Anti-migrant in 'sanctuary' cities


    a public defender

    a woke lefty 'abolitionist' member of the NYC Council:


    Oh and in the UK

    They're not illegal immigrants, they're mobile international labor markets.

    Deregulating immigrants makes it easier to regulate the terrorists among them. (special line at the border and such)

    Apparently I wasn't the only one to try inhaling household solvents as a teen.

    mobile international labor markets yeslaugh

    'Venezuelans' appear to be the new hot button, especially after Hochl said they number about 40% of the border crossers sent to NY:

    I fought for TPS for Venezuelans when I was in Congress, and four years later is overdue but as necessary as before. Florida is home to so many Venezuelans who have fled a brutal dictatorship, and granting them protective status is the least we can do.

    — Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (@DebbieforFL) September 21, 2023

    @JoeBiden is legalizing HALF A MILLION Venezuelans in order to come to areas like Chicago and flood Black neighborhoods.
    He's no longer even PRETENDING to be doing it legally. He's just flooding the zone wholesale now.

    — Black Authority (@TheBlackChannel) September 22, 2023

    (I am thinking ot some past Dagblog members, wish they were here to 'splain why so many want to leave a socialist heaven for the U.S.A. Are they really all C.I.A. agents or what?)

    What "global collapse"?


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    Ukrainian refugees were a bit more orderly, and they're running from missiles.

    What's Venezuela's prob? Imagine if they were Haiti instead and just go back home.

    Re: What's Venezuela's prob? I just figured that out. (DOH!) The Biden admin. just qualified Venezuelans for Temporary Protected Status during which genuine refugees from persecution can apply for asylum.That's obviously been big news in Venezuela, so you've got a flood of those who think capitalism will give them better chances and they all plan to present persecution stories

    Worse than Ukraine, eh?

    I dunno if that's what's happening with current refugees, but certainly sounds familiar about how NYC works in general

    I think Peru is about to deliver an unwelcome wake-up call to the Americas.

    It's not only authoritarian socialism, like Venezuela's, that drives mass migration, but also mafia capitalism, like Peru's.

    Lawmakers chip away at regulatory bodies to the point markets no longer work.

    — Will Freeman (@WillGFreeman) September 26, 2023


    Ron DeSantis:

    Elon Musk, Sept. 29 (and probably not what you presume from recent antics, though perfectly logical for a very rich immigrant enterpreneur):

    A lot of people have a meta-misperception about immigration politics where they think opinion has become more restrictionist, when actually what happened is the growth of the pro-immigration minority has made restrictionism more salient.

    — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) September 29, 2023

    There was no "populist right" leveraging an anti-immigration backlash to win elections in the mid-1990s because this was the Democratic Party position.

    — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) September 29, 2023

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