinx if that's all you're pointing at. But the latter article seemed well thought out.

    Your supporters don’t seem happy with you Blake! pic.twitter.com/DiwKnJSFY8

    — Ben Gross (@bengrossbg) September 26, 2022

    ^ Matthew Yglesias retweeted

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