The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

    [Flyover country erupts] watching the next revolution

    This started as a thread about a 9-yr-old having to slaughter her goat at a fair, but now it's about how red districts will actively pack & overturn local gov. Insurrectionist times.


    I found the link in this reply to be very helpful

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    They are so extreme that the local Bethel Church (notorious center of US "Dominionist" movement) don't like them.
    as it doesn't have the panicked liberal slant

    As Partisan Hostility Grows, Signs of Frustration With the Two-Party System

    Nearly half of younger adults say they ‘wish there were more parties to choose from’

    I guess Southern NYC hospitality not what she's used to.

    Goes without saying: this is as purposely divisive as she is. And I dare say it makes those in NYC prone to MAGA thinking just dig in their heels. I think 'giving as good as you get' is a recipe for failure in politics; you have to offer an ALTERNATIVE. That's a main reason I always disliked 'get a backbone" talk and similar. Smart politics is not checkers, it is more like chess.

    p.s. she is a troll in the true original internet sense of the word, better at it than Trump himself. The internet answer also applies: Don't feed the troll. (Plus doing so is insulting to the intelligence of those who have discipline not to feed.)

    Tory popularity dives

    Flyover reconsiders

    DeSantis hears a Who...

    Stoking the flyover country fire with fake video stock

    Barbie fighting back from the Great Lakes

    (where fake elector charges were filed yesterday)

    Important to unnerstan the challenges Flyover facea

    Oil protesters in general have no clue how to technologically and economically speed the transition to a needed green future to temper climate change. 

    Instead most focus on local disruptive tasks for "marketing"  awareness, and which makes most people aware they're loony and uncaring and impractical, rather than highlighting the severity in u co testable ways and pointing towards large not-just-feel-good measures that will make a difference. 

    Blocking traffic and destroying art certainly not effective nor endearing. Bono noted long ago the effectiveness of getting into boardrooms. Why is this obvious approach backseated to street rabble efforts?  Will we act like 12-year-old Veruca Salts until the world flames out? This year we have huge displays of the new temperatures global warming brings. Why not an *effective* PR push?  What would Lincoln Project do? 

    I've been wondering what happens when churchgoing subsides... 

    Since you're bringing the topic up, saw a long thread on Twitter the other day reviewing serious scholarly research that a big effect of church going losing popularity in a country is a big fall in fertility rate. Wasn't much focused on the USA tho. That secularization = smaller family sizes or no reproduction at all and that immigration has to fill the gap, etc.

    Yeah, combo of fallow plus someone else's kids begs for a NIMBY response along with "who's gonna wipe my butt in old age" contradiction. Whether lack of churchgoing creates non-reprodycing selfishness is another question - some woke types see reproducing as immoral, but even when the local region is losing population. China will be only 800mill by 2100. EU will peak in 3 yrs, and then lose 30mill. Global warming will be heavily caused by swiftly rising populations in Africa, but which we can't blame for anything. 

    Um, not the Fox messaging the heartland expected

    To me, it's just so clearly created for the purpose of distraction from the mess that the GOP has become, created by political operatives. I cannot believe that even plenty of Fox viewers do not see it cynically. The question of his age with Kamala Harris as his running mate is another matter, that's a serious political problem. Personally I don't believe it as every example I've seen of his supposed dementia, it seems clear to me that it's always his methods of handling his stuttering that he's long used. But others don't understand that and it's a genuine handicap.That said, for chrissake Trump has the age problem too, he hasn't a running mate yet and his last one is now his enemy. As far as national leadership is concerned the GOP is doing Hail Mary passes cause: there's nothing else they can do!

    (That Biden is way politically savvy and knows exactly what's going on, gets all of this and the best ways of handling it, I have no doubt. He just can't do anything about his age, and it is true that while he's fine right now, dementia could hit in his next term, it's a legit concern for voters.Two-word reminder: not just Feinstein but Ronald Reagan.)

    And Mitch in sa slightly different way. The heavy shift to old candidates isn't great - Ive said before, I was amazed Hillary was still viable in 20016 (and predicted she wouldn't be in 2008) and yet we got even older Bernie too.

    But Biden can do better than Trump even half comatose, so I don't really care - watching an idiot like Kevin McCarthy or Ron DeSantis, I have greatly lowered expectations. Which means almost even accepting Kamala Harris, we'll see.

    yes, a scoop - now inquriing minds want to know why those 'Trump allies' are Trump allies and what they plan to do with their idiot puppet (who won't in the end follow anyone's instructions - even if they are doing it for selfish promotional reasons, they can't seem to remember that  #ETTD)

    Maybe they're just patriots choosing what they see as the most patriotic option? Freedom and democracy are their own rewards. And a return to God's country.

    Hispanic flyover too

    I am very skeptical of blaming Soros or the Mercer family or Steve Bannon or Murdoch or Haberman/NYT etc. with plotting to influence any group of REGISTERED VOTERS (in "flyover") with disinfo., misinfo., propaganda etc.. Rather, it's the other way around! I think it's more typical that voters seek out info. that confirms what they already believe. To think it's all a plot by evil guys to change minds is conspiratorial thinking that gets you nowhere in the end! Because in the end, you still don't understand why those voters voted the way they did!  Instead you end up thinking: if we just locked up the Mercers and Ginni Thomas etc., everything would be fine. NOOOOO! That is deluded (and in the end, very anti-democratic in that it presumes they are dummies who shouldn't be allowed to think what they do These voters are real, they are not going away:

    A perfect example of what I am talking about would be "Lulu" who used to participate on this forum. Did anything ever manage to change his preferred media sources? NOPE! Never! He wanted to have his beliefs confirmed!

    Interesting anecdotal on Yglesias' twitter thread:

    David Hogg recommends a short Vox video on FL, which I also found quite good:

    If you are curious How Republicans conquered Florida this video does a great job of explaining it. The TL;DR of it is that Dems have lacked major investment in Florida in comparison to Republicans the result of which has been a failure to reach many Latino populations. The…

    — David Hogg (@davidhogg111) September 18, 2023

    Some things especially stood out: the new dominant demographic of immigrants from places like Venezuela and Columbia who have added to the old time Cubans who loathe 'socialism' and love U.S.'s capitalism and associate the Dem party with the former; the enormous popularity of the government of Ron DeSantis and the local GOP in general; how the Dem party has basically given up on the state; how many young people there are registering as Independents if not GOP.

    After which I thought about how many in the electorate might thnk Joe Biden a good and fine old style moderate who gets things done, but may die in a 2d term. And how many loathe the idea of a President Kamala Harris, and how many think a younger Democrat would not be the 'moderate' type that would make them happy, that they think of the younger Dem party in general as way too 'liberal".(There's certainly no one I can think of to do Sister-Souljah type moments like Bill Clinton famously did and similar initially by Barack Obama to establish himself a bit to the right of Hillary Clinton.)

    p.s. just thought of this now for the first time: Pres. Obama made sure Hillary was nowhere near domestic policy, even tho she was known to be an expert on health insurance, by making her Sec. of State, doing international policy, the one area where she was known to be to the right of center, even famously hawkish from her time representing NY in the Senate after 9/11.

    Well, it's known you can marginalize a threat via the foreign service, just as he defused Petraeus with another Afghan deployment.

    1 Russian foreign minister was definitely sidelined like that, even though he was good at that job too.

    two can play the game; check it out:

    The Democratic Dilemma on Dark Money

    Liberal electoral groups are now spending more from undisclosed donors than Republicans. Campaigners don’t readily give up winning strategies.

    BY  @, DECEMBER 2, 2021

    Mho, the best solution to this 'problem' is ranked choice voting.Check out for an example, what happened in Alaska.

    Lincoln Project trying to help Biden's chances:

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